Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hayden and Nemo's.

'Lo all.

Welp. It's May. Hell, we're nearly halfway through the year. Crazy.

So I headed home on Friday after squishing a politics essay. It's not my best work, but we'll see how it goes. Grabbed a coffee with Emily and caught up before the train, she seems well

Fitzroy street's looking the same as ever, sisters were arguing with Fraser about whether the footy or the wedding should be on (nice to see that Carlton won as well), and I made use of the free wifi. Fraser insisted on showing me every single application on his iPod. Hurm.

Next day, moseyed down the street with Beardman, again, not much has changed, and got some chips with Ryan. We saw Sam, who rode in on his motorbike, and Pat, sprinting in to get Tom a chicken. Ryan's plans for Europe sound pretty awesome, visiting trolls and reindeer in Norway and Luxembourg and stuff.

Headed home, grabbed a lift to Hayden's, and caught up with everyone. Patrick arrived with a spraypainted cardboard jacket, checked out Sam's bike, caught up with Alex Coy, lost a game of pool to Tom. Denny and Aiden broke out the helium, which was terrifying. After cake and group photos (ew) we headed out.

The Star is still a god-tier pub for us, we assumed control of the pool table and jukebox, and much singing along to Chilli Peppers and Foo Fighters occurred once the girls nicked off to Kas. I don't remember moving to Ringers, but I do remember losing a game of pool. We chilled on the couches in the Outback Bar, pretty dull really. I saw Cheesy, Corrine, and British, good to catch up with them too.

I think we hit maccas around three? We had a lot of double quarterpounders, then Aiden and I merrily walked home, avoiding coppers. Decided to check facebook when I finally stumbled into the shed, stayed up til dawn. Not good.

So, woke up after four hours sleep, said hi to Simon who'd rode down, then had lunch with the grandparents while my siblings tried to pressure me into cleaning out the shed. It's getting there, one more visit should do it.

Beardman dropped me off at the station, found Bernice on the train, we swapped stories about the night before, and tried not to fall asleep.

I got back to Alfred st, and Barry and Oscar are watching the Logies. They were not impressed. To be fair, they usually suck anyway. Instead, I watched Queens of the Stone Age's dvd, which was insane. Don't throw stuff at Josh Homme, he'll make a moshpit squish you.

This week should be pretty quiet, I optimistically hope that I'll be getting a start on one of these annoying end of semester assessments that are coming up. We'll see how it goes.



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