Friday, December 23, 2011


'Lo everyone.

So, better catch up on things before three rushed posts at the very end of the year.

Headed back to Sale last week, after doing some christmas shopping (took all of fifteen minutes, it's good being a dude). Train was slow, as usual. Good to catch up with the Doyles, girls all liked their presents. Beardman was in his Foo Fighters shirt (brilliant).

The usual shenanigans occured, chips were consumed, visted Denny's and Pat's, caught up with just about everyone. Headed out Saturday night after a few beers out at Wurruk the night before and an excellent lunch in Stratford. Things were going well at Pat's playing pool and yelling along to good music with strangers at the Star, then things slowly got blurry and drama-y. Rubbish. I blame Ringers.

Awkward the next morning for all concerned, then off to Marlay Point for drinking, cricket, and swimming. Nice afternoon, nice crowd, nice evening. No one cut their foot on the glass, and Hayden and British didn't explode anything. Too damn hot sleeping in the car, and then as soon as I woke up it began pissing down rain. Haven't been stuck in the rain like that since June. And it only lasted ten minutes. Managed to pack up the tent, throw a ball at people in the water, and get home alright though.

Back in Alfred st, house is pretty empty since my roommates are either at work or overseas, and I haven't really been up to a lot.

Captain America - **1/2
Meh. Had the whole popcorn action flick part down, but it almost played the propanganda thing a bit too seriously, it needed more... satire? Dunno. Wasn't as good as Iron Man. Not that interested in Thor, and the Avengers looks meh.

He Died With A Felafel In His Hand - ****1/2
Brilliant, just brilliant. Any film that opens with Golden Brown, plays Buy Me A Pony over the title, and makes a big thing about The Mercy Seat (squee) is gold, and the best part was the rest of the film delivered too. Very distinctly Australian (lol at Sydney), some of the characters were (particularly) relatable, and it was funny. Ending wasn't amazing though, and I'm not sure it needed a tacked on love sidestory.

So that's pretty much it. I finished Breaking Bad (holy jesus awesome, bring on season five), and Coupling (big decline in quality in the last season, bring back Jeff!), time to start Dexter, I think. Also onto my third Thomas Hardy book in a row, thanks mum.

This week will be fun, as always. Christmas in Ocean Grove, cricket, Monty Python and Vasco Era for Boxing Day, room inspections after that, then jetting back home to visit people and get brutally trashed for New Years since I won't be watching Crystal Castles/Flying Lotus. Hurm.

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