Monday, March 7, 2011

First Week pt 3: Electric Boogaloo.

'Lo all.

Yeah, I know, I got pretty slack in those last few days, sue me. I was "working hard", etc, etc.

So last Thursday I had my politics tute in the big new cheese grater building. It's very easy to get lost, as all the signs are new and wrong. I'm also quite happy I have no lectures in "the fishbowl", which is a lecture theatre with glass walls. Apparently it's distracting, can't imagine why.

Then an introduction to sociology with the cool lecturer, watched some youtube and laughed at (ancient) photoshopped pictures of mice. Go figure.

Next day was Friday, so I was up bright and early (relative to the rest of the week) for the sociology tute. Got to analyze some photos of ordinary people, including some Stepford Wives looking mothers. Met a Colombian dude who seemed pretty cool, and the tutor was pretty good too. I am glad we're over the whole "getting to know each other!!!" thing.

The rest of Friday was spent washing sheets, visiting Centrelink, and catching up with Ryan in the city. The bastard's got himself a job that could end up being very profitable for him, so well done that man. We wandered round a couple of record joints, then I caught Bec in Degraves st. Said goodbye to Ryan as he ran to get a ticket home, and wandered round some more before Bec nicked off to a BBQ. Unfortunately, as I drifted back to Flinders st, I found myself in a JB Hifi. Dangerous shop, very dangerous, as not only do they have most of the stuff the independent places do, it's also very cheap. Walked out with Rated R and a Nick Cave dvd. I was... celebrating the end of the first week.

So Saturday, I dropped into Isobelle's work (forgot to get a photo of the bloody poster! Goddamn!) then hung out with Patrick. We went shopping on Bridge rd as he needed new jeans, and the guy overcharged me for one shirt by $360, which he sheepishly handed me as cash. Weird. Headed back to my place, where Pat was impressed except for the smell (it's gotten worse since, Angus is spraypainting), and we played some pool, which was surprisingly free.

Then I visited Pat's and had a few beers with his housemates, who seem cool, and walked back through Deakin to catch a late tram. Definitely a lot of fun after half a dozen beers, and I would do it again *cough*.

Suddenly it was Sunday, and I went down to Jordanville to visit Annie's new place, and get some supplies off Beardman who'd taken all her stuff down in the Beardmobile. I can call him Beardman once again as well. Caught up with Annie, sounds like Deakin's definitely a lot more fun that Swinburne, then went back into the city after swapping like four trains at Burnley to get home first. Rubbish.

Back in the CBD, there was a Greek festival on Lonsdale st with rides and stuff, picked up some Yaks and visited Aiden's apartment. He and Patrick were slowly getting through Joe's slab of Hahns on the roof, which was very cool. Aiden's clearly had the best adventures out of all of us so far (Naked Isaac seems to have nothing on what goes on at Melbourne's O camp...) We got fairly drunk then decided to head down for chinese. In hindsight, probably not the best idea, but we kept an eye on Pat before he knocked any signs down on the walk back. Got a train home and tried for an early night.

This morning I accidentally slept in for an hour, then when I got out of the shower Jarrod and his mate burnt their breakfast enough to set off the smoke alarms, which sent the Unilodge people running and annoyed damn near everyone else. Barry noticed they were giving away free chocolate milk down the road, which was cool.

Second philosophy lecture was slightly more interesting, we're off Sartre and into Socrates, who to be honest sounds a bit pompous and wanky, but oh well. Back home for phat meegz and more Daria (cheers Isobelle), then off to the contexts lecture. Got to watch the Simpsons and make fun of Twilight, and made friends with a dude called Sheridan. Pretty good.

Got home again, kinda bored, so I signed up at Video Ezy, seven weeklies for ten bucks, most excellent. Got some catching up to do movie wise, I think.

12 Monkeys - ***1/2
A little predictable, you can see how it all ends towards the very beginning if you pay attention. Was not impressed with Brad Pitt's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest impression. It was definitely a Terry Gilliam film as well, there were parts in the "future" which seemed a little Pythonesque, and it was also easy to see the progression from this to Fear and Loathing. Still, not a bad dystopian film.

Event Horizon - ****
This one was a lot of fun, genuine body horror, kinda rare to see these days. Also liked the overt Chaos references. Little cheesy towards the start, but still. Not a bad film at all.

Next up is Sunshine, which should be similar (that's why I rented it out).

Anyway, tomorrow is contexts tute and politics lecture, then I think I might check out the Kesha (ke$ha?) tribute night at the Hawthorn... not.



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