Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Week Back.

'Lo everyone.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Exciting stuff. Proper plot progression. Semester two. Get keen.

Anyway, after all the adventures I had last week, this week has been slightly more exciting, thank gawd. Keeps me distracted.

Sunday night 102 had an awesome dinner cooked by some German girls, who were very nice, then I tried to get some sleep before class the next day.

First up on a Monday morning is now Media in Australia, which actually seems like a lot of fun. It's mainly industry stuff, which is fascinating. Seireadan is in the lecture, which is good, someone familiar to bitch about stuff with. He seems to be moving up in the world, welcome to facebook.

Then a lecture in Professional Communication Practice, which despite having the coolest lecturer/convenor dude, seems to be pretty bland. It's probably the most overall useful thing I'll do, since it's all about preparation for business meetings and adapting to new environments (professionally), but meh, I'm not much of a public speaker. There were a lot of familiar faces in this lecture as well, which is helpful.

Next day, journalism lecture. This was the most interesting to me, and it definitely seems the most practical, as the lecturer hinted that we'd be filing reports in every tute. So a lot of writing. He's got a sense of humour though, which is good.

Then the media tute, and there were three ex-grammar people in the class, which was weird as hell. Met some new people, bitched about the footy, tutor seems alright.

That night we had the internationals come around, after a few rounds of beer pong with Angus's mates. We got pretty trashed. At one stage I was hanging with some Germans in the Hawthorn, then I remember Mcdonalds, then suddenly I was watching Angus, Woosh and Bennett screaming You're the Voice while sitting around the shish with some Swedish girls. Good night. Massive cleanup though.

Next day was the prof-com tute (that sounds so lame...), and we got made to group up and do random theatre sports skits. So much fun, having to do this with people you don't know, while hungover. Tutor reminded me of the contexts one I had last semester, we'll see how it goes. Wednesdays have historically been bad for me, going off Tuesday nights...

Anyway. Today was the end of my week, thank gawd, journalism tute in the afternoon, met a few cool people and talked a lot of music with a dude who interviews Melbourne bands for a community radio station. Very impressed. Tutor seems alright, though he looks a little like Saruman.

Then this evening, double critical thinking. Was very unsure about this subject, to be honest. Alice, one of the ex-grammar people, is in the lecture and tute with me, so I suppose there'll be some familiar faces here too. But yeah, very vague stuff about the difference between an argument and an explanation. Best part is, since I don't want to have to go to an 830am tute, I've got three straight hours of the bastard on a Thursday night that finishes at 830pm. Straight to the pub, I'm thinking.

Anyway. Speaking of straight to the pub, I believe I'm about to head out now. Will post again on Monday night, I think. Not doing much this weekend except Children Collide on Sunday night with Aiden and the Melbourne Uni kids, I think.



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