Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Beards

'Lo all.

Still alive, barely. My poor immune system seems to have forgotten what it's like to be at a festival. But it's recovering.

Couple of things, I suppose. More uni. I have to write a plan/draft of a short story before Tuesday afternoon, which will be submitted for class discussion. Can't say I'm particularly excited. Everyone else in the class seems to know what they're doing, but oh well. Lots of arguing in pop culture about feminism, which is fun, but kind of pointless. Same with the whole cultural hegemony thing in new media, though I suppose that's different.

On Thursday I headed to Fed Square with Baz, Angus, Wells, and a buttload of other Swinmates (...) for a microbrewery showcase thing. For twenty bucks they gave you twenty samples and free ribs. It was awesome. We hit the high percentage ones first (10% cider? Jesus), then slowly made our way down. Raspberry and pear ciders get a plus from me (like a manly cruiser), but I still don't really like IPA or weisbier. Some crazy good stuff, gotta keep an eye out for Yowie beer. Had to leave early though, caught up with Aiden, Ryan and Denny in James Squire's, then shipped off to the Corner.

The Stiffys were not what I was expecting. Two piece, bass and drums, much like DFA79, but so, so many dick jokes. Aiden got himself a setlist, and it seemed that almost every song had a title that was a variation on "I've Got A Stiffy" (except for Ranger Stacy). So pretty good, really. Bec arrived halfway through the set with Stephen, they seemed a little confused.

Couple of beers later and we were almost in the front row for BARBARION (ARGH). They weren't really as good as they were at Meredith, no flamethrowers or giant screen behind them, but the synchronised dance moves and sheer over-the-top-ness of it all made it work. Had to feel sorry for the kid in the very front row when the S&M gladiator jumped down from the stage and yelled some lyrics in his face.

Then the Beards, who were awesome, for a novelty band. The crowd couldn't go thirty seconds without someone or other screaming BEARDS. They have a fantastic sense of humour about it all, and seemed a little overwhelmed to be playing to so many enthusiastic people. Loved the sax solos and keytar. Particular highlights were the massive, massive singalong to If Your Dad Doesn't Have A Beard, You've Got Two Mums (Two Beardless Mums), the keytar solo in You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man, and all the fistpumping to Beards Across Australia Unite. Brilliant stuff.

We decided to head to Puggs, since it was a Thursday night, though Aiden wanted his Stiffys' set list back (thieving ranga). Puggs was very, very empty, just Callum and his loud roomie. I think we definitely made Ryan Murphy's day, coming in and heckling him.

Not much going on Friday. Went to the Unilodge welcome party and in between talking to a couple of older bored people, won myself a pair of free movie tickets. So it looks like I'll be seeing the Rum Diary very soon. Then headed to Isobelle's and marathoned some Game of Thrones, since I found the dvd for cheap.

Next day, warmed up for St Patrick's Day by sleeping in (and missing the breakfast! When else will I get Guinness at 9am?!), but made it down in the afternoon after waiting an hour in line. Aiden and Callum were plastered. Not a bad evening, I suppose, once the rest of the usual suspects arrived, including Dayne with a green racing stripe in his hair. NotRyan played a few traditional Irish songs in his set at the end of the night, which led to the entire pub doing a jig. Kinda funny.

After hitting Incys like a freight train, we headed to college for some cartoons, which turned into Rage, which turned into Ladyhawke videos. Meh. Since half of us had passed out on the couch, decided to head home about 4am. Then I slept for like twelve hours.

So yeah. Couple of adventures. Next week, some Astor animu shenanigans and Kaitie's thingo, I think. We'll see what happens.



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