Sunday, September 4, 2011

Child Bearing Hips.

'Lo readers.

Yeah, yeah. Five for August, isn't that good. Can't believe it's September already.

So last weekend was fairly quiet compared to the one before that, caught up with Emily, watched some Black Books, got trashed, the usual.

This week has been fairly slow, we've actually got assignments that are due soon, and one that was due on Friday. I started and finished that on Friday. Oh yes. I honestly don't know how to do my journalism one though, seeing as I can't review a show, and it seems I missed out on Woosh's craziest game of football today. Hurm. I've got two weeks, I'll find something.

Tuesday 102 hit Nevermind after predrinking our way through a sixer of Belgian beer and two bottles of wine, and about thirty sausages. Angus knocked over a beer and sprinted downstairs before security could boot him out, and Bennett and Woosh almost got into a fight with a pair of douchebags. We got home around 3, chatted to Lauren and Wellsy for ages until Woosh and Angus came back with some new friends. Barry was not particularly impressed at them partying past 5am. Can't imagine why.

Next day hurt, especially when we had to perform in front of the class.

Got up way too early on Thursday and went to the city to line up outside Polyester for tickets to Meredith. There were so many hipsters waiting there, I saw at least two copies of Frankie. Amusing too that they dressed up so much to wait overnight. Anyway, the line went almost all the way to Swanston st, which wasn't good. Saw Sloane in the line, and Bec had some friends closer to the front, so she stuck with them and grabbed me a ticket just in case. Very lucky she did as well, as by the time I got within sight of the shop to grab a ticket for Aiden, they sold out. Very tense morning.

Thursday night I decided to skip the student union drinks to finish the profcom assessment (hurr), but as soon as I got home I got a call from Smellison and Jordan, so I headed to Prudence for a drink with them. Good to catch up. Also, not at Puggs for a week. When I got back, my roomies had just come back from the res ball, so I grabbed a suit jacket and joined them at Cheers (read, Ringers) for a drink before we figured it wasn't worth all the sixteen year olds and left. Wound up playing frisbee outside maccas at about 2am (until Bennett chucked Baz's frisbee into a drain, so he and Angus went up to the fourth floor and let the firehose loose again). Good night.

Friday was slow, headed into the city to meet George and Aiden, and George's new girlfriend Laura, who seems nice. Had a beer at the brewhouse place before heading to Richmond.

The first band, Kitchen Knife Wives, were alright, a little too predictable rock, but it wasn't like they sounded awful. Headed to the very front for the Fearless Vampire Killers, who definitely impressed. They had more of a retro sound, sort of like the Cramps, or Daijuku with vocals. Drummer was particularly entertaining as well.

The Vasco Era opened with Honey Bee, smashed the new single, and played the usual Hendrix/Beatles/Dylan covers. Crowd went off, except for some overly made up girls we kept getting pushed into. So much fun. Looking forward to their new album as well.

Next day, everything hurt, of course. Headed to the city again with Bernice, Annie and Amy, got seats in level one at the MCG, and watched Carlton miserably crap out in the second half to lose by way too much. Still. Next week is the important game. Feels good knowing I saw their first match of the season, and their last (finals don't count).

After that, Prudence once again, and my god the music! Strokes, Arcade Fire, BRMC, among others. Bartender liked my new Vasco Era shirt, was annoyed she missed out on the show. Jess, Jake, Shalee and Krystal all arrived later, so more drinking, then we went hunting for open toilets and "a place with a dfloor". Brief detour to maccas to commiserate with some Carlton fans, then off to Eurotrash. Crap music, but ten dollar jagerbombs... but ten bucks to get in... No, definitely not my sort of thing.

Off to Spleen to finish off with Jake, Bernice and Jess, had a beer, then they played Clint Eastwood (night=made), and Jess got knocked over by some sleazy dude, and got cut by a glass. So a hasty exit. Kindly security guard offered to boot him out for her though.

So yeah. Pretty meh week, really, but we're getting there. Next week, more Puggs, that's all I have planned at the moment.



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