Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Move Again.

'Lo all.

So, exciting developments. I have a new address. I now live in a nice little shoebox a couple of blocks down the road from my old place. It's cosy, I suppose.

This week has been slow, but fairly busy. Lots of trips up and down Glenferrie rd to bring more boxes of crap in. I'm 90% moved in, which is good. Major thanks to Simon for running most of the bigger things up in his van.

Tuesday night Annie, Bernice and I hit Nevs, which was alright. Ran into Amy on her birthday, which was nice. Then last night, introduced Dayno and George to the Astor, which seems to have blown them away. Caught the first Back to the Future (still good) and Jurassic Park (WOOOAAAAHHHH this film NEEDS to be seen on the big screen with a kickarse sound system). Then a mad dash into the city, we went out separate ways, and I walked in on a game of shot chess between Bec and her debater friends.

Rocked up too late for the party, but it was cool just to chill and get hammered. Didn't sleep particularly well. Better than the last visit though. And there was no confusion about cubes and spheres this time.

This morning I crawled out onto a tram, then train, then another train and a tram. Mmmrr. Still. New place is pretty much set up, just need a turntable and a bathmat. And a new lightbulb, since one of the lights in the ceiling is completely missing. Plus I have to move the old desktop in and sort out internet, I'm posting this from the phone internet which has not been particularly friendly. In fact, the phone coverage here is double butt. No good at all.

Tonight I had a few drinks in St Kilda with Emily and Tom, and had a long walk on the beach. Far, far too many syringe jokes.

Tomorrow is sleep, then Monday is business, gotta get this light maintenance form in and get some reliable internet. Then clean out the old apartment and get my bond back. Oh yeah.



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