Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just Ace.

'Lo all.

So I haven't posted in a week and a bit, still alive and kicking though. No huge adventures, but a lot of medium sized ones that to be honest I'm surprised I can still remember.

Tuesday was alright, made some new friends in media, then didn't fall asleep analysing an ad for insurance for single mothers in profcom (that name sounds so lame, why do they keep referring to it like that...). Thursday was good fun, smashed journalism (the joys of habitually checking six news sites every hour or so seems to have paid off for the current affairs test), then a hectic and thrilling three hours of critical thinking.

As customary now, headed to Puggs, caught up with Aiden, had a chat to a few people about Falls (still on the fence, but might end up in Marion Bay again... don't know). Somehow during Ryan's set every person who was there early in the bar joined a massive circle and started singing, apparently that's never happened before. Ryan himself was smashed, and we encouraged his friend to chug a pint, which the proprietors didn't seem to like for some reason. Emily, Bernice, Shalee and Jake all arrived, we drunk more and more, headed to Incys for pizza, then taxied it home.

Next day, not a lot to do, but Aiden invited me to an eating competition he was in, down at Sandringham. It was between three guys, they had to finish a whole 18 inch pizza with everything on it. Aiden started slow and steady, one guy started fast but stopped quickly, and the third guy was eating two pieces at once until he puked, and was disqualified. He contested this by asking that if he ate his vomit too and finished the pizza, he'd still count as winning, right? Then he asked for a spoon. He lasted three spoonfuls of puke. Astounding. Was referred to as Spoony for the rest of the night. Aiden ended up losing to the other dude by about half a piece (and the bastard still got the pizza named after him), oh well. We sprinted back to the station to catch a train back into the city (missed one by a minute, annoyingly), then Aiden and I stumbled across the James Squire brewhouse on Russell st. Nice place. Had a couple more pints at the Exford, then headed home.

Saturday was quiet as well, Bec dropped in on her way through, had a coffee, then checked out my room, had to give her Children of Men and Pulp Fiction (WATCH. THESE. FILMS). That night, once more into the city, chatting about Game of Thrones with Pat and Jake in the brewhouse over pool, then to the Exford where we met Aiden and took almost complete control of the jukebox (Portishead? Tame Impala? On a pub jukebox?! Most excellent (also lololol)). I think after the fifth pint we were all fairly trashed, and since the place was almost empty we headed to Crown for giant cocktails. Once Jake was too drunk to be let back into the bar, Aiden went to a roulette table and won twenty bucks, and we somehow stumbled out and found Spleen. Yes, Aiden, I may have accidentally knocked my beer over. At least I wasn't dancing with a fat dude like Jake's brother.

We then decided to get some food as we got kicked out of Spleen, so Aiden decided to take a shortcut which was not a shortcut, and instead an alleyway that housed a sleeping homeless man. A little amusing. We went back and forth between the pizza place and McDonalds on Elizabeth st until the sun came up, watching children's cartoons and laughing at passerbys wandering out of Wobble. This included the "Wobble Wizard" (said so on his cape), and Batman. Hilarious.

The sun was up but apparently this is no guarantee for the toilets to be open, so after Jake left Pat and Aiden figured that Fed Square would be the safest bet. Since it was all locked, we watched the giant tv from a convenient tent. I don't think any of us have found the word "spatchcock" so funny before. Saw Annie's boyfriend randomly, he'd been at Wobble as well. Very odd. We had another hour to burn until the trains started up again, so we headed to Emily's as she was getting ready for work. I really do feel sorry for Anna's bathroom after Pat and Aiden were done with it. Grabbed a coffee off Bec on my way to the train, the pretty much slept all of Sunday.

Not much went on for the next few days, just getting through uni stuff. Tuesday night we had five European girls over drinking wine, you should have seen Angus and Woosh's faces. They all got back from the bar at 430am with some French guys, which was amusing.

Wednesday night was movie night, some of the Americans came over, watched The Beach, which is a lot slower than I remember it. So similar to Trainspotting, but not as good, especially the soundtrack.

Then last night, after almost dying in my three hour critical thinking marathon, headed to the city and caught most of Guthrie's set with Bec at Gertrude's, which seems like a nice place. Guthrie was the Tasmanian blues band from Falls, they haven't changed their shtick much in six months, though the lead singer shaved his beard. After them were The Stoics, who weren't bad for indie rockers. Lead singer was either really pretentious or really drunk, and somehow the fact that he managed to knock over a mic stand and a monitor points to the latter. It was funny when he bagged Kanye though. The bassist was kickarse, literally punching his pickups at one point, and there was one song where a beer bottle was used to play a guitar. They had a trumpet too. Tempted to check out more of their stuff.

After that, Thursday night at Puggs, there was a battle of the bands on, with the winner getting a free trip to Ireland. Apparently I missed the first band, who were really good, and the second band's only saving grace was an incredibly hot lead singer. Ploughed through $5 drinks and pizza at Incys while watching a guy try to steal six bottles of coke for a "Prosh week" challenge. Amusing.

So now it's Friday. Planning on getting down, as naturally, it is Friday. Dunno, waiting for people to get back to me. Today's been pretty dull, did my washing and (shockhorror) shaved, so now I look like a 12 year old girl again. Hurm. Probably should have thought this through better.

Been on a Grinspoon run lately, been stuck in my head (worth checking out Just Ace on Recovery, they were so young, funny when you think about what ended up happening to Phil Jamieson), but I just got the new Gotye album (among other things, thank you so much). So much stuff to get through, just found Wolf Parade's first album as well, dammit. A little annoyed I'm not at the HiFi watching 8 Bit Love and Regurgitator at the moment, but I might end up seeing the Gurge at Falls anyway... Iunno. Sold my ticket to the Jezabels as well, though if their new album ends up being awesome might be I'll regret that.

Anyway, this week, gotta actually do some work, first assignment's due on Friday (and I don't really know what to do, though it seems easy enough), then Vasco Era at the Corner, then writing a report on that for journalism. But that's next Friday. Hopefully there'll be some more adventures this weekend.



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