Monday, April 25, 2011

Children Collide and other Easter Adventures.

'Lo all.

No point trying to catch up with this April posting thing, I'll try harder next month.

So, last Thursday was Angus's 20th, much drinking and partying occurred. Met a few of his mates, one guy had seen Coffee and Cigarettes, so props to him. There was a bike helmet with a camera attached to it floating around as well. At one stage Barry walked in with a No Standing sign. Crazy night.

Then Friday, slept in late, helped clean stuff off the walls, then shipped out to St Kilda. Had a couple of beers in the Prince, blew some money on the jukebox, and got a free beer out of it. Then met Aiden and Pat, who lost a game of pool, and headed upstairs to the bandroom.

Young Revelry put on a very, very distortion laced set, so we decided to head to the beer garden to make sure we didn't blow our hearing before the main act. Missed half of Red Riders' set, I could have been more impressed. We met a girl in the pit who knew Isaac, and knew Aiden and Pat from his facebook. Very bizarre.

Children Collide themselves were insane, we were a row back from the barrier and went nuts. Lot of big singalongs, and they tried out some new material which sounded alright. Didn't open with Across the Earth, but oh well, they still included it. No encore either. Emerged covered in sweat, headed downstairs for 7/11 water. There was a knot of dudes all trying to hold a guy back, and another one facing them yelling. We turned around, and he pulled out a meat cleaver. Only in St Kilda?

While debating the merits of wielding a meat cleaver (not only is it heavy, it's also trickier to hide), three police tactical response units screamed up, and we chilled out in the carpark with Pat's new car. Aiden caught a taxi when the heat died down a bit, and Pat offered me a lift.

This was our next adventure. We decided to follow the tram tracks to Glenferrie rd. Naturally, as soon as they split up, we took the wrong way, then in trying to fix this, we headed around in circles. Somehow, we found a train station, but it was on the Frankston line. Go figure. Eventually, we got to Caulfield, found Glenferrie rd. The absolute highlight was "My mum told me not to go driving at night - oh, my lights aren't on!".

Crashed pretty hard, slept in too late, trains were running late because of holiday track works, so I had to wait an hour and a half for a Geelong train. Pretty quiet trip, Beardman picked me up, headed to the Ghurk. It was good to catch up with everyone. The kids are all growing up, it's insane. There were a couple of heated rounds of spoons, then the adults (now very intoxicated) had a "discussion" with Bonnie's friend, and tried to do mad trickz on Fraser's bike. Very, very amusing.

Next morning, got woken up early, Bonnie and Riley dropped me off at the station, met up with Emma and Jess, got some food, then grabbed Aiden and headed to the Carlton. Not a bad set up, stage in the carpark and bar around the corner. The bar tokens were poker chips, which was pretty cool. Since we were waiting five hours to see the Vasco Era, we began drinking heavily, and built ourselves a beersnake. Aiden contributed by grabbing all the cups he could find. Eventually it was taller than me, which was cool.

Headed into the crowd for the Vasco Era, managed to get right to the crappy barrier. Pretty good set, got a lot of covers as well. Lot of fun singing along to Happiness is a Warm Gun, was not expecting it at all. Decided to head out for more beer during Muscles (who sounded pretty bad), then dived back in for Bag Raiders. Entertaining set, but really it was just two dudes flipping samples, nothing too special. Jess made a couple of friends in the crowd who sprayed her with perfume.

Once again, we were a row from the front for Children Collide, though this wasn't good as the barrier broke during their third song. Even more intense mosh, two massive security guards waded in during Farewell Rocketship to drag people out. Like Aiden, for some reason. Shorter set than what we got on Friday, but still pretty good. Didn't die, made it out and got heaps of water, then watched half of Little Red's set from outside.

We went hunting for a maccas after this, ate far too much, then waited for what seemed like ages for a maxi-taxi. The taxi driver was hilarious, Aiden started telling a story, but the music got accidentally turned way up. Riley joked that all we needed was a strobe light. Taxi driver thought this was hilarious, so he pumped up the music and started flicking the lights on and off. Hopefully we terrified some cars that went past.

Crashed at Katie's after quickly checking train times (... and facebook), then up far too early. Half the roads in Geelong were blocked because of Anzac Day parades, but we made it to the station alright. More track works were going on in the city, this time at Southern Cross itself. Plus there were footy fans everywhere.

Anyway, here I am, back in Hawthorn, caught the last quarter of the footy with Barry (disappointing, Essendon), and yelling at my crappy internet for dropping in and out so much.

This week, politics essay, then home to Sale on Friday afternoon. Woo.



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Frontier Psychiatrist.

'Lo all.

I figured I'd better get a post in before my Easter adventures. I've been slack, as usual.

Haven't really been up to a lot, to be honest.

On Wednesday, went out for dinner with Jess and the horde for her birthday, caught up with British and tried to escape getting photographed. Our terrible luck with nightclubs continued, as Eurotrash said they were too full for us. On a Wednesday night. Go figure. Bastards. Ended up in Crown once again, British kept an eye on the cheap blackjack table, but there were too many people there. Ah well.

I tried to spend as much of the weekend as possible writing my sociology essay, since my politics one got moved back a bit. Finished it Sunday, just before Ryan arrived. We caught Gabriel Inglesias, who was hilarious, even if his warm up guys weren't. I recommend checking him out on youtube. The jager story was awesome. Headed to Aiden's for a beer or two after this, then get back to Alfred st to find a wild poker game going off.

I hear in the morning, after Ryan left, that Angus, Barry and co ended up at Crown, then walked home. Crazy stuff there.

Monday I cleaned up the essay and watched some of the Coachella stream. Now this is a fantastic idea (even if it did chew up all of my internet). Caught the end of the Black Keys' set on Saturday, then woke up extra early to see Death From Above 1979's "reformation" show (AAAARGH WOULD HAVE KILLED TO BE IN THAT MOSH), The National's raucously moody set, and The Strokes (... pretty much the same as what we caught last year, except with some extra new stuff). When I got back from class, Barry had hooked up his laptop to the projector, so we all watched Kanye West's set in the living room. He can put on an excellent big self indulgent show, I'll give him that. Did not convince me to go to Splendour.

Speaking of which, I am mighty disappointed by Splendour. I can't stand Coldplay, I'm not a Kanye fan, and I haven't heard enough of either Jane's Addiction or Pulp to judge them properly. The only band on the lineup that I haven't seen before that I would pay to see is Modest Mouse. Maybe DJ Shadow. The rest of the bands are either a) stuff I've seen before at BDO/Falls/their own shows/even One Night Stand; b) stuff I'm not interested in enough to make an effort to see, or c) generic triple j/hipster crap. Plus it's like $500 for a ticket. Add to that getting to Queensland, plus food, beer, etc. Nope. Second lineup might be good, but I doubt it.


Anyway, Monday night, headed to the Astor with Bec, good to catch up.

Eraserhead - ****
Slow as hell, noisy as hell, but who cares, it'll freak you the hell out. Kinda not as much creepy as I was hoping, but what we got was still very WTF. And gorey too, which was cool. As Oscar said coming out of the cinema though, it's more of an experience, and yeah, I dunno if I'd see it again. Still very cool though.

Yesterday, argued about Jersey Shore and the Hills in contexts (there are people who think it is real. I'm putting them on the same tier of idiots who think wrestling is real). Such fun. Fell asleep in politics almost, not good. Went to Simon's for dinner, again, good to catch up with him and Kirst, and have a non-microwaved or fast food meal. Watched a movie in Simon's mancave, got a lift home. I must head back there soon.

Public Enemies - ***
Good to finally watch this whole thing. It's good, but it does get repetitive and seems to go for longer than it should. Some of the dialogue is jarringly cheesy too. Redeemed by it's action sequences. I'm a sucker for Tommy guns, I think.

Today was pretty quiet, got up late, relatively enjoyable philosophy class (must be because I'm sleeping more?), and now I'm on "holidays" til next Thursday. Woot.

Lots of trekking around this week, tomorrow night's Angus's 20th, then Children Collide, then Moranghurk, then Festivus, then probably back to Sale for a night. Will post a wrapup afterwards.



Monday, April 11, 2011

Do The Astral Plane.

'Lo everyone.

It's worth noting that I began that last post with "I've been very lazy". Um. Yeah. No kidding. Pretty good effort, only getting 6 posts last month. I could say I'd try harder but then I'd probably get hit by a truck or something.

So. I'll just stick to what I can remember, it's been a while.

Rango - ****1/2
Yes. Loved the Dr Gonzo and Raoul Duke cameos. The dogfight with the bats ( bat country) was the best I've seen in years. The way they just included bits of all these other films says a lot about what people look for in a film these days (that's the media student in me fighting to get out), but it was enjoyable. Character design was awesomely messed up, though I'm not sure why girl-lizard had hair... Good film.

Jackass 3D - *****
I'm a sucker for this sort of crap, as you know. I can't imagine what actually seeing this in 3D would be like. Highlights included the midget fight, the volcano, and the swimming pool trebuchet (with extra wheelbarrow).

What else have I been up to...

Headed to Smith St to see Annie's sister Yelka play some music, she was pretty good, covered the Beatles, definitely worth seeing if you can catch her. There were two other dudes with guitars playing as well, the more rocknroll one was awesome until he broke a string and had to commandeer another one.

Got taken shopping on Saturday, DFO is not a nice place. One shop was playing Portishead, which would have been awesome if they did not want me to exchange two limbs and a firstborn for a pair of jeans.

And then there was the "pub crawl" on Saturday night. Typically, after suiting up (Brad's suit was awesome, just putting it out there), we decided to go out on the one night that was "no suit Saturday". Then, at the next place, some of us were not wearing leather shoes. Rubbish. I miss getting drunk in Sale. As everything started tearing itself apart around me (I'D ONLY HAD ONE BEER THIS IS NOT GOOD), pushed the horde onto Aiden's rooftop and went chasing drunks around the city trying not to get them arrested. It's a lot trickier than it sounds. I'm sorry if that pissed anyone off, especially that family in the restaurant. Anyway, once everyone was taken care of, and I'd finally had a beer (or five), we limped to Crown and got relatively wasted. Crawled over the road to Emily's, woke up still spinning slightly.

Uni's been hell, I finished my first essay yesterday after two days of straight work and a lot of procrastination. It's pretty terrible, I can tell, but it's my first one. I assume I'll get better. The next two which need to be done are a little easier, but the first problem I've encountered is that the library only has like two copies of the book that I'm sure every person in the subject is wanting to use. This is going to be fun trying to pick it up, might have to do some furious googling to get some resources that aren't from the seventies or something. Oh yeah, and last week in the contexts lecture we got to watch Jon Stewart on Crossfire. Awesome.

Went to the footy on Friday night with Emma and Bernice (I needed a night off) to see Carlton try not to lose to badly to Collingwood. We were told there'd be a band playing at the start, instead we were treated to twenty minutes of Collingwood wanking around, with an Eddie McGuire speech, huge arse flag getting pulled up above the big screen, and confetti getting shot at the toothless cheer squad. We did alright but some of the tactics in the first half were infuriating. "They're winning! Quick, kick the ball backwards, then we'll go back and forth a bit in their goal square! We'll lose our momentum but at least the Pies won't have the ba- oh damn, they tackled me..." Rubbish!

Commiserated in Prudence, where they played The Mercy Seat and Angel among others, and we got tipsy pretty quickly (if MCG food wasn't so damn expensive we would not have been in this situation, I'm sure). Emma and Bernice were very impressed with the place, and I was glad to have the opportunity to get smashed that night.

Anyway, so here I am on a Monday night, saw Tess on her way to Joe's, tempted to go see what they're doing since I finished my homework, but have not started these essays, so I dunno. We'll see. Wednesday's Jess's dinner, so it'll be good to see the horde. Not sure if I can make it back to Sale this weekend, but my adventures over easter may mean I'll find myself over there.

I'll try and post more frequently, eleven days into April and not even a single post, pathetic. Still, no promises, no doubt a piano will land on me or something. 2500 word essays aren't far away.

Hey, I made it through half a semester of uni without dying. Sick.