Thursday, March 8, 2012

Moth Wings.

'Lo all.

Well. It has been a very, very interesting fortnight. My apologies for not posting earlier, but things came up.

So last Monday? I think was the last time I wrote anything. That morning was particularly painful, what with the 830am lecture and the pouring rain and the missing of trams. Plus it was stinking hot the night before, so no one really got any sleep. Oh well.

Media Law looks like it'll be fascinating, it looks like it's a problem solving sort of deal, and the exam's open book. So not too bad. After the lecture I emerged to ten million people screaming about a Radiohead tour (like I said, if they didn't do Harvest they'd be here in November...), and how the presale tickets had already gone. Mrr.

That night, had to get out of the house, had a couple of drinks in the city which turned into a marathon. This made the 930am start on Tuesday even less fun than the previous day.

New Media (THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS REVOLUTION) seems to be Media in Australia mk2. So I'm alright with that. Unfortunately, once again I tried to get tickets after the lecture, and failed. Two presales down, no result for anyone I knew. Hurm. Then I accidentally went home and slept through my first pop culture lecture.

That afternoon was Writing Fiction, a three hour stretch of talking about what makes good writing with a class full of people who all seemed to get it, and had no sense of humour. Hurm again. Caught up with Aiden and Bec that night, sorted out our arrangements for this weekend (I'm packing my bag as soon as I finish this).

Then Wednesday, pop culture tute, good fun, just a lot of people whinging about music and fashion. Should be an interesting class. Headed to Richmond to pick up some tickets to some cultural events with Aiden, such as a bearded folk parody band and the cricket. Yeah. Made it back to uni in time for new media, the tutor's geeky but he seems alright, class is pretty quiet though.

Thursday was meh, as I missed out on the last tickets to Radiohead. Oh well. I suppose there are worse atrocities in the world. Headed to Puggs with a huge crowd, usual shenanigans.

Friday was quiet apart from the cricket, where Aiden and I got really good seats down the front in the member's stand, and watched Sri Lanka beat us in a nail biting finish (all sports writing is cliches).

Next day up bright and relatively early so I could head down to Geelong, unfortunately the trams were all munted so I arrived slightly late. It was good to catch up with the family, happy birthday Katie. Also, all of you must stop comparing me to that guy in the Young Ones. Headed back to Ascot Vale with Bonnie and Riley, caught up with Joe and his house hunt, then back to Hawthorn in time for a civilised gathering at Rosh's, where Aiden and I tested out Barry's exploding beers and Callum, Ness, Tom Garry and I raided Urban Dictionary for... suggestions.

Suddenly we're back to Monday. More class. Meh. Caught up with Ryan and took him down Brunswick st, he's surviving Footscray so far, which is good. We really have to drag Denny out somehow though. Tuesday was more of the same, except I noticed that I know an awful lot of people doing pop culture, and none of them are in my tute. Damn. Went to Pat's with Jake for beers, we may have polished off a slab with Will and Paul, then visited The Hawthorn (puke) and Nevs, saw Kaity and the 102 boys. Googs is coming with us this weekend, fantastic.

Almost slept through my tutes the next day, not pleasant. All we had to do was some pretty meh culture jamming exercise. Aren't we alternative. More arguing about music in new media as well, I do enjoy being a media kid sometimes. Went to the Astor and finally saw the first Batman film and, more importantly, saw Gavin. He's alive, amazingly, and heading to the city at least once a month this year. Brilliant.

Batman Begins - ***
Some of the dialogue is woeful, and I really wasn't expecting a ninja film, or a zombie film, but hey, it works better than a straight superhero popcorn film. They could have done more with the whole hallucinogen thing, but if skimping out on that let them have the batmobile tank thing then who cares, that thing is boss. Not bad, I suppose, not as good as the Dark Knight.

Then yesterday. Some shenanigans, but hey, it was my day off. Puggs was much emptier than usual, but Cameron dropped in (COME BACK SOON!). Jake, Woody, Daniel, Callum and I made up for Harry and Aiden's absence (it takes five of us to do this, jesus), and Ryan Murphy finally unleashed a Somebody That I Used To Know cover, ew.

And right now, I'm packing for Golden Plains. Cannot wait to return to Meredith, and see the Black Lips and Celibate Rifles, and Bon Iver (and Ariel Pink for the trainwreck value...). If I'm alive I reckon I'll be able to post Monday night, but no promises.



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