Sunday, July 24, 2011


'Lo all.

I am trying to keep up. Four so far for July... I suppose it could be worse.

Anyway, busy couple of days (lol not really). I haven't been getting much sleep, and when I do it's at very strange times.

Thursday, was summoned to Ponyfish Island for a few drinks with Emily and Jake, we ended up at a Belgian beer place underneath Eureka Tower and had overpriced buckets of Belgian beer. And I do mean buckets. If my camera still worked I'd have taken a photo.

Then Friday, visited Bec's new house, which seems pretty cool. Met some people, chatted a lot about the Beatles, and discussed Meredith and Harvest (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET THERE BE SOMEONE I KNOW WHO WANTS TO COME I don't want to go by myself... I guarantee you'll have a good time watching the Flaming Lips, at least). I'm tempted to save up a bit and hit Meredith as well, even if they've only announced Icehouse (...meh) and Grinderman (OH GOD YES) so far. It seems like the most awesomely chilled festival. So it's looking like it could be a busy few months, Children Collide and DZ Deathrays next month, then Vasco Era and (HOPEFULLY) Digitalism and Death From Above 1979 (same problem as Harvest with that gig... but we'll have to make sure there's sideshows), then Meredith, No Sleep Til (they had some good stuff last year, sue me), and Falls, if the lineups are solid.

Yes, I can dream.

Yesterday I got up at like 5 in the afternoon, stumbled to the MCG and watched a thrilling game of football (for a Carlton fan). It was neck and neck til the end of the second quarter, then we scored seven goals straight. Eddie Betts kicked eight himself, Judd had at least a dozen assists, and Walker took an absolute screamer (which, as Bernice continued to remind me, I missed as I was checking my phone). To celebrate, Bernice, Pat, Jordan and I headed to Prudence and got smashed.

So here I am, Sunday night, not much going on. Baz just cooked up some steaks. Crazy stuff going on outside though. I do feel sorry for Cadel Evans, as soon as he wins the tour a famous drug addict dies and steals his headlines. And that business in Norway, jesus god. As a media kiddie, I'm a little morbidly interested to see what gets more attention, a singer dying or 90 people dying and forcing an entire country to look at their values and such.

Anyway. I don't have much planned for this week, though this time next Sunday I'll be at the Princess Theatre watching Dylan Moran. Not going to lie, more than a little bit excited.



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