Monday, March 14, 2011


'Lo all.

So here we are on a Monday night. My work is done for the moment, I'm rocking out to some live Interpol (from Lorne though, disappointingly), and to be honest I'm kinda hungry.

Lots of adventures to catch up on.

On Friday, after an engaging sociology tute, did the washing and hit the city. Naturally, the trains weren't working, so I had to suffer through a tram trip where some bored looking girl bitched to her friend about how she had to pay $170 for leaving her feet on the seat on a train. Sounds like rubbish.

Dropped in at Emily's to pick up her sister's books, said hi to Shona, we looked at Justin Bieber clips while I contemplated a 28 floor drop. Left them with Flying Lotus, they didn't seem impressed.

Met up with Ryan after that, and we went shopping for Isobelle's birthday, then hung out at the station laughing at people who missed their trains. A fight broke out on the Frankston platform (surprise surprise). Went to visit Aiden after this. We couldn't get into the Carlton (underdressed. Next time I'll prolly have to wear clothes), so we hit a minibrewery instead, which was good but expensive. Then we head back towards Aiden's where a punk band called Vaginaballs was playing, and for six bucks we were not missing this. They weren't bad at all, to be honest, though the vocalist sucked. We met a dude at the bar called Slayer who thought it was awesome that we were visiting the Pony, then Aiden nicked off. Met up with him outside Parliament, and met his harem of college girls, who seemed pretty cool.

Ended up in Brunswick st after a maccas run and much singing of I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked (...), so tempted to grab a pizza at Bimbo's, instead nicked off early before the trams stopped.

Up bright and painfully early the next day, got a text from Cumpster telling me to come to the aquarium. Sure, why not, says I. Get there a bit late, but I'm glad I went, it was good to catch up with Steve and Cumpster again. And see some goddamn sharks and eels and stuff, and this massive manta ray (thinking of you, George). Pat, Aiden and I went hunting for fish and chips after this (..wouldn't you?) and made plans for that evening. Headed back for a shower, watched some Dudesons with Pat, then back into the city. Up on Aiden's roof, we rocked out to Children Collide, caught up with Isobelle and James, and I think they ended up polishing off a slab of Fat Yak, excellent effort. Shame I had to nick off early.

Slept in til 3 the next day, of course. Didn't know it had been raining. Pretty sad, I suppose. Aiden and I decided to investigate the Espy, since the Vasco Era were playing. Unfortunately, they weren't on til after the trams stopped (bloody Sunday nights...). Still, it's a very impressive pub, the pizzas are cheap and delicious, we still saw Ted in the kitchen, and we caught Young Revelry, who are the band opening for Children Collide. They put on a pretty good show too. I think the horde should be dragged to the Espy eventually.

Today was dull, I guess, we're starting Plato in philosophy, and screaming through narrative in contexts, got to watch a bit of A History of Violence, which was suitably gory. I've wasted this evening doing things like readings and blog posts and typing up my lecture notes. How dull. Very keen to get onto the Strokes new album after these Falls boots.

While I remember.

Sunshine - ***1/2
Took a couple of shots to get through this, but it really isn't bad. Pretty standard Danny Boyle playing around with the camera, especially when he gets to the end, but it ends up being just a shinier version of Event Horizon at the end.

Gattaca - ****
Lots of piss. Like, for a heavy science fiction film about morality and crap, there's a lot of piss. Piss in bags, piss in catheters, pissing in cups, pissing in wheelchairs... piss everywhere. Other than that, very interesting film, I guess I'm a little late to the party.

Clerks - ****1/2
Hilarious. I gotta hit the rest of Kevin Smith's earlier films now. Very stupid film, and you can tell it was made on less than a shoestring, but still awesome.

Not Quite Hollywood - ****
Yeah, I thought this was a documentary about the Australian film industry with Quentin Tarantino, it's actually a porno. Not even kidding. It's interesting, but it really is mainly a porno. Not what I was expecting at all. I had no idea Australia had these sort of films getting released back in the day, no way in hell they'd come out now. Pretty funny though, especially the insane stuntman who did an 80ft dive while on fire.

Equilibrium - **1/2
Kinda disappointed by this one, it seemed to take its cues a little too much from the Matrix and 1984. And the awesome fighting scenes didn't really kick in til the very ending. Still, kept twisting around, and the awesome fighting scenes were awesome. Especially when a dude's face got cut off.

So tomorrow is more classes, should be fun. I'm all caught up now though, I guess.

Oh, and happy birthday Isobelle.



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