Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dylan Moran, man.

'Lo all.

Jesus christ it's August. And I'm still on holidays.

So, a few more adventures to report than I expected. Still haven't been up to a lot, really, but meh.

I did finish the latest GRRM book, and though some bits were slow and infuriating, the start and finish were damn good. Looking forward to HBO keeping Game of Thrones going until at least this book.

On Saturday, headed down to Ponyfish Island for Aiden's birthday. Met up with the rest, had a few pints, then off to Melbourne Central for more pints. On the tv behind us, they had Flash Gordon playing. Pretty amusing film, from what we saw. Eventually we got bored, headed down to Galactic Circus via a charity bin (Isaac found a large metal fan, cue lots of "hey man, cool down" and "I'm not a fan" calls from passersby).

Lasertag in suits drunk was clearly not a good idea, which is why I didn't suit up properly. The rest of the poor bastards had the shoes and pants slowing them down (and tripping them up, as Patrick doesn't recall). We didn't do too badly against a horde of younger, more sober kids. Then we hit Crown proper after some games of pool (and harrassing hot bar wenches/Jake's brother). Met with some of Aiden's uni friends, drunk a lot more once we smuggled Pat in (twice). Managed to find a taxi at 3am, had to jump out early so Pat could chunder, but we found our way back to mine, and he didn't puke on our couch. Well done that man.

Next morning, my poor roomies were a little terrified of this besuited, vomit smelling kid passed out on the couch, but he didn't die so we got burgers and ice cream (good for hangovers, apparently). That night, met Aiden and Emily at Ponyfish, then found the Princess Theatre.

Holy crap Dylan Moran was good. He started out a little slow (we get enough people making fun of Julia Gillard and the carbon tax, and they know more about it, honestly), but once he got going properly it was gold. Emily saw an old friend, which was highly embarrassing for her and a little amusing for us. Went to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow for another drink, but left pretty quickly as most of the crowd was 60 year old men still pissed from the football that afternoon.

Then Sunday, didn't have much to do, but Angus and Barry made some superb overtures at the orientation for the exchange students, so I followed them to the pub. Made some new friends, had some overpriced beer, and then somehow we managed to get like thirty people to follow us back to our place for more beer and pizza. Angus and Jared performed the nutbush for our amused foreign guests. We herded them onto the train station and found our way to the Public Bar, where we had a lot damn cheap beer. Met Wakely there as well, which was cool. Once that got dull, headed to Turf with everyone else. Jared managed to climb on top of a large piece of construction equipment. Unfortunately, he was considered too drunk to get in at the next place. Only highlight of Turf was a mix of Warp 1.9 and Guerilla Radio, really.

This morning we woke up hungover, and noticed that someone had broken the milk bottle in the fridge, which had leaked over everything. Right now, roomies just returned from introducing the internationals to the Hawthorn. Hurm.

Anyway. This week, grabbing Harvest tickets (if you're in, let me know now!), and catching 8 Bit Love with Bec on Friday then Carlton vs Melbourne (lol) on Saturday.



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