Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weird Fishes

'Lo all.

Um. They've changed the layout on Blogger for me. How nice of them. Interesting to note that pageviews and such are now on the homepage. I've never really cared about that sort of thing. Turns out I have fans in Russia, though I suppose they're probably advertising crawlers. Weird.

Anyway. It's been a few weeks. Contrasting last time, I've been to the cinema a lot.

A Dangerous Method - ****
Good. Very good. Keeps threatening to stray into boring relationship-y territory but then it draws you back in with this cool pseudo/psych stuff. Plus Viggo Mortensen as a cigar chomping Freud badarse, can't go wrong with that.

The Avengers - ***
Big and flashy, and painfully Whedony at times. Lots of snarky back and forth, lots of "crowning moment of awesome" bits (including one sequence that was almost one shot that managed to include every character...). But hell, it was good fun. You walk out smiling. And as much as I like Iron Man because he's a sarcastic bastard, the Hulk's pretty good too. It does get bogged down in the middle, and the ending's a little cheesy... "My god, it's full of stars" indeed. Also, glad I saw it in 2D, not going to lie.

The Hunger Games - **1/2
Oh god, what has happened, has our beloved correspondent turned into a shill for the major studios, catching two big "summer" tentpole action films in the same week!? No, dear readers, not quite. This is an ok film, but there were too many things that irked me, especially in the way it was shot and edited. I understand that for a tween film, you can't go overboard on the blood and violence, but surely there are better ways of avoiding this than thirty cuts per second and shaky camera, right? Plus the art direction, especially with the bourgeoisie people, got really annoying by the end. Also the predictable story and setup for the sequel, the light approach to the heavy dystopia themes (damn tweens...), and the whole shoehorned relationship crap... I paid for blood! Meh. Not going to read the books. 1984/Battle Royale for the Twilight kiddies.

To be fair, I only saw this film because Inception followed it at the Astor (typically mindblowing, to the point where I got about two hours worth of theorising on the walk home...). Liking their new calendar too, Dr Strangelove and Taxi Driver will definitely be attended, and possibly Raiders of the Lost Ark if scheduling permits.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to gloat and say that yes, I will be seeing Jack White, At The Drive In, Tame Impala, Smashing Pumpkins, Bloc Party, Dirty Three, Band of Skulls, Lana del Rey (actually, scratch that...), Miike Snow, the Shins, Mudhoney, Spiderbait, Pond, DZ Deathrays, Hypnotic Brass, and shedloads more at Splendour in July, AND I'll be catching the Black Keys in October. Absolute shenanigans. Cheers to Bec and Aiden for sorting out tickets. Also, are there really no Brian Jonestown Massacre fans in the house? So disappointing.

Still got an itch though, especially with Pearl Jam, The Cure, and Radiohead rolling around...

What else have I been up to... Did my part as an obedient consumer and visited Polyester for Record Store Day, picked up Amnesiac and the clear orange reissue of Mclusky Does Dallas, among other things. Brilliant stuff. Problem is I want to upgrade my sound system, and I really am not in the right location to do so... future, future, future.

The family hit my new place, on their way through from Simon's after Easter. Oh god. You clearly cannot tell two twelve year olds not to touch anything and expect them not to. I got a very angry text message from on the other day (yes, text message. May god have mercy on Beardman's soul and wallet) regarding the aforementioned Black Keys ticket and some missing Black Keys merch birthday presents, which was a little hilarious, but still. Terrifying. Kids are growing up for serious reals.

Hit Puggs again, once where we met Aiden's new squeeze (and squeeze she did, and bite (Isobelle had teethmarks, much to her shock)) and where we proved that it is indeed possible to walk from Carlton to Richmond while hammered; and once where we all got really, really, really plastered (to the point where Aiden thinks he blacked out), Callum smashed Ryan Murphy's pint glass with a well thrown lollypop, and Ethan beat everyone (including Ryan) in arm wrestling. This is what we get for using Bazza's 10% pale ale as pres... Wouldn't want to DOG THE BOYZ though, would we.

On Tuesday, after class, went to visit Patrick and caught up with a lot of Grammar kids, all trying to get me to come out with them. Not likely, though I did accidentally draw a king's cup card (finished the bastard though). Next day, hit the MCG and saw the last quarter of the ANZAC Day match, which was thrilling, but it was scary to hear that many Collingwood supporters singing at the end. As I recall we ended up at Puggs that night as well, since nowhere else was open, and the Wednesday night guy sucks (why so much Coldplay?! Why?! What have we done to deserve this?!).

In other news, uni's going fine, smashed a few presentations, I've got one more presentation on Wednesday and a test on Monday, but should be fine. It's getting to the point where I will actually have to start plotting out essays and exam revision, but oh well. No stress.

I'm definitely getting too damn lazy though. Well. Lazier than usual. Might be because it's getting colder, it just makes sense to spend all day at home reading a book or something than rug up and head out. This needs to change. Travel in the holidays maybe. Or actually get properly healthy instead of this default skinny rubbish. Hurm. Call it restlessness. At least I'm cutting down on the discussions on morality that last til 6am though (but then, I saw hot air balloons on the long walk home, which reminds me, get onto that, Beardman!).

There's no doubt I've forgotten stuff, I really must cut down on this whole "skip two weeks" thing. Clearly I get up to enough adventures. This week, for example, Puggs, Digitalism, then Tom's coming to visit and Bec's throwing yet another house party. Adventure!



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