Sunday, December 4, 2011

Adventure Time.

'Lo everyone.

December. Good god.

So, picking up from where we left off, James's inappropriate 19th was good fun, caught up with Aiden and Bec while drinking Duff (OMG I KNOW), and some other grammar kids I haven't seen in a while (LIKE LULU OMGx2). Headed off to a housecooling party before everyone nicked off to a gay bar, Aiden and I may have drunk the last of the goon punch. I recall putting Emily to bed, climbing onto a balcony, and playing Pokemon Stadium. Good times.

Haven't been up to a lot, really. Couple of adventures, nothing too major. Tried to head out for the last Public Bar Monday night, but refused to wait two and a half hours in line to get in, so had a couple of pints with Bec and Ben at Prudence instead. Went back to Bec's where all manner of crazy things were occuring, including one girl in a dinosaur costume and one dude whinging about Vonnegut and Metallica. Yeah...

Caught up with Meg the next day, we hit Fitzroy and St Kilda barhopping and trying to avoid record shops. It would have been a good day if it wasn't two billion degrees and muggy. That night Angus enjoyed a cheeky cider on the Safeway loading dock thingy, which was amusing. Baz and I ate popcorn waiting for a truck to arrive and run him over.

Then it rained the entirety of the next day. No good.

Had a pissup and bbq for Woosh's going away upstairs as well, which was good. Gotta start preparing for Meredith and pick up supplies (DORITOS AND APPLES! and beer), Bennett offered me a lift up there with Sloane and Wells, which is excellent. We played a lot of frisbee and soccer outside. Best of luck to Woosh for the next year or so touring the world.

Since it was about to leave town, I decided to check out the Tutankhamun thing at the museum, which to be honest wasn't that worth it. Why have the big gold mask in all the advertising if it's too delicate to take out of Egypt? Anyway, lots of shiny things, lots of cool things, and a lot of tacky stuff in the gift shop. Had a stroll through the rest of the museum since it's free if you have a concession card, may have geeked out at all the dinosaurs and plastinated corpses. I think I'll go back if I get bored, I only had time to check out half.

So much fun riding the bike around as well, nearly died twice. That night Baz was working the bar at the Eminem show, which is pretty cool, since he was getting paid to see him.

This Friday Fraser's Foo Fighters (say that five times quickly) plans fell through and the Beardman went to see them with him. I think that this is pretty awesome, how many of your fathers would see a giant stadium rock band? They only had seats at the back, but still, pretty awesome, and I'm a little jealous of missing out on seeing 40000 people sing Tribute when Tenacious D were on. Since it was Baz's last night we got trashed, resulting in Angus trying to bunny hop over a box and almost succeeding while yelling Hungry Like The Wolf.

Last couple of days have been pretty quiet, to be honest, I've been reading that Hardy book and watching Adventure Time (IT'S LIKE SPONGEBOB BUT BETTER AND MORE SCREWED UP).

This week I'll be heading to Meredith, so I'll post a wrapup of that when I get home, unless something awesome happens this week. Apologies if I forgot anything.



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Anonymous said...

We should go to the museum together, I've been meaning to go all year.