Sunday, June 26, 2011


'Lo all.

Welp. Holidays. Feels good man.

Haven't done a lot. Run myself out of food, journeyed around the state a bit, chewed through video ezy vouchers. Seriously, it's fantastic, you get a couple, then they say "THANK GOD SOME IDIOT IS STILL RENTING FILMS PLEASE RENT ANOTHER ONE FOR A DOLLAR WE LOVE YOU DON'T STOP NOW".

(I'm sure things would be different if my internet was faster, mind).

The Adjustment Bureau - ***1/2
Enjoyable, I guess. Little too mysterious for it's own good. Lot of heavy philosophical crap skimmed over (I know this because we had to study the whole free will thing). Not sure about the hats. Meh.

Dr Strangelove or, How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb - ****1/2
Pretty funny for a Kubrick film. Actually fairly fast paced, though there's still some filler. I believe I may have to check out some more Peter Sellers movies, any other film geeks in the house with recommendations?

Tron Legacy - **
Giant Daft Punk music video co-starring David Bowie. It'd be good if you could mute the dialogue, I suppose. Also cgi The Dude looked creepy as all hell.

Speaking of movies, is the second Hangover any good, or is it just a rehash of the first? Meh.

Much shenanigans at Alfred st, as usual. Our new additions include a boxing rig on the porch, new flatscreen tv (because setting up the projector took too long), and a pair of internationals crashing on our floor. So the house is a little full, bit of a shock when I find that the bathroom I share with Barry was full of girly crap. Oh well. They're cool.

This week, need to catch up with some people, then heading back to Sale either Friday or Saturday. Will probably be going camping. I dunno, Seaspray just seems cold. Real cold.

Apologies for the lack of posting, two for June is my most pathetic run yet. I'll try and be a bit more animated next month. Even this post is pretty meh. At least I'm trying to keep up. I'm on holiday, dammit.

Also, realising you'll be nineteen in two weeks is fun. Mmmmrrr.



Monday, June 6, 2011

Pinball Wizard.

'Lo all.

Haven't really got much to write about. I've been busy, but nothing particularly exciting.

I managed to get all three essays done and handed in on time and they met the minimum word count without too much padding. Yeah.

Been watching some films, caught up with Pat and watched X Men the other day, been revising for today's exam as well.

Lots of shenanigans at Alfred st. Third nipples, drunken solo dancing to Eminem, bags of mushrooms errwhere... pretty crazy.

Headed to Simon's on Friday night, good to catch up with the family, was amused when uncle, father and brother all pulled out smartphones. Next day, got a lift on the back of Simon's motorbike to Buninyong (OH CHRIST I NEED ONE OF THESE), had an awesome lunch and chatted to all the rels, then got a lift off Jordan and Brian early to get more exam revision done. Things were loud back home, oh well.

Today, got up (relatively) early, found my way to Melbourne Park, caught up with Beth and her ever-expanding posse of psych kids, then went into the exam and smashed it. They seem to be a lot more relaxed than VCE ones, my phone was allowed to be off and in my bag, though I did need to show my student card halfway through an essay. All but one of the short answers was good, and at least one essay was passable. The second one was a bit too rushed. Oh well.

Came home, did washing, J Woosh was singing Backstreet Boys (surprisingly well). So yeah, semester done.

While I remember.

X Men First Class - ****
If only it didn't have cheesy dialogue. It had a lot of promise to actually say something about discrimination, but it didn't, instead it just threw cliches around. Other than that, awesome film. Good action, very funny, good soundtrack. As good as the (first half of) the first one.

Human Traffic - ****1/2
I'd like it more if I liked the music, but oh well. It surprised me, to be honest, ended up being a feel good drug film. Which makes a nice change to the Requiem/Trainspotting type of films. Would fit in well with Dazed and Confused instead, I reckon. Trainspotting's definitely a big influence, but yeah, happier ending.

Easy Rider - **1/2
I get the feeling that if I was high it'd be better. It just seemed too slow, especially the long, arty landscape shots. The ending was good, though the trip sequence felt like a music video. Meh, I can see why it's considered a classic, but that doesn't mean the whole thing is enjoyable.

Sanctum - ***
Definite sense of claustrophobia throughout the whole thing, which is good, but my god the actors and dialogue suck. Worth a watch either way.

127 Hours - ***
This, on the other hand, had a good actor, similar sense of tension (cept you kinda know what he does at the end, but my god the shoehorned in message sucked and let the whole thing down. I dunno. I'm always a little iffy about Danny Boyle films that aren't Trainspotting, his last three (this, Sunshine, and Slumdog Millionaire) all have similar editing things which annoy me... maybe he needs a new director of photography.

The Social Network - ****
Fincher. Good. Definitely made you think Zuckerberg was a dick. Ironic seeing Justin Timberlake as the creator of Napster. But yeah, managed to make a film about lawyers and computer geeks into something pretty entertaining. Looking forward to Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.

Think that's it. I'm nicking off for a couple of weeks, but I'll be back to go camping (depending on where), get wasted at Annie's, get wasted at Ringer's, etc etc etc. I hear Fraser wants to come down for a visit, god help us all if he does.



(oh yeah, voted in triple gay's hottest 100 albums today, somehow half of mine were in the industry top 100. Not sure if it's blasphemy that I put in a Funkoars album instead of a You Am I album, but screw you, I haven't heard enough of their stuff

Tame Impala - Innerspeaker
Drones, The - Here Come The Lies
Avalanches, The - Since I Left You
Funkoars - The Hangover
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Tender Prey
Pendulum - In Silico
Powderfinger - Odyssey Number Five
Regurgitator - Unit
Saints, The - (I'm) Stranded
Vasco Era, The - Lucille