Monday, September 12, 2011

You're A Woman I'm A Machine.

'Lo all.

Once again, I'm putting off my media thingy because I'm lazy.

What on earth happened this week. Honestly.

Sunday night I caught up with Claire, which was good, haven't spoken to her since her travels all over Europe.

Next couple of days were good fun.

On Thursday headed to Puggs with Bernice and Pat, had a drink with a freshly shaved and broken-ankled Aiden. Poor bastard. He's pretty much indestructible, despite how many times things have broken on him. At least this time he wasn't climbing on a crane... oh wait.

Friday I had a night in while everyone else headed to the footy, watched Geelong squish Hawthorn and injure Buddy. Baz was not impressed.

Next day, rugged up and headed to Bayswater to cover Woosh's preliminary final. Scary interviewing all the bogans. His team got absolutely smashed, 9 goals to nothing in the first quarter. Couple of good players though. So my project for this week is to write that up before Friday. Watched the Saints lose to Sydney at home that night over a few beers with Barry while Woosh went and drowned his sorrows.

Then yesterday, woke up early but missed the train still, got in line at the member's stand (which went all the way to Jolimont at least when I arrived), then joined Simon, Josh and his granddad at the MCG. They played Tame Impala over the speakers before the game, though that did little to improve how cold it was.

Game itself was excellent, after a shaky start. I mean, if you're eighty points up in a final, the other team is doing something really, really wrong. Afterwards, celebratory drinks and toasties at Thousand Pound Bend (sorry Bec) with Bernice and Jordan. Very interesting conversation. Wish the beer was cheaper though.

Today I've been lazy, slept through my first lecture so I went to the catchup one with Dean, tried not to fall asleep in the profcom one, and now I'm dawdling before I start this week's media thingy. Oh well.

Nothing particularly interesting going on this week yet, though next week is my week off and I intend to do only two things, which are drink and sleep. And, you know, head to Parklife to see Death From Above 1979 and Digitalism and 8 Bit Love and Nero and such.

(that rumour about Pearl Jam headlining the BDO next year better be right, and that rumour about Harvest getting cancelled better be wrong)



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