Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anyone's Ghost.

'Lo all.

Not quite dead, just pissed off with the fragile wireless. Indeed, throughout this post you should be picturing me screaming and throwing computer at the wall. Once I get unrestricted cable internet again things will be better (cheers Beardman for the network card and stuff).

So, not too much to report on, to be honest. Tuesday was the contexts tute, where we argued about Lady Gaga and ads for clothing labels that seemed to be advocating gay rape. Then the politics lecture with Beth and her friend, going over libertarianism, suddenly Teabaggers and Ron Paul seem more dangerous and stupid.

Wednesday was another sleepless run to philosophy. I think I'm in over my head. Still, I suppose Socrates, despite being a bit of a bastard, was kind of interesting. Checked out the Astor with Bec and her friends that night, $9 double feature, so, so cool.

When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors - ***1/2
We missed the start, disappointingly, but the rest was pretty good. Killer soundtrack, funnily enough. Johnny Depp narrating as well. Did like all the concert footage, not so much Jim Morrison posing at the camera on a rock or swimming or driving around, but oh well. Worth checking out if you like The Doors, obviously.

Got Exit Through the Gift Shop as well, which was hilarious. Screwed with Bec and Sean's heads though.

What are we up to... today I had the politics tute, we got let out early because we understood all the Aussie values stuff that we'd done at high school, then the sociology lecture. This is getting interesting, looking at theories (basically Karl Marx). Headed out for a coffee with Isobelle, and tomorrow I gotta catch up with Emily (ten million thankyous to your sister as well) and Ryan in the city. Not anti-social just yet.

But before all this fun stuff, tomorrow's also sociology tute, and I can't do the readings as they're all sold out of books, and then it's time to do the washing. Joy. This weekend will also be rocking out at the Espy with Bunny Munroe, Young Revelry, and Vasco Era once again, which should be awesome.

(still wishing I could see Pulled Apart by Horses and Guthrie, but oh well)



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