Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flying Lotus.

'Lo everyone.

So. Lots of adventures to write about. Well. Two or three. Um. Yeah.

Where we left off. Last Saturday, headed to Brunswick st for a catchup beer or ten with Emily, just pubhopping, ending up in Bimbos with delicious cheap pizza. Met up with Bec back in the city, then found Loretta and Jeremy and headed to the HiFi.

The support acts were fairly samey, nothing mindblowing, except for the volume. Not that they didn't do some impressive stuff, but most people seemed to be waiting for the main event. Meh.

Flying Lotus was easily the best thing I've seen this year (hurr hurr hurr, he writes a week in). Some fantastic stuff, I did enjoy him dropping in the first verse of Yonkers, funny hearing all the hipsters shouting about Triceratops. In the second half of his set he let loose, oh my god hearing stuff like GNG BNG that loooud... brilliant. And then just two bars of the drums from Portishead's Machine Gun (I practically died), the chorus from Idioteque by Radiohead (!), then bam, Do The Astral Plane, manipulated and messed around and played loud as hell. He seemed to be enjoying the entire thing as well, crowd going nuts, huge cheesy grin on his face the entire time. Awesome, just awesome, and I'm that keen to see him again.

After that, a bit of gloating, then crashed at Bec's after chatting to Loretta til dawn (oops). May have overslept somewhat and then had to sneak out after running into Ellen. Meh.

Didn't do much for a couple of days, then caught up with Aiden in the city over a fancy beer at Fed Square, dropped in on Shona and Emily to drop off a book, then got an invite to a gathering in Boronia with some of the Puggs crowd. Not a bad evening, watched some Adventure Time (which drove the girls nuts as it didn't make sense) and Dodgeball, played some drinking games, argued music, and yes, Aiden, I may have spilled a drink or two, you bastard.

This morning was pretty painful, as Jacinta had work at like 9 so we all got kicked out before then. I have not been awake this early for a while. Nice and refreshing rain outside that saturated us in two minutes as well. Made it home to Glenferrie and crashed for a couple of hours after hotcakes and hot showers.

Got a text from Denny so this afternoon I headed all the way out to Footscray to check out his new digs with Kelly. Nice place they've got, little tricky to find. They need to invest in a couch and a microwave though. Still, they have the essentials (the PS3 and a goldfish bowl) set up. They seem happy, which is good. On my way home dropped in on Bec at work and got laughed at. Hurm.

Tonight's been nice and quiet. Yep.

This week I want to head out and see a few things, then oh god paying a billion dollars for my new apartment, then bam, moving in. Which will be fun. I should probably start packing some stuff up... or something. Meh. There isn't much stuff. Might just have to make a couple of trips, that's all. Or chuck it in Simon's van? We'll see.

Oh well.



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