Monday, August 15, 2011

Fifth Time Lucky.

'Lo all.

I'm calling this a warm up for the first "analytical journal piece" that I'm about to write for media. Sue me.

Anyway, directly where I left last week, headed to the city, met Jake and Emily, decided to check out Thursday nights at Puggs with Aiden and his people. I think it was a good choice, his uni mates are cool, the dude with a guitar played some crap that we could all sing along to (obnoxiously), cept he didn't finish (with Shout) til about 1am so I missed the last train home. After Aiden introduced us to Incys for pizza, jumped in a cab with Emily. Turns out it was the Cab of Wisdom, so we were treated to ten minutes of the cabbie's musings on life and relationships. He's been doing it in his cab for 13 years, apparently. Keep an eye out for him.

Spent Friday recovering.

Thank You For Smoking - ****
Got this off Baz, awesome film, cept Harvey Dent looks waaay too much like Jaime Lannister. Very, very amusing, moves pretty quickly, and the ending's pretty good too. I enjoyed how he got poisoned as well.

Saturday was fairly quiet as well, did my washing. Exciting stuff, un das. Woosh, Baz and I headed to the kebab place over the road and had a chat to the dude in there at midnight. Not sure why, guess I was hungry.

Next day, nothing to do since I was lazy, then trammed it down Swan St to the Corner. Nice place, really, smaller than I thought. Watched Damn Terran with Aiden while we waited for his uni mates to rock up, then DZ Deathrays put on the distortion and strobes show, which I enjoyed. Liking their new stuff, looking forward to the album as long as it isn't on cassette (!).

So this was the fifth time in two years I'd seen Children Collide, as I told Ness as we were waiting. They didn't disappoint, Johnny's shaved his head but still looks mean, if less like Kurdt. Was a row back from the barrier for most of the show getting squished with Aiden. He took a request for Amphibious when 90% of the audience started shouting for it, amusingly. He then had some requests of his own for the hecklers. He stage dived, let the audience play his guitar, and was generally a mental frontman, as we expected. Heath swore a lot. At one stage he jumped pretty much on my head, so I got taken back a few rows in the crush, then a circle of death started up. So that was fun. Once I got spat out at the end of Jellylegs I was right in front of a speaker, so my ears got blown out by the distortion from their last jam. Setlist wasn't bad, we got We Live in Fear but no Across the Earth, and still no Complacency No Vacancy.

Made it home alright, sore and deaf but pretty happy.

This morning hurt. Took me half an hour to get out of bed, and that was just to make sure my good alarm clock didn't go off and wake up the rest of the building. Media tute was alright, going over advertising and public relations, which is kind of interesting how they're all owned by such huge companies. Then a break for some subway, and headed to profcom in the fishbowl. I think I'm starting to dislike this place if only because the giant windows are so distracting. Still, it wasn't bad, we had the good lecturer, got to watch some suggestive ads and Star Wars. Subject material was stuff we'd done before, but still.

Get home, there's a buttload of Americans in 102 (who'd brought food) and there was streamers and balloons and crap everywhere. Turns out we were hosting a surprise birthday party. Cool, I suppose. Cept for the aforementioned media thing I have to read for, then write. So I didn't drink, might be heading to Parklife with Mike, popped some balloons, ate a lot of free food. Place is a mess, but we'll manage.

Tomorrow, media tute and journalism lecture. Should be good fun.



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