Sunday, January 29, 2012


'Lo all.

A little bit to catch up on, I suppose.

I'm officially properly moved in now, all my stuff is out of the old place and I've handed in my key. Weird seeing my old apartment look so empty (and clean), and all Angus and I left was a sneaky jar of teabags and some old mayonnaise in the fridge. Not bad at all. There's some stuff that still needs to get fixed up here, but oh well. Comfortable.

Went to Simon's for a babysitting gig this week, which was good. Kids were fine, watched some Harry Potter and got my arse handed to me on the Wii by Lily. And of course free meals and kickarse movies, always a highlight.

Aliens - ****
It's dated a bit, but once you cut out all the dialogue it's just a straight action film, and it's awesome. A little too 80s for me, but still. Is it sacrilegious to suggest a Star Wars style remastering? Or maybe a remake that isn't an Aliens vs Predators thing? Solid film.

Romper Stomper - ****1/2
Where American History X was more of a redemption story that happened to be about neo-nazis, this is more of a love story that happened to feature neo-nazis. And it's really, really messed up. More so because you recognise bits and pieces of Footscray. Some very, very stupid characters, but the film's made so that you feel absolutely no sympathy for them. You want them to get bashed to death by a horde of angry Vietnamese guys, you want the cops to bust in and shoot them, you want everyone to die at the end. Worth seeing.

On Australia Day, headed back to the beach again with Jake, Cara, Ness and Jarrod, and got caught in the sand. Too windy. We made our way to Tom Garry's via Ness's and proceeded to get hammered with the rest of the Room 28ers. Lots of arguing about music and trying to persuade Callum not to jump out of the second floor window into the pool.

The next morning was not so much fun, especially when Jacinta ditched me at a tram stop instead of dropping me off at Richmond. Oh well. Spent the day recovering watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Next day, up relatively early and headed into the city. Caught up with Bec over a beer at Ponyfish Island, then met up with Ellen and headed to the Forum. Got in maybe too early, it was fairly quiet until Other Places started up and scared the hell out of us. They've got some good stuff for two hipsters. Then Witch Hats, who were pretty standard 80s indie rock. No bite for all the distortion and feedback. Meh.

Battles came on after an extended intro, then went nuts. Setup was pretty incredible, so much gear for three people. Stacks of echoboxes and loop pedals and god knows what else, two keyboards and a sampler (and a really tall cowbell) for the guitarist, and John Stanier had his cymbal a billion miles over his head. Crazy stuff. And they kicked arse. Lot of stuff off the new album (duh), couple of minor technical difficulties (ie no keyboards when My Machines started up), but apart from that, woah. Their sound is just so intricate, it's hard to believe it's just three guys on stage doing it all. On the other hand it takes a long time for songs to get going, so there wasn't a lot of momentum between songs, but then you realise that's because they have to loop every riff before they get going. It was also pretty cool having the vocalists on the screens getting Persephone'd when they starting mucking around with the songs (though Gary Numan is far too old to be wearing that much makeup). Atlas was titanic (geddit), just so loud, and I liked the children's choir for the vocals. Brilliant stuff, worth catching next time they're touring.

Hit Hungry Jack's after that, mind still blown, and made my way home, Ice Cream still stuck in my head.

Today's been quiet. More Always Sunny.

Tomorrow, I tackle the washing machines. Bring it.



Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Move Again.

'Lo all.

So, exciting developments. I have a new address. I now live in a nice little shoebox a couple of blocks down the road from my old place. It's cosy, I suppose.

This week has been slow, but fairly busy. Lots of trips up and down Glenferrie rd to bring more boxes of crap in. I'm 90% moved in, which is good. Major thanks to Simon for running most of the bigger things up in his van.

Tuesday night Annie, Bernice and I hit Nevs, which was alright. Ran into Amy on her birthday, which was nice. Then last night, introduced Dayno and George to the Astor, which seems to have blown them away. Caught the first Back to the Future (still good) and Jurassic Park (WOOOAAAAHHHH this film NEEDS to be seen on the big screen with a kickarse sound system). Then a mad dash into the city, we went out separate ways, and I walked in on a game of shot chess between Bec and her debater friends.

Rocked up too late for the party, but it was cool just to chill and get hammered. Didn't sleep particularly well. Better than the last visit though. And there was no confusion about cubes and spheres this time.

This morning I crawled out onto a tram, then train, then another train and a tram. Mmmrr. Still. New place is pretty much set up, just need a turntable and a bathmat. And a new lightbulb, since one of the lights in the ceiling is completely missing. Plus I have to move the old desktop in and sort out internet, I'm posting this from the phone internet which has not been particularly friendly. In fact, the phone coverage here is double butt. No good at all.

Tonight I had a few drinks in St Kilda with Emily and Tom, and had a long walk on the beach. Far, far too many syringe jokes.

Tomorrow is sleep, then Monday is business, gotta get this light maintenance form in and get some reliable internet. Then clean out the old apartment and get my bond back. Oh yeah.



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flying Lotus.

'Lo everyone.

So. Lots of adventures to write about. Well. Two or three. Um. Yeah.

Where we left off. Last Saturday, headed to Brunswick st for a catchup beer or ten with Emily, just pubhopping, ending up in Bimbos with delicious cheap pizza. Met up with Bec back in the city, then found Loretta and Jeremy and headed to the HiFi.

The support acts were fairly samey, nothing mindblowing, except for the volume. Not that they didn't do some impressive stuff, but most people seemed to be waiting for the main event. Meh.

Flying Lotus was easily the best thing I've seen this year (hurr hurr hurr, he writes a week in). Some fantastic stuff, I did enjoy him dropping in the first verse of Yonkers, funny hearing all the hipsters shouting about Triceratops. In the second half of his set he let loose, oh my god hearing stuff like GNG BNG that loooud... brilliant. And then just two bars of the drums from Portishead's Machine Gun (I practically died), the chorus from Idioteque by Radiohead (!), then bam, Do The Astral Plane, manipulated and messed around and played loud as hell. He seemed to be enjoying the entire thing as well, crowd going nuts, huge cheesy grin on his face the entire time. Awesome, just awesome, and I'm that keen to see him again.

After that, a bit of gloating, then crashed at Bec's after chatting to Loretta til dawn (oops). May have overslept somewhat and then had to sneak out after running into Ellen. Meh.

Didn't do much for a couple of days, then caught up with Aiden in the city over a fancy beer at Fed Square, dropped in on Shona and Emily to drop off a book, then got an invite to a gathering in Boronia with some of the Puggs crowd. Not a bad evening, watched some Adventure Time (which drove the girls nuts as it didn't make sense) and Dodgeball, played some drinking games, argued music, and yes, Aiden, I may have spilled a drink or two, you bastard.

This morning was pretty painful, as Jacinta had work at like 9 so we all got kicked out before then. I have not been awake this early for a while. Nice and refreshing rain outside that saturated us in two minutes as well. Made it home to Glenferrie and crashed for a couple of hours after hotcakes and hot showers.

Got a text from Denny so this afternoon I headed all the way out to Footscray to check out his new digs with Kelly. Nice place they've got, little tricky to find. They need to invest in a couch and a microwave though. Still, they have the essentials (the PS3 and a goldfish bowl) set up. They seem happy, which is good. On my way home dropped in on Bec at work and got laughed at. Hurm.

Tonight's been nice and quiet. Yep.

This week I want to head out and see a few things, then oh god paying a billion dollars for my new apartment, then bam, moving in. Which will be fun. I should probably start packing some stuff up... or something. Meh. There isn't much stuff. Might just have to make a couple of trips, that's all. Or chuck it in Simon's van? We'll see.

Oh well.



Friday, January 6, 2012

One Armed Scissor.

'Lo everyone.

Alright, first post for the year. Apologies for it not being as exciting as last years, what with the whole Falls wrap up, but I have had a lot of adventures, in my defence.

So, new years eve this year was a very, very quiet affair compared to last year. Lot of sitting around drinking very heavily (so heavily that about half the people puked, and one poor bastard has to sit out til the countdown). We did take Isaac's little blowup raft out for a spin ("by the end of it they'll have five people on it" we managed to get to four), and shaved almost every sparkler in Sale to make a very bright sparkler bomb out of a Pringles can.

Still, no one drowned, we caught the countdown on triple j, and in the morning despite some heavy hangovers and more puking we all made it home alright.

Spent the rest of the afternoon recovering, much to Fraser's disgust, as he needed a taxi. On my last night, we headed to Sam's for beer pong and pizza.

First movie for the year!

Predators - ***
Yeah, pretty Rodriguez-y, lots of blood, twists, Danny Trejo, etc etc. Lots of homages to the original as well, which was nice. Didn't like the needless romantic bits, this is an action film, dammit. Oh well. Anyway, a good drunken popcorn action film, worth seeing if you liked the original.

Next morning, again, bit of a hangover since it was like a billion degrees overnight, then home and onto the afternoon train, conveniently missing all the siblings.

Unfortunately, the train was packed, and the air conditioning was out. All the people from Bairnsdale were either shirtless or dying. This lasted until Traralgon, which felt like an hour's trip, and then they made everyone get off and take the bus because it was "not safe". To be fair, there was sweat beading on my arms after about ten minutes, which was not particularly pleasant. Well done Vline, making us rural Victorians proud (and giving us a sauna).

So, home again, met up with Aiden and Emily in St Kilda for a few drinks at the Espy and watched the sunset (Lion King style, not even kidding), then Aiden and I headed to a new pub, the Roxanne Parlour. Nice place, could be a regular bar with a stage if they had more tables, a little tricky to get to though.

So, we waited around a bit, surveying the crowd of hipsters. And there were a lot of hipsters, including king hipster with his waist length hair, champion's moustache, and leopard print jacket. Relatively cheap beer, too.

Missed the first band, then there was The Death Set, who did Sleigh Bells style punk riffs to a backing track. And they were awesome, that sort of slacker-punk that hipsters do these days. Not angry, just sleazy. The crowd got into it, and I may have jumped into the pit. Singer got crowdsurfed (an achievement for such a tiny venue), and at one stage they convinced the entire crowd to crouch on the ground, then spring back up. Good stuff, worth seeing.

After that, more drinking, then French Horn Rebellion. This is the band that sold Aiden, I think. They did the whole 80s-synths Cut/Copy/Miami Horror/Bag Raiders thing, but on occasion the lead singer pulled a french horn out of nowhere and played a solo, including one from in the crowd. How cool. Aiden went nuts, of course. He later bought their shirt of the lead singer, got it signed by him as well. Brilliant.

Found myself at the front for Unknown Mortal Orchestra once again, this time next to a rabid fan trying to encourage her reluctant boyfriend to come closer, and some very drunk girls who seemed to have no idea where they were. They put on a good set, this time with a drummer who didn't look like a lost twelve year old and could play a surprisingly good solo. The sound wasn't amazing though, even up the front, which Ruban, he of the throat tattoo, was continually apologising for. Having listened to their album a few times now, I still reckon they sound better live; they lose that weird not-sixties sheen, and the crazy layers, but they turn into a Tame Impala-y rock band instead, which to be honest I prefer.

Stumbled home after this, Aiden crashed in Woosh's room after we hung out with a drunk and pukey Angus and his mates for a bit. This did not end well for my bathroom.

Headed back into the city and caught most of the Vasco Era's free set at the Worker's after sleeping in almost too late, then Aiden and I grabbed a cheeky afternoon beer and I somehow found myself in a JB Hifi. Terrible.

Didn't get up to much yesterday apart from making Angus clean my bathroom. Yeah. Also had a go at cooking kofta balls. Not a bad experiment, really, next time they'll be fried for less time and will have a lot more spiciness though. Bring it, you krishna swine.

Today, helped Angus move all of his crap out of 102, up to a very swish third floor two bedroom apartment. He has an awful lot of stuff though, and we're still not done. He's still got a fridge, two bikes, and a tyre lying around here. It's a nice place though, he and Baz have done well for themselves, and I look forward to beers and chills up there this year.

Suddenly, tonight I got a frantic call from Bec. "OMG FLYING LOTUS IS PLAYING TOMORROW!!!!!!" Got tickets without a second thought, and gloated to the necessary parties. Very lucky, this is what I get for not reading the street press for a week or two, I miss out on things. Oh well. I'm sort of glad I got tickets for this instead of Justice, though I did get a distortiony phone call from Isaac (cheers man).

So, tomorrow, FlyLo at 2am, I believe I'll be hammered as hell, and it will be glorious. Then I dunno what happens for the rest of the week. Meh. See how we go.