Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bass Drum of Death.

'Lo everyone.

So much to catch up on. I've had a productive easter break.

Let's see... Party started Wednesday night with some further explorations of Brunswick st, then when I got home Thursday I finished what may be my worst essay so far, but at least I emailed it in on time (god, I hope so). Then off to Puggs for raucous shindiggery, apparently I was gone. Funny that.

Things kept going the next night. Went to Simon's for dinner and saw the family (girls have mobile phones, god help us all), then caught Bass Drum of Death and the Drunk Mums with Isaac, and they were brilliant. We rocked up a little too early, I think, but it made for some fun people watching. So many hipsters, we felt a little out of place. Ran into a few people as well. Drunk Mums put on a good show, looking forward to their LP, and Bass Drum of Death... hell, the mosh was crazy, and this one plastered dude kept crowdsurfing, which led to him pulling down some of the soundproofing foam from the ceiling and exposing three inch long nails pointing straight down at the crowd. Funnily enough no one else went for a crowdsurf after that. The band itself was killer, awesome singalong to Velvet Itch and High School Roaches, and the bastards drew out Get Found for ages, it was brilliant. Said hi to the lead singer in an alleyway outside as well. Good night out.

Next day was a visit to Clayton to check out Bec's new digs, made a couple of friends through arguing about whether Falls is big enough for Foo Fighters to headline (if it's true, you heard it here first, folks), and tried some more of Baz's beer with Aiden. Not sure I could do a whole night on the berry stuff, but it's a pleasant change from Carlton.

Sunday was Vasco Era at the Espy, via Hilda's. Turns out I'm good at FIFA, who knew. Don't think I'll play it again though. Aiden and I dragged out ET to St Kilda, and we got pretty hammered. Saw a band playing a filthy Rolling Stones cover in the basement as well. Jumped into the pit and got spat out onto the barrier right over Ted's bass monitor, so my eardrums got torn to shreds. Band put on a good show despite Sid having absolutely no voice from Boogie on the weekend, but he managed his Tom Waits cover, very scratchily. They pulled out a new cover, this time Pixies, and finished with three songs from the first album, brilliant stuff.

Went to the footy for the first time this season on Monday with Barry, and watched Geelong slip through Hawthorn's fingers in the rain. So cold, thrilling match though. Hawthorn really should have won, it all came down to the siren, but oh well. We hit Beer Deluxe for some commiseration drinks, I must recommend Brooklyn Lager.

Tuesday was big, went to Patrick's for some predrinks. They were playing the same game of beer pong for about three hours, and we didn't finish Kings. Poor old Pat overextended himself with one last Black Russian before we left for the Hawthorn, so by the time we got there we were faced with a 45 minute wait. None of that. So, a bit of an anticlimax. Still.

Had a night off Wednesday, so I helped Rence and Angus bottle the 9.71% alcohol pale ale that was fresh out of the fermenter. Jesus. Strong stuff, cannot wait to try it. Lots of story swapping, Angus finds the strangest things in the Melbourne Central lost and found...

Next day, no uni, which was nice. Caught up with Isobelle at Thousand Pound, saw a few people, then made my way to Parkville again, and got very wasted. But I wasn't the worst one there. Walked home veeery late, which really didn't help the whole "hey, let's avoid getting a cold before uni starts again!" thing.

Even worse was the next day. Went to Carlton v Collingwood with Aiden, which was brilliant, since we absolutely thumped them. Saw Simon as well. Then after a mild panic about tickets, met Ness and the rest at the Corner and moshed to Children Collide for what I believe is the seventh time? Good stuff, got me Across the Earth and We Live in Fear (with strobes), plus Speed of Sound and a couple of new songs which should be alright on the next tour. My poor Children Collide shirt is almost to my knees.

Last night was good fun, went down to Footscray for Denny's birthday, lost a few games of pool, then we (eventually) set up the Lord of the Rings drinking game. We all survived almost to the end. So damn close. I wouldn't do all three in one night, especially the extended ones.

And today was fairly lazy, watched Radiohead's Coachella set on youtube (interesting watching them with a coffee in a chair instead of in the crowd, oh well...) and for the second year running maxed out my download limit straight afterwards. Perhaps there is a correlation.

This week is looking quiet, there's a couple of assessments that need smashing, but Record Store Day and Pond on Saturday beckon. Hurm. See how we go, I suppose.



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