Saturday, August 6, 2011

For No One.

'Lo all.

I'm definitely making the most of my holidays, no question.

Couple of boring days, didn't get up to a lot. Last night, grabbed dumplings and beer and heard all about how awesome Splendour was with Bec, then headed to Yah Yah's to watch Drunk Mums and 8 Bit Love, both of whom were pretty cool. Simon the drummer came up to say hi. Not bad at all.

I headed back to the station after that, ran into British and his friend Bree, who told me that I was now going to a party in Belgrave. Me being in my intoxicated state figured this was a good plan. So we took the train all the way to bloody Belgrave, then were told the party was actually in Bayswater. Hurm. So we got picked up by Bree's friends, enjoyed a few scotches, then when we realised it was not only pretty small (6 people and 3 dogs), but pretty late. After a Modest Mouse singalong, caught a lift back to Burwood, then British dropped me off at about 5. So an interesting, if not particularly productive night.

Today I passed out til 5. I don't have much to do, though class starts on Monday. Good to see Carlton win, as well.

Anyway, I'll post again on Monday, I suppose, see how this new semester worth of classes is.




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