Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pre-exam Homesick Blues.

'Lo all.

Swotvac's annoying when you actually have exams. I'm getting almost nowhere with this study, but at least I've got some things to look forward to afterwards.

All the essays and such were handed in, now I just have to wait for the end of the month for any results. Such fun that will be.

Haven't been up to a lot. Ryan Murphy's last night ever (?) was fairly heavy, we ended up following him to the Toff (where I was almost barred entry), and karaoke in Chinatown. I headed home after stumbling to a taxi after this, but was later informed that there were strippers involved around 5am. Very heavy.

Next day, caught up with Bec and Aiden for dumplings, storytime, and Guthrie at the Espy. They were alright, pretty small crowd for them, and the same shtick as every other time I'd seen them. We stuck around for King of the North (the Game of Thrones fan in me wanted to see what they were on about), and they were fairly intense for just two dudes. Worth catching again, I think.

Made my way home to Sale the next evening. Didn't freeze to death, even when I had to drop three separate children at school one morning, but I did walk away with a cold. The Beardman is well, for a 51 year old, though unfortunately his stout didn't really work. Kids are loud. Yep. Abused the plentiful internet as well, gotta have some stuff to keep me going.

Home again, lots of reading articles and preparing for next week. Such fun. Caught Prometheus with Simon at the Imax on Friday night. Jesus god that's a big screen. The 3D glasses were also uncomfortable as hell, and I'm not sure they made much of an impact. I'll definitely catch the Hobbit in 3D though.

Prometheus - ***
Looks good. Real good. The first sequence with 'Prometheus' on the waterfall was amazing, totally justified going to Imax. Unfortunately from there it's a bit patchy, trying to hard to be all deep. The scientists were all pants-on-head retarded. I did like the little nods to the other Alien films, and I'm not going to lie, the surgery sequence was pretty sick and awesome. Michael Fassbender steals the show, Moon style, especially towards the beginning. Worth seeing, just I suppose don't have huge hopes for it.

Yesterday I was dragged SHOPPING!!!!1 with Isobelle and Emily, and am now far poorer but apparently much more fashionable. Never again will I attempt to brave a department store sans coffee. Hurm. Scarves, honestly.

I'll try and write more before I disappear completely (just watched Radiohead's Bonnaroo set...), but such shenanigans this week. Tomorrow is more study, then Tuesday afternoon I'll be smashing a pair of exams before getting very drunk in Hawthorn, then dinner at Simon's and then getting the hell out of here. Can't wait.