Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Flaming Lips.

'Lo all.

I usually don't post if I have a big night out, which is why I haven't posted for a while. Benders are bad, children. Real bad.

So I last wrote after Harvest. Not much to report, really. Spent a few days in the sun reading Tess of the D'Urbervilles when it wasn't pouring rain. Loving holidays so far.

On Wednesday, Aiden finished exams, so naturally we got trashed. Hit James Squire's, then Bieros for lucky dip beers (stout... bugger) and 14% ciders. After realising the Exford was closed (and see T Benoosh randomly) found ourselves at Ness's arguing about music. Walked back to college with Aiden, trying not to disturb too many possums.

Next day, had a lot of free food to get rid of a hangover, then went to the Palace for the Flaming Lips. Jesus. Pond opened, and Paisley really does dance like Cameron Vale. They played a lot of new stuff, but we still got Annie Orangetree. Looking forward to their new album.

Before they came on stage, Wayne Coyne popped up and gave a disclaimer, stuff about strobes and such. Never had that before. Then the band emerged from a giant psychedelic video of a woman's genitals (not even kidding) before Wayne rolled onto the crowd in his space bubble. Again, not even kidding. Imagine the Beardman completely stoned wearing a furry thing around his neck strolling around a moshpit in a plastic ball. Then they fired the confetti cannons and two dozen giant balloons dropped onto the audience while the band played She Don't Use Jelly and naked ladies were dancing on the big screen. One hell of a start.

The rest of the set was pretty good, at one stage the guitarist put down his modded double neck (it's now just a single neck) and started playing his iPhone (apps for everything these days). Wayne was popping gigantic balloons filled with confetti with his guitar. Side of stage were hot girls in Wizard of Oz outfits dancing. We got The Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Song, Worm Mountain, See The Leaves, Race For the Prize, and a new one (apparently from the Neon Indian EP?) as well as a Sabbath cover. At the end of the main set there was this little noisebox that reacted to light, so Wayne was waving that and a flourescent lantern around making screaming noises. Dude in the crowd in front of us had a crab hat. And they finished with Do You Realize???, using soooo much confetti. Jesus.

Next time they tour, I advise everyone to go and catch the Flaming Lips. Trust me.

So, after all that, Ness and I caught the last tram to Puggs after avoiding potential meat cleaver psychos at the 7/11, then were almost rejected from Puggs by the new bouncer until Jake and Cara spilled out and distracted him. Made it inside to wish Tom Garry a happy birthday and singalong to some Green Day and Oasis (part of me dies every time this happens, which is why I'm usually too drunk to care). After pizza, the girls decided to keep going, so we all found ourselves on the South Lawn in the middle of Melbourne Uni. There was possum catching, races, and swordfights with Aiden's crutches. Shenanigans.

Friday was a bit quieter, caught Pond with Aiden once again. Opener was ScotDrakula (sp?), who were Black Lips/Sex Bob-omb shouty hipster rock, then Ancients which had a sorta Sonic Youth sound until the singer came in, which sort of ruined it. Pond themselves did pretty much the same set they did before, Sandman (one of the new ones, I think?) was insane though, and Paisley seems to have taken some ideas from the Flips with shooting confetti at the crowd. At one stage Aiden and I spotted someone in shiny gold spandex, who turned around and was a dude with a large moustache. Only in Brunswick?

Made it home fine, jumped on the train back to Sale the next morning after it was delayed half an hour. Caught up with the family, then got a lift with Pat through the rain to Bernice's. That was an interesting night, lots of drinking games and Rage, which is always good. Haven't caught up with Dayno, Emma or Cumpster in far too long either.

Next day, made my way home, got to drive around a bit, then the grandparents and Annie and her mum dropped in for dinner. Siblings delighted in finding someone else to help them pick on me, and Annie and I yelled a lot at Fraser about finishing high school. Business as usual. That night the Beardman showed off his new toy and we argued about music (and probably bored Fraser).

Morning after, checked out Diana and PD's new place in Wurruk overlooking a lake. Very nice place. They're doing well, which is good. Then some wandering around Sale after chips with the horde, which included pool at the Star and laughing at the engrish in the 2 dollar shop. That afternoon the Doyles and Travis dropped in (and I got kicked out of the spare room, hurm).

Then suddenly I was back on the train to the city, had a good chat with Nemo on the way to Traralgon, almost fell asleep somewhere around Garfield though. Back in Hawthorn, shenanigans were afoot for Woosh's birthday/end of exams party. I was enjoying a red outside when people started dropping in, then we played some fris in Terebithia. Somehow Collo had found half a dozen pairs of baggy fluro hippy pants. This terrified everyone walking past, especially when the fris was thrown at them.

Back to 102, Angus and I cleared the place up, then people slowly began arriving. We got very hammered. The shish and smoke machine were unleashed for the first time in a couple of months. Then we moseyed over to Nevermind to wait for everyone to get kicked out of the Hawthorn, ran into Amy again, then went downstairs as Angus somehow got about thirty requests off the DJ. The bastard, no one should know all the words to Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. The Woosh was booted after dancing on a couch, poor bastard. Crazy stuff happening at the end in front of Wells and I towards the end.

I found my way back to 102 with Thomas, where a game of soccer was taking place, and after we put the Europeans to bed/Woosh passed out on the couch, Baz almost got into a punch on with one of the delivery men.

Today was not pretty. I moved onto Far From the Madding Crowd, and started watching Community (get amongst it). Tomorrow's James's innappropriate party. I believe I'll be going as a sex offender (will I have to shuffle though?).

Must stop doing these massive two week long breaks between posts, November's looking very sad. Oh well. I wonder if this'll make it to facebook, since the bastards fiddled with the settings.

Anyway. Hurm.



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