Friday, December 30, 2011

Arming Eritrea.

'Lo all.

Well, last post post for the year. How pathetic, once I add the movies and the wrapup there won't even be sixty posts for the year.

Still not a lot to report from the last week or so. Got to drive to Ocean Grove for Christmas, good to catch up with the grandparents and Buninyong Fords, the usual awesome lunch as well. Crap weather though.

Next day, hit the Boxing Day Test, watched Australia not fail miserably (a pleasant change), and caught up with Simon and Brian before meeting Aiden and trying not to freeze to death in the afternoon. We then hit the Astor for a Monty Python double (good fun being in a packed cinema, crowd is so diverse too), and went exploring through St Kilda to get to the Espy, and didn't get stabbed, go us.

The Vasco Era put on a sweaty, predictably awesome show, for free. Pretty standard setlist, not much from the first album, no Lucille (or For No One, for the fourth or fifth time), and only the two singles from the latest album, but the usual covers and pulverising version of Voodoo Chile (complete with Ted launching himself into the audience). Crowd here was mainly female (read, no mosh), did see Claire and Michael again, and got a free jug with no roofies (as far as I can remember...).

Spent the next day recovering, even though I wanted to be at the cricket.

The Boat That Rocked - ****
Saccharine, killer soundtrack. A little too light hearted and far too many montages of people listening to the radio, but the cast was solid, and I'll admit I liked the vignette sort of style. Worth seeing if you're into good music and cheesy endings (and the IT Crowd/Coupling/Bill Nighy).

Angus went to Falls the other day, a little bit jealous, but oh well. I've already seen Crystal Castles and I still have faith that Regurgitator will do a Unit tour. Rather amusing watching him prepare his cache though.

Today I went back to Sale, had a good catch up with Molly and her brother on the train, and got treated to a pub parma at the Star. Oh yeah.

Tomorrow, shenanigans. Will post the usual end of year crap in the afternoon, and whatever I can remember the day after. If we don't die.



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