Monday, May 9, 2011

Green Calx.

'Lo all.

I've really been neglecting this. It's just a shame I don't have much to write about.

Last week... nothing particularly amazing. Went to class. Tried not to eat too much junk food.

I bought myself a new phone after a lot of buggering around, a Samsung Galaxy. It's basically the closest thing to an Android iPhone. Meh. I just use it to play solitaire a lot, the internet's pretty slow compared to the wireless on the laptop (when it decides to work).

Caught some people on skype on Friday which dragged out too long after hanging around in the city all day, then when I finally woke up on Saturday headed around to Simon's for food and painting some models with Josh. Watched Quantum of Solace again, it's a lot better without certain people (well... a certain year level) playing on their mobiles in the row in front of me.

My roomies have been having adventures. Barry got a hundred bucks for helping an old drunk man back to his apartment. The old drunk man also urinated on him, which amused the rest of us. Jared was up at 4am recording voicemail messages about Seth EFRICA (revenge for me being up ridiculously late the night before?), but Angus and Barry got him back through a poster campaign. I wonder if he's discovered the one on his ceiling yet. Or his calendar. Or his weetbix box...

I got a postcard today as well. Woo.

The rest of the month is going to be essay essay oral essay exam. I know, it sounds like crazy fun. It starts tomorrow. But then, once it's done, that's it, holidays for two months.



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