Saturday, March 19, 2011

Room on Fire.

'Lo everyone.

This week just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

So Tuesday, we got to watch and discuss Mad Men and Monty Python in contexts, then in politics half the room went to sleep because we started going over the constitution. Took Isobelle to Murmur for her birthday, she got a cocktail that had "mist" on it. Strange.

Wednesday was pretty dull, as Wednesdays go. Philosophy. Yay. Not looking forward to writing this essay at all.

Then on Thursday, it was St Patrick's day. My only green item of clothing was my Falls wristband, does that count? Either way, politics tute where we got to some engaging discussion between four members of the class, and a sociology tute that covered research methods. Such fun.

That night, hit the town. Met Isobelle and lined up for half an hour in front of a uni student Irish Bar while Aiden danced in the windows and sung pub songs. Finally got in, jagerbomb'd, then met Maddie and some of Aiden's uni friends. Rocked out to Paul Kelly, Johnny Cash, and an insane banjo solo upstairs. Consumed many pints. I left early after a car got stuck underneath a Safeway truck at the traffic lights outside.

Afterwards (piecing this together from Isobelle and Aiden's drunken accounts), they decided to visit Emma at Ormond. When you're this drunk, clearly an 8 foot tall fence is no obstacle, unless you need a boost to get up. Next day, after limping around, Isobelle found out she sprained her ankle pretty badly. So no epic pub crawl, disappointingly.

Friday, early sociology tute, where Andres and I had to make up research questions (made me think of psych. dull), then I did the washing. Woo.

Today I visited Isobelle, bought a book in St Kilda, and had beer at Aiden's rooftop with Jake. Underneath us, a film set had sprung up. Jake practically ran down the stairs, as this is what he's trying to get into. Turns out it was for an ad for Dunkin Donuts. They filmed the same scene of some hipster carrying a box of donuts getting told to piss off by some (gay looking) construction workers about a billion times. On the other hand, the extras who were standing around were very hot. It was pretty cool to have all this happen right on Aiden's doorstep.

Started heading home after this, met Bec and Liam on Swanston st and we chilled out at Murmur for a while, then since I was damn near falling asleep I headed home. Lotta bogans on the train, oddly.

Get back to Alfred st, there's hot dog buns falling from the sky that make a large bang on impact, and a large group of overly made up girls heading into our apartment. Barry, Angus and I were very, very confused. Turns out the buns had been dropping for a while, and one of the girls had come to drag Barry out. All of them were international students, and one had gone hiking with him today. So that was amusing, they all nicked off wondering about getting fined for having open bottles of beer on them. Angus then decided to head out to a party on Barry's city bike. It flashes when you peddle it. Wwwweird.

Barry then told me about what they'd been up to all day, unclogging drains and stinking out the whole house from the rotting hair they found in Angus and Jarrod's sink. Pretty disgusting.

So yeah, that's what we've been up to this week. Next week, Carlton vs Richmond Thursday night and Cloud Control Friday night. That's about it. Tomorrow's recovery and Rebel Without a Cause.

I've been watching far too much Daria, I'd forgotten how kickarse the soundtrack is. Next up is Full Metal Alchemist, I think.



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