Monday, May 23, 2011

The Lonesome Crowded West.

'Lo everyone.

Monday night procrastination fuel. Oh yes.

I've been trying to study, I really have. It is frustrating when you're reading an article online and the last four pages (which are the ones that most relate to your topic) refuse to load, then the library site crashes, then the internet dies. Not very cool at all.

Still. It's not all bad. I'm about halfway through the first draft of the first essay. It's absolutely awful and barely coherent argument-wise, but screw it. The really fun part will be steamrolling the next two essays as soon as I've finished crapping this first one out.

In slightly more positive news, the presentation for philosophy went well until I mess up the ending, but I don't really care. I think I may have failed the unit as I missed one of the online quizzes. Thanks for emailing me, philosophy people.

Not much else has been going on. Played some soccer with the international kids, they're all awesome, not so good for a crap player like me. Spent Friday night at home trying to essay while watching Carlton lose spectacularly (TWO POINTS. 90 SECONDS LEFT. JESUS). Hit the op shop as well for the open turn on Saturday, found me some stuff for like ten bucks, including a pair of checked red suspenders for a dollar.

The open turn itself was good. Met Pat, devoured a dinner box at maccas, then got lost trying to find the right tram stop. Met up with a bunch of ex-Grammar people at college (seriously, the pool room was just people we knew), then jumped on a packed tram with a buttload of brightly coloured people, which I'm sure terrified the civilians. Got to the pub, grabbed jugs, won then lost some pool, then got down to getting very drunk. Todd Ripon led the band through Solitude is Bliss, which was incredibly awesome. The whole having a band playing good covers was definitely a plus, it beats hearing the same club tracks thirty times in one night (shame their horn-heavy version of Propane Nightmares sucked). Made some friends outside in the spacious beer garden, swapped some clothes, lost count of how much I was drinking once they took our jugs away. Pat, Aiden and an American started chanting a hymn, bizarre.

They kicked us out after midnight, so we went to maccas and almost started a food fight, then Aiden and I strolled back to college since we lost Pat. Crashed pretty hard on Aiden's floor after checking facebook.

Woken up by Pat returning from some wench's room, we watched some cartoons (FROG IS SAAAD) then helped ourselves to parmas in their huge kitchen. St Hilda's is very, very cool, wish I could have gotten in.

I came back home Sunday arvo, caught up with Barry. They'd all been out at another party with unlimited booze, so good on them. He told me about the crazy events that occurred about 5am that morning, involving rugby players and hospital escapes. Pretty gorey stuff.

Anyway, so here I am, avoiding this contexts essay because I'm sick of it. If I get the draft done tomorrow, I'll spend the rest of the week cleaning it up while reading for politics. Can't wait for my two month holiday.




Tuesday, May 17, 2011


'Lo everyone.

Not much to report.

Things are all blurring into one, which isn't good. I blame this both on my awful sleeping patterns and the fact that I don't really get up to much.

There have been many shenanigans at Alfred st, Barry, Angus and Jared all have campaigns going to piss each other off, it's hilarious. For example, last night when I got home all the living room furniture was stacked against Barry's door. Barry then got his revenge by hammering the bathroom walls with a basketball while Angus had a shower.There's also been mysterious girls dropping in at ungodly hours trying to rape Jared, and poker nights (I lost ten bucks, but I didn't come last). Angus also showed off his mad cooking skills, making us a shedload of stirfry with pineapple in it (?).

I haven't been up to a lot, went out for lasertag with Cumpster, Pat, Steve and Daewoo last week, and had a steak at Emily's. Got crazy smashed last night after Wakely found a bar that sold $4.50 jugs (also had a knife pulled on us at the pool table). I'm about a third of the way through my first draft for contexts, and am about to write my philosophy presentation after this. Got my first essays back, I'm a credit-average student (seriously, all credits). Not bad at all.

The classes themselves have been patchy, I've slept through a couple. This is mainly because people pop up on skype at ungodly hours. Oh well. Today in contexts we watched three versions of Rebecca Black's Friday, including the Glee one. Awful.

This week, and the week after, will be struggletown. Will be attending the Open Turn with the Hilda's kids and Pat on Saturday to celebrate finishing one of my essays.

So yeah, not a lot to write about, but I'm still kicking. Looking forward to holidays at the end of the month, even if I don't know what I'm doing yet.



Monday, May 9, 2011

Green Calx.

'Lo all.

I've really been neglecting this. It's just a shame I don't have much to write about.

Last week... nothing particularly amazing. Went to class. Tried not to eat too much junk food.

I bought myself a new phone after a lot of buggering around, a Samsung Galaxy. It's basically the closest thing to an Android iPhone. Meh. I just use it to play solitaire a lot, the internet's pretty slow compared to the wireless on the laptop (when it decides to work).

Caught some people on skype on Friday which dragged out too long after hanging around in the city all day, then when I finally woke up on Saturday headed around to Simon's for food and painting some models with Josh. Watched Quantum of Solace again, it's a lot better without certain people (well... a certain year level) playing on their mobiles in the row in front of me.

My roomies have been having adventures. Barry got a hundred bucks for helping an old drunk man back to his apartment. The old drunk man also urinated on him, which amused the rest of us. Jared was up at 4am recording voicemail messages about Seth EFRICA (revenge for me being up ridiculously late the night before?), but Angus and Barry got him back through a poster campaign. I wonder if he's discovered the one on his ceiling yet. Or his calendar. Or his weetbix box...

I got a postcard today as well. Woo.

The rest of the month is going to be essay essay oral essay exam. I know, it sounds like crazy fun. It starts tomorrow. But then, once it's done, that's it, holidays for two months.



Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hayden and Nemo's.

'Lo all.

Welp. It's May. Hell, we're nearly halfway through the year. Crazy.

So I headed home on Friday after squishing a politics essay. It's not my best work, but we'll see how it goes. Grabbed a coffee with Emily and caught up before the train, she seems well

Fitzroy street's looking the same as ever, sisters were arguing with Fraser about whether the footy or the wedding should be on (nice to see that Carlton won as well), and I made use of the free wifi. Fraser insisted on showing me every single application on his iPod. Hurm.

Next day, moseyed down the street with Beardman, again, not much has changed, and got some chips with Ryan. We saw Sam, who rode in on his motorbike, and Pat, sprinting in to get Tom a chicken. Ryan's plans for Europe sound pretty awesome, visiting trolls and reindeer in Norway and Luxembourg and stuff.

Headed home, grabbed a lift to Hayden's, and caught up with everyone. Patrick arrived with a spraypainted cardboard jacket, checked out Sam's bike, caught up with Alex Coy, lost a game of pool to Tom. Denny and Aiden broke out the helium, which was terrifying. After cake and group photos (ew) we headed out.

The Star is still a god-tier pub for us, we assumed control of the pool table and jukebox, and much singing along to Chilli Peppers and Foo Fighters occurred once the girls nicked off to Kas. I don't remember moving to Ringers, but I do remember losing a game of pool. We chilled on the couches in the Outback Bar, pretty dull really. I saw Cheesy, Corrine, and British, good to catch up with them too.

I think we hit maccas around three? We had a lot of double quarterpounders, then Aiden and I merrily walked home, avoiding coppers. Decided to check facebook when I finally stumbled into the shed, stayed up til dawn. Not good.

So, woke up after four hours sleep, said hi to Simon who'd rode down, then had lunch with the grandparents while my siblings tried to pressure me into cleaning out the shed. It's getting there, one more visit should do it.

Beardman dropped me off at the station, found Bernice on the train, we swapped stories about the night before, and tried not to fall asleep.

I got back to Alfred st, and Barry and Oscar are watching the Logies. They were not impressed. To be fair, they usually suck anyway. Instead, I watched Queens of the Stone Age's dvd, which was insane. Don't throw stuff at Josh Homme, he'll make a moshpit squish you.

This week should be pretty quiet, I optimistically hope that I'll be getting a start on one of these annoying end of semester assessments that are coming up. We'll see how it goes.