Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Salefest again.

'Lo all.

I've been busy this week, otherwise this'd be up earlier.

So. Pretty slow week of uni, a little bit of rushing around. Can't recall many great adventures either, so I'll just skip straight to the weekend.

Friday's close enough? Headed into the city, tried to get a pair of interviews and got sheparded towards emailing a media relations person. Bastards. Saw the Vasco Era in Brunswick (OH GOD SO MANY HIPSTERS), and they were very loud for 130pm.

Next morning, drove back home with Steve, not a bad ride cept when we lost maccas on the way. Get home, the house is quiet, run into Kevin on my way out then get a phone call off a freshly woken up Fraser. I warned him not to come out.

Anyway, meet with the droogs in the chicken shops, have some delicious chicken shop chips, then we raided the bottleo. Two slabs and something nice each should do for six of us.

We headed to Pat's and proceeded to get smashed early through a game of boxhead. We were a little messy when we made it to Annie's and met the girls, who were still doing some makeup. So, off to the Star for beer and watching a band, caught up with Cheezy, saw some Bananas in Pyjamas and a lot of either overly made up girls or people who should probably not leave the house wearing so little. Since it was pyjama theme, Denny, Patrick and I went as pirates.

Went to the Gippy after that, I think? Had another beer with Cheezy but compared to last year it was empty. So, to Jack's for more drinking, saw a lot of familiar faces. I think we headed to the Star again after that? Things get a little blurry.

I've been having flashbacks for the last few days, I only remember bits and pieces really. Last year was a lot more fun, seemed to be busier? I don't know. Some absolute shenanigans though. I recall running into Emily, who'd made it down just in time. Had a chat to Meg and went Hayden hunting with Pat in Kas. Spent a lot of time in Ringers' outside bit catching up with Maddie Murphy. Annie caught up with Jayden, as I remember. There was a punk band playing in the Outback Bar that weren't bad. Ran into British and shouted an awful lot, somehow there's a photo of us up? Got caught by Alison and dragged onto the dancefloor. Brett Glover's band played Chilli Peppers.

Anyway, walked someone home to Annie's (might have been Alison?) with Meg, met Jordan's boyfriend, then moseyed home about two or three. Somehow still awake at 6, painful.

Next day, slept through everything, phone was refusing to work, it was raining outside and my bag was at Sam's, who was now in Melbourne. Balls. Somehow got to the station with twenty minutes to spare, and met Emily and Denny, got back to Melbourne feeling pretty munted.

This week was pretty painful, I'm a week behind in my media journal articles, I can't seem to get an interview for this thing due on Friday, and I had an in class essay today. I smashed the last one though, thankfully.

Lot of shenanigans going on here at 102 as well. Today, for instance, I was happily working on this article (... and playing solitaire) on the couch when Woosh, Bennett, Collo, and then Angus walk in, and all start working out. Wtf.

Tomorrow's going to be fun, going to check out a place in Carlton in the morning after banging on a few doors at the Port of Melbourne Corp's building, then uni and such, then Puggs because I believe I'll need a drink. Then after that, clean up article (and PRAY I have the interviews) then Cameron's in the city. Woo.



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