Sunday, November 25, 2012


'Lo everyone.

Still alive, barely.

Such adventures in the last week or so. But then, I woke up at 3pm today, haven't left the house. Thrilling stuff!

To be honest, I'm only writing because I saw the Beardman updated (sure the reading glasses aren't on your head?) and I just finished a Daria marathon.

Let's see... most importantly, I think, is the fact that Ness found a pair of relatively cheap Radiohead tickets, and we saw them and they didn't suck. I mean, the setlist wasn't great, the seats we had (SEATS) were relatively far away, and Thom Yorke did not give me a piggyback or anything (nor was he DJing at Pony...) but it was good. There There, Bodysnatchers, Planet Telex (with psychedelic, floating screen backdrop), massive version of True Love Waits that dived into Everything In Its Right Place... Pretty good.

That said, I was recovering from a particularly late night catching Baths and Prefuse 73 at Brown Alley the night before with Bec and Isobelle, before they exiled themselves to Germany. Hurm. Bastards, they didn't put the headliner on til 3am. Excellent show though, Baths really got into it.

Pretty rough weekend, really. Hurm.

Since I'm holidays now (pleasant change), I've been catching up with everyone who I haven't seen in ages, since they're all emerging from exams and such. Highlights included a mini roadtrip with Aiden to see Hayden and Isaac that almost resulted in us getting hit by a train, rushing to get Baz to the airport with Angus and Collo, Brunetti's with Meg and Jess, Skyfall with Gav and Dayne, and a surprisingly drunken evening at Shanghai Dumplings and um, Billboards with Ness and the Room 28ers, then paintballing yesterday.

This was not a wise choice, but then Pat had booked it a month ago. It was thirty degrees, I was coming off five hours sleep after crawling home at 4 with Kaity, Dan and Rosh, and was running on a banana and fumes. Thankfully, everyone at 101 was just as hungover.

The bastards in Oakleigh have a very clever business plan, which basically involves roping in suckers like us at university and such with offers of cheap group paintball deals, then shoving us into a warehouse and charging $5 a paintball slug. So you think you're only paying $30 for a day of fun and bruises, when actually they expect you to pay at minimum $70 to have enough bullets to be actually participating all day. That said, the games they had were pretty good, they weren't all just capture the flag. However, since there were only 8 of us, we got put with a bunch of bogans celebrating a birthday. The only advantage to being put with a bunch of sadistic retards who all pretended to be Scarface was that the birthday boy (and mate) were "run through the gauntlet", and we all got to shoot at them. Good fun, and I know I got at least one guy in the face.

Anyway, once safely back at Unilodge, comparing bruises, we had a bbq on the roof with the departing Yanks (no shrimps) and played a lot of xbox. I still suck at it, and the new Goldeneye sucks too.

So I guess that's about it. Trying to not sit at home all day and brood (like I did today). At least trying to change it up a bit and get some use out of my fancy tv by watching the cricket (4 for how many?!). My plan for this week is to re-tweak the resume and find gainful employment. Which will be fun, but I'm sick of rationing my baked beans for tickets. Which reminds me, Dinosaur Jr at the Espy, blerg...

Just don't know what to do with myself, I guess. Apparently I'm off to see Skyfall again with TGarry and Rosh tomorrow, and I figure why not, if it's cheap. Not sure when I'll be down in Sale again, possibly a week or so. If the damn kids are into vinyl records now, I have to rescue my copy of Lonerism from them.

While I remember.

Skyfall - *****
Better than Casino Royale, so many nods to the older films, and an actually engaging plot, unlike the last one. Anton Chigurh/Julian Assange Javier Bardem makes a good creepy, ambiguously gay villain, the women are attractive (still no Eva Greens though), cars are kickarse, and even if the theme song was pretty lame the credits were pretty good too. There's a couple of problems with it once you start thinking about the ending (TORCHES? REALLY?), and it's eerily similar to The Dark Knight in pacing, but it all works really well, in that you don't notice these things as you go along. Plus, you know, action scenes that are suitably brutal and creative, which is a plus. Worth seeing twice.

Ah well. Time to go watch some Adventure Time.



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