Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cloud Control and other adventures.

'Lo everyone.

I've been very, very lazy.

Did next to nothing last Sunday, as I was stricken by the flu. Isaac and Hayden dropped in, which was cool. Sounds like they're having the time of their lives at Monash.

Monday was not fun. Philosophy was contradicting everything we'd learnt the previous week, and contexts was this wanking around about how some people prefer to write. Not particularly useful, but oh well.

Rebel Without a Cause - ***
It's meant to be this big thing, but to be honest if it got released today it'd go right next to Machete, Hobo With A Shotgun, Planet Terror, and Black Dynamite. Basically just a vehicle for James Dean to look cool. There was a lot more blood, death, and gay undertones than I was expecting for a film from the fifties. Still, it wasn't awful, not a bad ride.

Tuesday was still not fun, contexts tute was more "how to write" but nothing particularly practical, and dissecting James Dean's coolness, then a politics lecture which bored almost everyone to tears, unfortunately. The lecturer's very animated, at least, even if the subject matter's a bit dull.

That night I headed to the Hawthorn with Bernice and Emily, where we drank beer and danced to a Fatboy Slim/Fatman Scoop mashup. Was not amused, to be honest. The promised free Wizz Fizz was not in abundance.

Then Wednesday I slept in for too long, still caught my philosophy tute after almost getting lost. First time I contributed in class too, woot. Can't remember doing anything else of value that day. Meh. Next day was a bit more eventful, politics tute where we argued about euthanasia and a guest sociology lecturer who went on about Marxism a bit too much.

Off to the MCG, run around in circles getting into the member's stand from Richmond station then finding Bernice amongst the proles, but it was a good game. We were winning early, but Richmond fought back. Fourth quarter was excellent, Judd kicked a goal or two and we got ahead by twenty points. Was good to be in the crowd, looking forward to checking out more games this year.

Friday (Friday, Friday...) nearly overslept, rushed to my sociology tute, made it just in time. Had to debate whether society was improving or not. Pretty obvious. Then a test, I know I got at least 8 out of 10.

Headed to the city after doing my washing to go shopping with Bernice, found a couple of band shirts in Retro Star (*pukes* SO OVERPRICED) which looked like they'd fit a pair of twigs, then some shiny things on Bourke street. Rushed home and back again, met up with Bec, and hung around in Fed Square discussing the comedy festival til Bec's mates rocked up. Dinner in Beer Deluxe (Good god the beer menu is awesome, gotta try an Epic Armageddon among others), then headed across the road (dodging trams) to the Forum.

To start with, it's an impressive theatre, lots of statues and crap next to the stage. The opening act was Fishing, and it was pretty standard two-hipsters-with-samplers making the floor vibrate. Very Avalanches-ey, or a more dancey Emancipator. They seemed happy to be there, at least.

Next up was Jinja Safari. It was like they just added some bongos and an extra drum to some pretty standard indie pop. The percussionist, who was right in front of us, appeared to be on some sort of stimulant. The guitarist attempted a massive jump across the stage and unplugged his guitar, so he spent half of the next song trying to figure out where it went. Anyway, the music was pretty meh, and the band themselves seemed to be trying too hard, especially the Flea-esque bongo drummer. I wasn't that impressed. They were redeemed somewhat when the guitarist jumped off the stage and started climbing around the statues and stuff, and a sitar being swung around towards the end.

The thing about Cloud Control that hooked me, apart from their ridiculous catchiness, was that when I saw them live at Falls every now and then they'd just tear up the stage, even if it was just one guitar solo. So I kind of spent the whole of their set waiting for them to let loose a bit, kick one pedal and start rocking out instead of sticking to the jangly pop script. There were good singalongs, particularly Ghost Story, which they opened with, but during the acoustic bits with just Heidi and Alastair singing they seemed a bit off key. We got a School of Seven Bells cover in the encore with Fishing manning the laptops, and The Rolling Stone in particular gave off some awesome Tame Impala-y psych out vibes. Towards the end Alastair seemed to find a fuzz pedal that added a bit of grunginess, which was excellent.

So yeah, a good show, finished off with a massive There's Nothing in the Water featuring people on shoulders infuriating the security guards.

Afterwards, followed Bec to a bar for a beer, then went all the way across the city to try and get into another one, but we would be paying for five minutes worth. Meh.

Suddenly it was the weekend, and once again I slept through my alarms and almost panicked when the train into the city was running late. Said hi to Pat and Aiden, who were heading out to play some pool (since there was no pacman), and suffered through a horde of bogans on the train. Walked home, saw Meg, Louise, and Brad, and had a coffee with Bernard and Pa. The Beardman's Epic Beard is back. Sisters were very excited about the Queens of the Stone Age and Daft Punk gear, though the Daft Punk one was a bit too big. Caught Emerald absent mindedly singing along to It Is Not Meant To Be (sitting around smoking weed... oh dear). They did whinge to me that all their friends listen to Kesha, "no one knows Tame Impala!".

Fraser's barely changed, I'm still getting a running commentary on facebook about his bogan mates, and he's keen to head to the city to drink beer with Pat, Aiden and Jake. Beardman seems to be doing alright as well, he hasn't torn out his hair yet. The shed's a mess, but when isn't it.

Decided to go for a drive after dinner, visited Isobelle and the Mardi Gras, and dropped Fraser at the Relay for Life. Gawd, it's been two years since we suffered through that bastard. So cold!

Natural Born Killers - ****
"I know. Let's satirize serial killers and the media. But instead of doing it funny, let's do it extra violent. And instead of filming it conventionally, let's make every angle skewed and flick between black and white and colour, and cartoons!" STOP DOING THIS. The creepy montages were cool, and the big prison riot at the end. It was difficult to take seriously.

Today I got up late and missed the relatives, then headed down the street for chips with Denny, Kelly and Ryan. It was good to catch up with them properly, stay in the loop, and talk pokemon (of all things...). Ended up in maccas discussing the merits of jumping into the playground to get a happy meal toy that ended up under the slide over mcdoubles.

Cleaned out a bit more of the shed, then raced to the station, finished Sartre's Nausea on the way. It's a little whiny but still pretty interesting.

Got back late, jammed on a train back to Alfred st with all the Grand Prix fans, and Jarred tells me that a train got hit by a car in Hawthorn just before. Lucky it wasn't mine.

So this week will be reading and writing and studying and oh god save me. Then Isobelle's pub crawl on the Saturday. Something to look forward to.

(if anyone managed to sit through all of that, you get a gold star. my fault for being lazy)



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