Thursday, July 14, 2011


'Lo everyone.

Such adventures I've been having lately.

Spent the last week reading Harry Potter, I'm almost finished, then I'm going to scream through the Game of Thrones books, since the fifth one just came out. This is my idea of a relaxing holiday, so screw you guys.

Hit Dracula's with the rest of apartment 102, since we had to show Tammy and Anna as it was on their List. It was enjoyable, I suppose, corny as hell and aimed more towards tipsy middle aged women, but still. We knew one of the bartenders, who gave J Woosh a fright towards the end. Questionable music choices, I'm not sure that Black Eyed Peas and Kings of Leon have anything to do with the "vampyre", but whatever.

We moseyed over to Melbourne Central after that, had a couple of beers at Cho Gao, then joined the horde at the cinema. Most of them were dressed up, we felt a little out of place. Bonus marks to the person who came as Voldemort in a swimming cap.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 - ***
Big and flashy, but disappointing. There's bits that just don't seem to fit, and they left too much out. Still, the beginning is fast, but then, that should leave more room for scenes from the book, not meh additions or needless slow motion bits. Oh well.

So yeah, not much to report. Been up at odd hours reading, which I'm sure isn't good. There's the prospect of further adventures on Friday night/Saturday morning, keep an ear on SYN radio...



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Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving me the most addictive show ever... 3 episodes in a row last night. Oh Game of Thrones where have you been all my life.