Sunday, September 18, 2011

All I Need.

'Lo everyone.

I really didn't intend to turn this fine (cough) publication into a weekly thing, honestly. I just don't have enough adventures worth writing about anymore. Or at least not daily.

Plus I'm really, really lazy.

Anyway. Picking up where we left off on Tuesday, met Bec in the city for coffee supplies and breakfast, then a pretty slow day at uni. Baz made some quesadilas, and Shalee and Emily came around for a few drinks. After Angus arrived home with a dozen of his mates (all celebrating a birthday and ridiculously hammered), we hit Nevermind and ran into Amy and Krystal. A little random. After a game of pool against ze Germans at the Glenferrie, Emily crashed on my floor. Too drunk for a Tuesday.

Next day, crap pancakes, more uni. Getting sick of having to do theatre sports while hungover.

Anyway, then suddenly it was Thursday. Had to interview a random for the inclass assessment in journalism, my cunning plan to talk to the people in the student union office pretty much blew up in my face when someone followed me, then asked the first question and managed to get a far more interesting story than I did. Bastard.

After a brief, four hour break, went to critical thinking and smashed the test. Like, finished in about 40 minutes. Twiddled my thumbs for ten minutes while watching everyone else out of the corner of my eye, then figured screw it. I'd answered everything and answered it damn well, it was time for a drink or five.

So, once more to Puggs, where the usual Melbourne Uni kid were there, and Jake, Pat and Emily all arrived, as did Agnik, which was a bit of a surprise. Not a bad night, I suppose. Got stupidly drunk. Don't remember the pizza at Incy's or the taxi home, nor did I remember to grab my jacket from the floor on the way out... damn...

Unfortunately, next day I practically died, surprise flu. So I finished the assessment for journalism (it isn't very impressive, but it's something), then passed out for a few hours. Same deal yesterday, watched the footy with Baz that night. Very thrilling and ultimately disappointing game.

Today, Angus walked in screaming (huge night on Chapel st, apparently), then some of ze Germans came round. They're all at Angus's mum's at Mt Eliza after hitting the beach, so I've got the house to myself. Feels good, actually, played a lot of Radiohead, and now I'm watching cartoons on the couch. Excellent Sunday, except for the flu crap.

Hopefully it'll be gone by Saturday, as that's Parklife. Got a week off to recover, which is fantastic. Gotta find something to occupy myself with, I guess, but still.



(bonus bit, dunno if this will show on facebook

Greenberg - **1/2
Reminded me of Ghost World, in that it's about a whole lot of awkward people who don't really end up doing much over the film. Not bad, but not amazing either.

pretty sure I watched another film too, but oh well, I'll remember. Also, Tom, Pi is Canadian, it'll have to wait til I find a real dvd player)

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