Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wooden Shjips.

'Lo everyone.

Been pretty lazy lately. Keeping busy though.

Let's see... been to the Astor twice, been to a couple of house parties, caught a band or two, and survived up to the mid semester break. Oh yeah.

While I remember.

The Rum Diary - **1/2
I do like the Good Doctor's stuff, but this film was not as good as Fear and Loathing. It tries to be, at times. And there are a couple of good scenes, but everything seems to be all unresolved at the end, and there's a needless love subplot. Pacing was way off, but oh well.

Caught Fear and Loathing and Pulp Fiction last night, and Full Metal Jacket and A Clockwork Orange last week, both of which were pretty awesome to see on a huge screen with proper sound. Hopefully blew a few minds as well.

Also saw Wooden Shjips and Beaches with Bec at the Corner, who were both mind numblingly repetitive and loud in the best possible ways. Lots of stuff from the new album, but they still played Motorbike. Did enjoy the backdrop as well. Dunno if they'll come back again, I know they got the Boot at Golden Plains a few years back...

Had a ball at Callum's new place in the middle of nowhere near Flemington, and again at Isaac's the next weekend. Absolute shenanigans at the latter.

Uni's been alright, ploughing through the assessments. Got one more to write that's due Thursday, which will be spat out before I ship out to Puggs. I'm keen.

Not a lot of plans this week, apart from (maybe Bass Drum of Death with the Drunk Mums, housewarming at Bec's, Vasco Era at the Espy again, and Children Collide next Friday... but that's it). Should be good fun.

Mmmrr. Must stop being so lazy. Oh well.



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