Sunday, February 26, 2012

Murder Me Rachel.

'Lo all.

One hell of a last week before uni, I tell you. Uncomfortably warm and now thundering outside. Appropriate.

Not a huge amount to report, I suppose. Headed to Nevs on Tuesday; Jake, Pat, Bernice and I played a lot of pool, drank a lot of beer, watched a lot of Star Wars, and saw a lot of people. Baz was gone, but was still trying to sell his new beer. Not a bad night.

Next day, headed to Isobelle's new pad with Annie for more drinking. Crashed on a couch and was awoken by hordes of screaming schoolchildren. The 9am tram home was not pleasant in the slightest.

Thursday was Puggs, as usual. Caught up with Jake and Pat at Swinburne for free orientation beer, then some pool at the Hawthorn with Pat's roomie (it's not bad when it's quiet). We debated whether to head to Puggs early or not, ended up arriving there at 9 after a visit to Jake's. Too late though. We had to line up, as the place was packed for O week. I'll take the blame though. Huge crowd out, but I dunno, I've had better nights. Somehow found our way home without Aiden and Pat offending the taxi driver as well.

Too hot the next day. Way, way too hot. Like, oh god what the hell. Made my way out of the house to catch up with people, but we ended up heading for the airconditioned cinema anyway.

While I remember,

A Scanner Darkly - ****
Dark humour, but it wasn't sure how serious it was going to be. Robert Downey Jr was pretty much playing Jeff Goldblum, hilarious. I did like the weird animation, suitably trippy, which fit right into the storyline.

Shame - ****1/2
Art house film, not going to recommend seeing this with your parents. Very heavy, fairly depressing, but enough lighthearted bits to not make it exceptionally painful. Beware a musical scene that while designed to make you cry, may bring up memories of a certain Simpsons scene..

Kick Ass - ***
Surprisingly bloody action film. This'd work well as a double bill with Watchmen. Not bad, I suppose. Lots of Does It Offend You Yeah? on the soundtrack. The little girl was adorably foul mouthed as well.

Yesterday we hit the beach like a freight train, somewhere down near Mordialloc? I don't know. Either way, after all finding ourselves at Hayden and Isaac's new crib (very swish to look at, though apparently nothing works), we hooned our way down, then jumped in the water and tried to swim for a boat. Water was good, especially since it was like 40 degrees. Went hunting for some chips, ended up with fifteen dollars worth or something ridiculous. Ended up throwing tennis balls at each other in the water til it got too dark, then we saw a shooting star. Hooned our way back to Clayton (blaring Flying Lotus at full volume and screaming at pedestrians; Aiden almost gave his number to a car full of girls on a metcard), then got to the drinking of alcohol and watching of terrible 90s Julia Roberts films about her running away from moustaches.

Today, on the other hand, sucked. Meh.

Tomorrow, let's hope, will be better. First day back, 830am start... Let's just say I'm not optimistic. I'll post again Wednesday, I suppose, see how this first week goes (OH YES THREE DAY WEEK). Plus might be seeing Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (finally).



Saturday, February 18, 2012

And We're All Going Straight To Hell, Yep.

'Lo all.

I've been lazy, but as far as I know I'm still alive. Which so far is a positive.

Not many adventures to report on, sadly.

Pat's finally moved to Hawthorn properly, which is good. Took him out to Nevermind on Tuesday, and our strategy of sitting on a couch drinking dangerous amounts of beer eventually payed off for him. I'm sure the Jacinta-led cheer squad helped him out.

Puggs is back on, which is good. Played some pool at a strange Asian pool hall with Aiden, Pat and Dayno, then headed to Carlton and caught up with Harry and Charlie and the rest over many beers and Ryan Murphy covers. Unfortunately, beer is not as cheap as it used to be.

That weekend, headed back home to Sale. Not the most thrilling of visits. Had some chips and caught up with Ryan, then made a pilgrimage to the 2 Dollar shop for hilarity and nourishment (etc etc). Had a 40 song round of guitar hero at Aiden's the next night, as well.

On Wednesday, headed down to the court house and mingled with a buttload of old people, Ms Dyke, and Aiden's mum for an hour in the sunshine. Turns out jury duty is never really a sure thing, as my experience of it lasted about two minutes. We got the "please stand" and the "be seated", then the judge told us all to nick off because there was a security concern with the case. Whatever that means.

So, ultimately my quest to do my bit for my community didn't really get off the ground. Hopefully I won't get picked again for thirty years or something.

Trained it home to Hawthorn the next day with Aiden after a charming trip to Traralgon accompanied by classic Ray Charles. We didn't chuck anything out the window though. Or toss, I should say. We pretty much headed straight to Puggs, usual crowd was there, usual drink prices were not. Ryan Murphy tested out a Matt Corby cover (boring), and played Lonely Boy twice, to rapturous applause. Spent some time arguing over BRMC albums with some English guy, whose friend eventually collapsed giggling outside Incys, and didn't know where their motel was. Good deed for the day, helping them get home, I suppose.

Yesterday, went to Nevs for pool with Pat and Emily, which turned into another drinking session that I didn't need. We got free cake though. Decided to head to the third floor and say hello to Baz and Angus, who seem to be doing fine. Pat and Emily disappeared, and it ended up being Boxy, Wells, Angus, Hamish and I on the balcony shooting a laser at Xavier College. And then we had a food fight at maccas. Yep.

I don't have a lot planned for this week, but we'll see how we go. Might see what Isobelle's up to, since she's emerging from her jetlag at the moment, then it's just Claire, Gavin and Cumpster next week and my pokedex is complete.



Monday, February 6, 2012

Run DNA.

'Lo all.

Still alive.

Pretty slow week. Yep.

Went to an instore appearance by Battles at Polyester with Bec on Wednesday and picked up a signed copy of Mirrored (woah), then had a coffee or two in Thousand Pound, then headed to Emily's the next day for CREEPY AUSTRALIAN MOVIE NIGHT!

Snowtown - ****
Tried a little too hard, but then you realise it's mostly a true story. Engaging as hell, lots of messed up stuff, nice soundtrack, and it looked alright with the hipstamatic vintage filter over the entire thing. The lead was butt ugly and creepy just to look at, which worked very well. Check it out.

Beardman dropped in Thursday morning with some crockery (cheers Diana), he's doing alright, which is good, then I dashed into the city to rescue my iPod from Eureka Tower. That night was Jake's birthday pub crawl, good to catch up with a few people I hadn't seen in a while. Hit Beer Deluxe (SO GOOD), found our way to the Belgian beer place near Emily's for bucket pints. Moseyed over to Cho Gao for jugs, which were good until Kelly and I left to find Jess and a bouncer told me I had thrown something off the balcony. Weird. After a pint and a midget spotting in the Exford, we made our way back to Melbourne Central and I was refused entry. Bastards. So we spent the rest of the night in the other pub, which was alright.

Next day I headed to the Twenty20 with Simon and Josh, we had really nice seats in the member's balcony. Excruciating game to watch, especially right at the end. Caught up with Amy as well, nice to meet some more members.

Saturday was quiet, as far as I can recall.

Yesterday I was at the MCG again, this time with Aiden, and this time we only saw about ten overs before the rain started. Oh well. Felt sorry for the bikini girls in front of us, it was freezing. After waiting for almost two hours we decided to head to the pub, and after we couldn't find the Puggs in the city (yeah, Captain Cook), wound up in James Squire's. Managed to drag out Patrick and Jake, hit the Exford, and somehow got free pool almost all night. Left late, then went to Pat's new apartment, which is right next door to my old one. Weird. Met his first new roommate, who seems alright. I give him a couple of months before Pat breaks him out of his shell. Aiden crashed at mine for a whole two hours before catching the first train back to Traralgon. Painful.

Not much else occurring, really. Might head out Tuesday and Thursday, then back to Sale on the weekend. Mmrrr. Going to miss out on the St Kilda Festival, I think. Bugger.