Saturday, July 16, 2011


'Lo all.

Strange how facebook works, just casually chucking these posts up when it feels like it. I'm tempted to disable it, since I can't control the bastard. Oh well.

So a busy couple of days. Sorta. Last night hit the town with Wakely, killed time in Polyester and I was sorely tempted by a Baths vinyl single, then we met Aiden at college and played some abysmal pool. Went out to Melbourne Central and caught up with Pat, Jake and Shalee, who seems cool. Had more than a few drinks (ten dollar happy hour jugs, fantastic), then Wakely, Aiden and I dragged ourselves out into the cold.

Got some free toasties and watched some of Le Tour at St Hilda's, then trammed it down to RMIT. Saw Jake and Pat on the way with some new friends as well, weirdly. When we got to the studio, an old guy was playing some hardstyle (interesting), then we took over. Over four hours, we waffled about upcoming gigs, bitched about Harry Potter, and discussed Le Tour. Took some requests (not the Simple Plan one though; any radio show I'm involved in will not be devolving to that level), and all sorts of random crap. Cold Chisel, Flying Lotus, Queen, My Bloody Valentine, White Stripes, Children Collide, ELO, The Strokes... Shaky start (which is of course when we had the most listeners, sorry about that) and only two working mikes, but still, it was fun.

We regrouped in maccas over hotcakes after leaving with Sympathy for the Devil, then I jumped on the train as the sun came up. Painful.

Collapsed in bed for five hours, then got up and made my way to the footy to watch Carlton lose to Collingwood again. Not that I wasn't expecting that. Caught up with Bernice and Emma, and now here I am at Alfred st. Still half asleep, I think.

Dunno what's going on this week, hopefully not much. Looking forward to starting the newest GRRM book, to be honest.



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