Monday, November 7, 2011

Subzero Fun.

'Lo everyone.

Honestly cannot believe that it's November, and my holidays start tomorrow. So good.

So I haven't been up to a lot, really. It hit the pointy end of the semester far too fast.

Finished all my assessments except one that's due tomorrow night that I've started and planned out. Oh yeah. Even all the journal entries. Like a boss. I might have wimped out a bit with the last journalism assessment, just got a couple of interviews with Swinburne student union/amenities association people (who hate each other, funnily enough), but I'm only aiming for a pass, and a pass I shall get.

In other news, Puggs week before last for Emily's, we had a good crowd of our people, even if it was usual stuff. Too much queen saving though. The girls left halfway through for Billboards, so we kept going, ended up in Incy's til it shut, then watching cartoons at college. Left about 4 since Manthony and Ness were falling asleep (through classic Rugrats!), and once again Denny and Pat were spooning on my couch (...well, maybe just sharing them), much to the horror of Angus and Baz the next morning.

Had a quiet weekend where I ploughed through some work, then a final week that involved a lot of procrastinating. I'd forgotten how good I was at that. Had to miss Puggs, but made up for it the night after, once I'd handed in three things. 102 and co. got absolutely trashed at the Union bar, after Woosh and Angus chugged a bottle of wine each (no, really. It was spectacular(ly gross)). Fairly amusing too, I felt kinda sorry for the European girls as they weren't being left alone. Interesting crowd at union parties, really. They had a hipster jazzrock (post-avant-jazz-core?) band with the prerequisite pair of hipsters dancing all "carefree"/awkwardly in front of them. Once we got back home Woosh and Angus had a wrestle in front of some American visitors after some Elton John karaoke, and we ended up with knees going through a wall and a door, and a brilliantly smashed mirror. Well done those men.

Next day, off to St Kilda to catch all three Back to the Future films at the Astor with Annie. It was pretty crazy, there was a Delorean fully kitted out (WITH A HOVERBOARD) out the back, and a costume competition which featured a guy with Nike Air Mags and a pair of Libyans in a cardboard kombivan with an RPG. Awesome.

Films were good, of course. They made a big deal out of it being the first time they'll be shown one after the other in 4k (... even though it's a worldwide thing for the Bluray release or something). You do pick up on a lot of little background things when you see them on a huge screen. Very good films, shame on you if you've never seen them before (*coughanguscough*).

Anyway, Annie and I made it back to Alfred st, then Wellsy dropped in sniffing after some of Angus's supplies. I crashed on the floor, then about 4am the rest of the household arrived home with the American guests. They were hammered. I believe there was a fris sesh on the street outside, and Woosh and Bennett were squabbling with the bread delivery dude at 5am. Poor Annie had to be up before 8 to go paintballing. Lol.

I've spent far too much time in the last two days in the library, though now that I've only got one more thing to finish I'm chilling out more. The weather is fantastic, and since we fixed our porch up (read, moved the exercise thingy), it's now possible to sit in the sun and study. So good. Christ I'm going to be so lazy this summer.

Also, despite my poor finances (eating cardboard, etc), got tickets to the Flaming Lips sideshow, and will definitely be checking out Pond the night after in their own headline show in Brunswick. Plus Cameras is finally coming to Melbourne. Oh yeah, and there's that festival in Werribee on Saturday with Portishead and the National and TV on the Radio and such. No biggie (well, slight biggie, since it's in Werribee and trains have to stop for maintainence early...). Found a pair of Massive Attack live sets (one partial one from last year with video, and one from 1998 (!!!)). Been playing them a lot.

So yeah, apart from the usual Thursday night rampage at Puggs, I'm hoping the rest of this week will be fairly quiet (he says hopefully).

Jesus... November.



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