Sunday, July 10, 2011


'Lo all.

I know I said I'd post more in July. Things got in the way. Like lack of internet. Or obscene amounts of alcohol.

Anyway. Hit Turf the other Monday with Wakely and Emily, caught Aiden and generally got drunk. Not much else going on for the next few days, then headed back to Sale on Thursday for a run at the Star with the lads. Karaoke at Ringer's really sucks.

Next day joined the convoy headed for Seaspray. Terrible drive in. I still hate it. Was good to catch up with the girls at the campsite though, once Pat and I convinced Denny we'd drove past it. Had a few drinks around the fire while Pat devoured a watermelon.

Woke up cold but not covered in spiders, packed up quickly and ditched the girls after being iced by Steve (but I got the bastard back). Was good fun driving off with seven of us in our own cars blaring music as loud as possible all the way into Sale. Regrouped at maccas and met Isaac's girlfriend Amanda, then shipped out to Billygoat's Bend.

It was cold there too, I'll be honest. We climbed down the cliff and checked out the river, found some cool stuff like kerosene drums leaking black stuff and random tyres. Got pretty hammered that night, and nearly burnt through all of our wood.

We got up fairly late the next day and headed down the cliff again, this time for a bushwalk to some rapids. Except for the stinging nettles, it was pretty cool. On the way back up we thought we lost Denny, since he was behind everyone and hadn't emerged for half an hour. We spent another half hour looking for the bastard, eventually climbed back up thinking he was probably dead, or at least castrated. Turns out he'd climbed up a different way, but had neglected to tell anyone, so we found him sitting at the campsite making fun of us for being worried about him. Bastard.

That night, played some cards in Denny's panel van and ate a lot of mi goreng (comforts of home). I was exhausted so I crashed early, but I heard the rest having a ball playing a version of Kings.

Headed out pretty early the next day, got home and practically collapsed. May have gotten a cold, but oh well. I suppose I've had more fun camping (*cough*) but it was good to catch up with just about everyone.

Spent the next couple of days cleaning up the shed, I left a wardrobe full of boxes and a bookshelf with stuff in it, which isn't really much. On Wednesday, visited Pat for beer and Halo (which I still suck at, since when did they add jetpacks and laser swords?), Aiden and Fraser randomly dropped in for a bit.

Thursday, headed to Annie's in the Beardmobile with more wood for the shindig that night, met some of Annie's mates, then got chips with the droogs. I have missed the chicken shop. Hayden rocked up with a fat face from getting his wisdom teeth out earlier in the week, which was amusing.

Everyone nicked off to get costumes, so I headed to Annie's and chilled with Bernice and a dozen people I didn't know. Annie's new boyfriend is cool, good taste in music, and a couple of the others were alright. People started trickling in and we started getting wasted. Got a new pair of shoes off Emma (THANKYOU SO MUCH NOW MY FEET ARE NOT WET ALL THE TIME) and shedloads of lollies.

It is very strange walking into the backyard of a house party and seeing both your dad and your underage brother mingling with your friends. Oh well. Fraser's now got a notoriously bad photo on facebook for Patrick to edit, looking forward to how that ends up. I got dragged to the Star halfway through to help Jason and his folks out with trivia, I helped them go from fifth to equal second before I left (unfortunately they lost the tie-breaker). More drinking when I got back, then everyone headed to the Star for a bit (sans costumes, sadly Goku and Spongebob didn't make an appearance). We belted out Bohemian Rhapsody, got half the bar singing happy birthday to me, then the girls left. The guys stayed for more pool until last drinks, so we headed to Ringers. On the way we went past half the girls crying and shouting for some reason, which was strange. Either way, we made sure the city kids had a look at Ringers, then headed back to Annie's.

We were sitting around the fire laughing at the noises coming out of Bernice's tent for hours before it broke while she was in it, which pissed her off, so she went inside with Annie, Sam and Macca. Not enough room inside, Aiden and I thought, so we took off. Glad I got the shed, it was freezing bloody cold on the run home.

Next day, recovery, then dinner at the Star with the grandparents (we spend far too much time there). Headed home and caught some kids on skype, then once more back to the Star for some pool, then we got hammered at Ringers. I remember getting taken home by Sam at one point, so I must have had a fair bit.

Saturday, hungover and tired, went to Ocean Grove. Good to catch up with everyone down there. Beardman was in his element trying to get two laptops to work.

Yesterday we headed home and the kids saw Alfred st. Luckily the roomies didn't party too hard the night before. Still a mess though.

Since I burnt through all ten episodes of Game of Thrones last week (excellent series, read the book first though), this week I'm warming up for Harry Potter by trying to read all the books first. Barry reckons we're going tomorrow night. Challenge accepted.

Anyway, not a bad birthday week. I'll just need a week to recover properly.



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