Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get Found.

'Lo everyone.

Almost two weeks. Not the biggest gap between posts. Still, since three people have called me on it, I guess I'd better get back onto it.

Haven't posted since just after Salefest, hell. My memory's pretty awful, I suppose I tricked you all when I was posting daily. Oh well, let's see how we go.

I don't remember much of Puggs week before last, apart from the fact that I was there. Yep.

On Friday I headed out for Cameron's birthday, that man has grown a very, very impressive beard since the last time I saw him four months ago. Met up with Aiden and Jake, found a very classy Japanese restaurant (huge line to get in) which had amazing food. Tried sake as well. Strange that it's warm. We took Cameron to the brewhouse across the road and he sampled a few different beers. Turns out he's a guinness man, wouldn't have picked that. Did an Exford run as well, I think?

This week has been ever so much, warming up for end of semester assignments. I have to motivate myself, getting far too lazy, looking forward to the holidays. Maybe not as much as the last lot, but still, four and a bit months of summer and living in the city with nothing to do (until I find a job...). Anyway. Uni and that (AND THAT!).

I'll be honest, I'm sick of critical thinking, once you get the hang of the week's concept you just smash it and then you're stuck in class for twenty minutes til they move onto the next bit. Professional Communication lectures are bloody useless, this week since the lecturer was late the backup guy decided to show "funny" youtube clips. Waste of time.

Did do an assessment in class for that though, smashed that too. Watch a cheesy Matthew McConaughey clip, rubbish on about it for three and a bit pages, pretty easy. I suppose I still have vestigial exam skills, in that under pressure I can fill up a page with crap quickly if I really need to. Falling behind on the media journal thingy though, which is bad. My plan for this week is to have all of them finished and a plan on the other two essays done, then I can focus on the group assessment and prepare for that. Then get everything else done in one big heap like last semester.

This week has been slow, I suppose. Puggs last week was good, I recall. ET believes Jake and I are now "part of the family". God help us, I'm a regular. Usual shenanigans, until suddenly a wild Denny, Emily and Matt rock up. Cool.

Next morning (well... lunchtime, but that's morning for me), catch up with Hayley over a coffee, then meet up with Denny and Matt in the city, have a look at the Occupy Melbourne protests (I'm sorry, but we have it pretty good here. Unlike in the States we DO have a good healthcare plan, we DO have an effective student loan thing, and we DON'T have a financial crisis to the extent they do. Stop bloody whinging you dirty hippies). Had a browse in the clean new Missing Link (SOOO tempted by a Queens of the Stone Age self titled), moseyed up to Thousand Pound as I felt like a toastie and getting out of the cold, then Matt left so Denny and I headed to the casino. There's a maccas in there, did not know that. Useful to know.

Anyway, we wasted some time shooting stuff at Galactic Circus until Jake and Pat arrived, then we went nuts, driving cars and shooting zombies and such. Shame they got rid of the pinball machines. After that, headed to Cho Gao for very, very heavy drinking after dropping Denny's bag off at Alfred st. We played the 4chan drinking game, which Pat had on his phone. Bad idea, I think. We need real cards, first of all. Once cheap jugs finished we moseyed over to the Exford for more drinking and enjoying the superb jukebox they have.

Somehow Denny, Pat and I made it back to Alfred st alive, they crashed on the couch together (how romantic). Fairly quiet weekend after all that, except for the hangover.

So far this week I've made a start on my assignments, still don't know what the hell I'll do for journalism, but we'll see how we go. Angus, Barry and Boxy did a raid on Toorak and Kew during hard rubbish night. So much better in the city. We got five desktops, seven monitors, two old clear iMacs, a wireless router, two dvd players, an xbox with Halo still inside, a set of golf clubs that's only missing the putter, and a walkman. Yeah. Shame pretty much none of them work, though Baz's Abu Shanking the computers into something we can play Age of Empires on, he just needs a Windows disc (or install program, no IDEA how he could acquire that...).

Also enrolled in next year's course, I'm doing communications and journalism as minors. Because that will definitely get me a job. Not looking forward to Writing Fiction as an assessable, folio class at all, but Cinema Studies might be fun.

For the rest of the week, if I survive Angus going nuts in Woosh's absence/Baz going on a murderous rampage because of above, Puggs and heavy drinking Thursday then working a lot. Which to be honest is pretty standard, except I'll be drinking more and working harder. Meh. Bring on the end of the semester.

That was a long post. Cheers to you if you finished it. I'd say I won't leave things for another fortnight, but I don't want to jynx myself.




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