Sunday, January 29, 2012


'Lo all.

A little bit to catch up on, I suppose.

I'm officially properly moved in now, all my stuff is out of the old place and I've handed in my key. Weird seeing my old apartment look so empty (and clean), and all Angus and I left was a sneaky jar of teabags and some old mayonnaise in the fridge. Not bad at all. There's some stuff that still needs to get fixed up here, but oh well. Comfortable.

Went to Simon's for a babysitting gig this week, which was good. Kids were fine, watched some Harry Potter and got my arse handed to me on the Wii by Lily. And of course free meals and kickarse movies, always a highlight.

Aliens - ****
It's dated a bit, but once you cut out all the dialogue it's just a straight action film, and it's awesome. A little too 80s for me, but still. Is it sacrilegious to suggest a Star Wars style remastering? Or maybe a remake that isn't an Aliens vs Predators thing? Solid film.

Romper Stomper - ****1/2
Where American History X was more of a redemption story that happened to be about neo-nazis, this is more of a love story that happened to feature neo-nazis. And it's really, really messed up. More so because you recognise bits and pieces of Footscray. Some very, very stupid characters, but the film's made so that you feel absolutely no sympathy for them. You want them to get bashed to death by a horde of angry Vietnamese guys, you want the cops to bust in and shoot them, you want everyone to die at the end. Worth seeing.

On Australia Day, headed back to the beach again with Jake, Cara, Ness and Jarrod, and got caught in the sand. Too windy. We made our way to Tom Garry's via Ness's and proceeded to get hammered with the rest of the Room 28ers. Lots of arguing about music and trying to persuade Callum not to jump out of the second floor window into the pool.

The next morning was not so much fun, especially when Jacinta ditched me at a tram stop instead of dropping me off at Richmond. Oh well. Spent the day recovering watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Next day, up relatively early and headed into the city. Caught up with Bec over a beer at Ponyfish Island, then met up with Ellen and headed to the Forum. Got in maybe too early, it was fairly quiet until Other Places started up and scared the hell out of us. They've got some good stuff for two hipsters. Then Witch Hats, who were pretty standard 80s indie rock. No bite for all the distortion and feedback. Meh.

Battles came on after an extended intro, then went nuts. Setup was pretty incredible, so much gear for three people. Stacks of echoboxes and loop pedals and god knows what else, two keyboards and a sampler (and a really tall cowbell) for the guitarist, and John Stanier had his cymbal a billion miles over his head. Crazy stuff. And they kicked arse. Lot of stuff off the new album (duh), couple of minor technical difficulties (ie no keyboards when My Machines started up), but apart from that, woah. Their sound is just so intricate, it's hard to believe it's just three guys on stage doing it all. On the other hand it takes a long time for songs to get going, so there wasn't a lot of momentum between songs, but then you realise that's because they have to loop every riff before they get going. It was also pretty cool having the vocalists on the screens getting Persephone'd when they starting mucking around with the songs (though Gary Numan is far too old to be wearing that much makeup). Atlas was titanic (geddit), just so loud, and I liked the children's choir for the vocals. Brilliant stuff, worth catching next time they're touring.

Hit Hungry Jack's after that, mind still blown, and made my way home, Ice Cream still stuck in my head.

Today's been quiet. More Always Sunny.

Tomorrow, I tackle the washing machines. Bring it.



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