Monday, February 6, 2012

Run DNA.

'Lo all.

Still alive.

Pretty slow week. Yep.

Went to an instore appearance by Battles at Polyester with Bec on Wednesday and picked up a signed copy of Mirrored (woah), then had a coffee or two in Thousand Pound, then headed to Emily's the next day for CREEPY AUSTRALIAN MOVIE NIGHT!

Snowtown - ****
Tried a little too hard, but then you realise it's mostly a true story. Engaging as hell, lots of messed up stuff, nice soundtrack, and it looked alright with the hipstamatic vintage filter over the entire thing. The lead was butt ugly and creepy just to look at, which worked very well. Check it out.

Beardman dropped in Thursday morning with some crockery (cheers Diana), he's doing alright, which is good, then I dashed into the city to rescue my iPod from Eureka Tower. That night was Jake's birthday pub crawl, good to catch up with a few people I hadn't seen in a while. Hit Beer Deluxe (SO GOOD), found our way to the Belgian beer place near Emily's for bucket pints. Moseyed over to Cho Gao for jugs, which were good until Kelly and I left to find Jess and a bouncer told me I had thrown something off the balcony. Weird. After a pint and a midget spotting in the Exford, we made our way back to Melbourne Central and I was refused entry. Bastards. So we spent the rest of the night in the other pub, which was alright.

Next day I headed to the Twenty20 with Simon and Josh, we had really nice seats in the member's balcony. Excruciating game to watch, especially right at the end. Caught up with Amy as well, nice to meet some more members.

Saturday was quiet, as far as I can recall.

Yesterday I was at the MCG again, this time with Aiden, and this time we only saw about ten overs before the rain started. Oh well. Felt sorry for the bikini girls in front of us, it was freezing. After waiting for almost two hours we decided to head to the pub, and after we couldn't find the Puggs in the city (yeah, Captain Cook), wound up in James Squire's. Managed to drag out Patrick and Jake, hit the Exford, and somehow got free pool almost all night. Left late, then went to Pat's new apartment, which is right next door to my old one. Weird. Met his first new roommate, who seems alright. I give him a couple of months before Pat breaks him out of his shell. Aiden crashed at mine for a whole two hours before catching the first train back to Traralgon. Painful.

Not much else occurring, really. Might head out Tuesday and Thursday, then back to Sale on the weekend. Mmrrr. Going to miss out on the St Kilda Festival, I think. Bugger.



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