Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cloud Control and other adventures.

'Lo everyone.

I've been very, very lazy.

Did next to nothing last Sunday, as I was stricken by the flu. Isaac and Hayden dropped in, which was cool. Sounds like they're having the time of their lives at Monash.

Monday was not fun. Philosophy was contradicting everything we'd learnt the previous week, and contexts was this wanking around about how some people prefer to write. Not particularly useful, but oh well.

Rebel Without a Cause - ***
It's meant to be this big thing, but to be honest if it got released today it'd go right next to Machete, Hobo With A Shotgun, Planet Terror, and Black Dynamite. Basically just a vehicle for James Dean to look cool. There was a lot more blood, death, and gay undertones than I was expecting for a film from the fifties. Still, it wasn't awful, not a bad ride.

Tuesday was still not fun, contexts tute was more "how to write" but nothing particularly practical, and dissecting James Dean's coolness, then a politics lecture which bored almost everyone to tears, unfortunately. The lecturer's very animated, at least, even if the subject matter's a bit dull.

That night I headed to the Hawthorn with Bernice and Emily, where we drank beer and danced to a Fatboy Slim/Fatman Scoop mashup. Was not amused, to be honest. The promised free Wizz Fizz was not in abundance.

Then Wednesday I slept in for too long, still caught my philosophy tute after almost getting lost. First time I contributed in class too, woot. Can't remember doing anything else of value that day. Meh. Next day was a bit more eventful, politics tute where we argued about euthanasia and a guest sociology lecturer who went on about Marxism a bit too much.

Off to the MCG, run around in circles getting into the member's stand from Richmond station then finding Bernice amongst the proles, but it was a good game. We were winning early, but Richmond fought back. Fourth quarter was excellent, Judd kicked a goal or two and we got ahead by twenty points. Was good to be in the crowd, looking forward to checking out more games this year.

Friday (Friday, Friday...) nearly overslept, rushed to my sociology tute, made it just in time. Had to debate whether society was improving or not. Pretty obvious. Then a test, I know I got at least 8 out of 10.

Headed to the city after doing my washing to go shopping with Bernice, found a couple of band shirts in Retro Star (*pukes* SO OVERPRICED) which looked like they'd fit a pair of twigs, then some shiny things on Bourke street. Rushed home and back again, met up with Bec, and hung around in Fed Square discussing the comedy festival til Bec's mates rocked up. Dinner in Beer Deluxe (Good god the beer menu is awesome, gotta try an Epic Armageddon among others), then headed across the road (dodging trams) to the Forum.

To start with, it's an impressive theatre, lots of statues and crap next to the stage. The opening act was Fishing, and it was pretty standard two-hipsters-with-samplers making the floor vibrate. Very Avalanches-ey, or a more dancey Emancipator. They seemed happy to be there, at least.

Next up was Jinja Safari. It was like they just added some bongos and an extra drum to some pretty standard indie pop. The percussionist, who was right in front of us, appeared to be on some sort of stimulant. The guitarist attempted a massive jump across the stage and unplugged his guitar, so he spent half of the next song trying to figure out where it went. Anyway, the music was pretty meh, and the band themselves seemed to be trying too hard, especially the Flea-esque bongo drummer. I wasn't that impressed. They were redeemed somewhat when the guitarist jumped off the stage and started climbing around the statues and stuff, and a sitar being swung around towards the end.

The thing about Cloud Control that hooked me, apart from their ridiculous catchiness, was that when I saw them live at Falls every now and then they'd just tear up the stage, even if it was just one guitar solo. So I kind of spent the whole of their set waiting for them to let loose a bit, kick one pedal and start rocking out instead of sticking to the jangly pop script. There were good singalongs, particularly Ghost Story, which they opened with, but during the acoustic bits with just Heidi and Alastair singing they seemed a bit off key. We got a School of Seven Bells cover in the encore with Fishing manning the laptops, and The Rolling Stone in particular gave off some awesome Tame Impala-y psych out vibes. Towards the end Alastair seemed to find a fuzz pedal that added a bit of grunginess, which was excellent.

So yeah, a good show, finished off with a massive There's Nothing in the Water featuring people on shoulders infuriating the security guards.

Afterwards, followed Bec to a bar for a beer, then went all the way across the city to try and get into another one, but we would be paying for five minutes worth. Meh.

Suddenly it was the weekend, and once again I slept through my alarms and almost panicked when the train into the city was running late. Said hi to Pat and Aiden, who were heading out to play some pool (since there was no pacman), and suffered through a horde of bogans on the train. Walked home, saw Meg, Louise, and Brad, and had a coffee with Bernard and Pa. The Beardman's Epic Beard is back. Sisters were very excited about the Queens of the Stone Age and Daft Punk gear, though the Daft Punk one was a bit too big. Caught Emerald absent mindedly singing along to It Is Not Meant To Be (sitting around smoking weed... oh dear). They did whinge to me that all their friends listen to Kesha, "no one knows Tame Impala!".

Fraser's barely changed, I'm still getting a running commentary on facebook about his bogan mates, and he's keen to head to the city to drink beer with Pat, Aiden and Jake. Beardman seems to be doing alright as well, he hasn't torn out his hair yet. The shed's a mess, but when isn't it.

Decided to go for a drive after dinner, visited Isobelle and the Mardi Gras, and dropped Fraser at the Relay for Life. Gawd, it's been two years since we suffered through that bastard. So cold!

Natural Born Killers - ****
"I know. Let's satirize serial killers and the media. But instead of doing it funny, let's do it extra violent. And instead of filming it conventionally, let's make every angle skewed and flick between black and white and colour, and cartoons!" STOP DOING THIS. The creepy montages were cool, and the big prison riot at the end. It was difficult to take seriously.

Today I got up late and missed the relatives, then headed down the street for chips with Denny, Kelly and Ryan. It was good to catch up with them properly, stay in the loop, and talk pokemon (of all things...). Ended up in maccas discussing the merits of jumping into the playground to get a happy meal toy that ended up under the slide over mcdoubles.

Cleaned out a bit more of the shed, then raced to the station, finished Sartre's Nausea on the way. It's a little whiny but still pretty interesting.

Got back late, jammed on a train back to Alfred st with all the Grand Prix fans, and Jarred tells me that a train got hit by a car in Hawthorn just before. Lucky it wasn't mine.

So this week will be reading and writing and studying and oh god save me. Then Isobelle's pub crawl on the Saturday. Something to look forward to.

(if anyone managed to sit through all of that, you get a gold star. my fault for being lazy)



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Room on Fire.

'Lo everyone.

This week just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

So Tuesday, we got to watch and discuss Mad Men and Monty Python in contexts, then in politics half the room went to sleep because we started going over the constitution. Took Isobelle to Murmur for her birthday, she got a cocktail that had "mist" on it. Strange.

Wednesday was pretty dull, as Wednesdays go. Philosophy. Yay. Not looking forward to writing this essay at all.

Then on Thursday, it was St Patrick's day. My only green item of clothing was my Falls wristband, does that count? Either way, politics tute where we got to some engaging discussion between four members of the class, and a sociology tute that covered research methods. Such fun.

That night, hit the town. Met Isobelle and lined up for half an hour in front of a uni student Irish Bar while Aiden danced in the windows and sung pub songs. Finally got in, jagerbomb'd, then met Maddie and some of Aiden's uni friends. Rocked out to Paul Kelly, Johnny Cash, and an insane banjo solo upstairs. Consumed many pints. I left early after a car got stuck underneath a Safeway truck at the traffic lights outside.

Afterwards (piecing this together from Isobelle and Aiden's drunken accounts), they decided to visit Emma at Ormond. When you're this drunk, clearly an 8 foot tall fence is no obstacle, unless you need a boost to get up. Next day, after limping around, Isobelle found out she sprained her ankle pretty badly. So no epic pub crawl, disappointingly.

Friday, early sociology tute, where Andres and I had to make up research questions (made me think of psych. dull), then I did the washing. Woo.

Today I visited Isobelle, bought a book in St Kilda, and had beer at Aiden's rooftop with Jake. Underneath us, a film set had sprung up. Jake practically ran down the stairs, as this is what he's trying to get into. Turns out it was for an ad for Dunkin Donuts. They filmed the same scene of some hipster carrying a box of donuts getting told to piss off by some (gay looking) construction workers about a billion times. On the other hand, the extras who were standing around were very hot. It was pretty cool to have all this happen right on Aiden's doorstep.

Started heading home after this, met Bec and Liam on Swanston st and we chilled out at Murmur for a while, then since I was damn near falling asleep I headed home. Lotta bogans on the train, oddly.

Get back to Alfred st, there's hot dog buns falling from the sky that make a large bang on impact, and a large group of overly made up girls heading into our apartment. Barry, Angus and I were very, very confused. Turns out the buns had been dropping for a while, and one of the girls had come to drag Barry out. All of them were international students, and one had gone hiking with him today. So that was amusing, they all nicked off wondering about getting fined for having open bottles of beer on them. Angus then decided to head out to a party on Barry's city bike. It flashes when you peddle it. Wwwweird.

Barry then told me about what they'd been up to all day, unclogging drains and stinking out the whole house from the rotting hair they found in Angus and Jarrod's sink. Pretty disgusting.

So yeah, that's what we've been up to this week. Next week, Carlton vs Richmond Thursday night and Cloud Control Friday night. That's about it. Tomorrow's recovery and Rebel Without a Cause.

I've been watching far too much Daria, I'd forgotten how kickarse the soundtrack is. Next up is Full Metal Alchemist, I think.



Monday, March 14, 2011


'Lo all.

So here we are on a Monday night. My work is done for the moment, I'm rocking out to some live Interpol (from Lorne though, disappointingly), and to be honest I'm kinda hungry.

Lots of adventures to catch up on.

On Friday, after an engaging sociology tute, did the washing and hit the city. Naturally, the trains weren't working, so I had to suffer through a tram trip where some bored looking girl bitched to her friend about how she had to pay $170 for leaving her feet on the seat on a train. Sounds like rubbish.

Dropped in at Emily's to pick up her sister's books, said hi to Shona, we looked at Justin Bieber clips while I contemplated a 28 floor drop. Left them with Flying Lotus, they didn't seem impressed.

Met up with Ryan after that, and we went shopping for Isobelle's birthday, then hung out at the station laughing at people who missed their trains. A fight broke out on the Frankston platform (surprise surprise). Went to visit Aiden after this. We couldn't get into the Carlton (underdressed. Next time I'll prolly have to wear clothes), so we hit a minibrewery instead, which was good but expensive. Then we head back towards Aiden's where a punk band called Vaginaballs was playing, and for six bucks we were not missing this. They weren't bad at all, to be honest, though the vocalist sucked. We met a dude at the bar called Slayer who thought it was awesome that we were visiting the Pony, then Aiden nicked off. Met up with him outside Parliament, and met his harem of college girls, who seemed pretty cool.

Ended up in Brunswick st after a maccas run and much singing of I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked (...), so tempted to grab a pizza at Bimbo's, instead nicked off early before the trams stopped.

Up bright and painfully early the next day, got a text from Cumpster telling me to come to the aquarium. Sure, why not, says I. Get there a bit late, but I'm glad I went, it was good to catch up with Steve and Cumpster again. And see some goddamn sharks and eels and stuff, and this massive manta ray (thinking of you, George). Pat, Aiden and I went hunting for fish and chips after this (..wouldn't you?) and made plans for that evening. Headed back for a shower, watched some Dudesons with Pat, then back into the city. Up on Aiden's roof, we rocked out to Children Collide, caught up with Isobelle and James, and I think they ended up polishing off a slab of Fat Yak, excellent effort. Shame I had to nick off early.

Slept in til 3 the next day, of course. Didn't know it had been raining. Pretty sad, I suppose. Aiden and I decided to investigate the Espy, since the Vasco Era were playing. Unfortunately, they weren't on til after the trams stopped (bloody Sunday nights...). Still, it's a very impressive pub, the pizzas are cheap and delicious, we still saw Ted in the kitchen, and we caught Young Revelry, who are the band opening for Children Collide. They put on a pretty good show too. I think the horde should be dragged to the Espy eventually.

Today was dull, I guess, we're starting Plato in philosophy, and screaming through narrative in contexts, got to watch a bit of A History of Violence, which was suitably gory. I've wasted this evening doing things like readings and blog posts and typing up my lecture notes. How dull. Very keen to get onto the Strokes new album after these Falls boots.

While I remember.

Sunshine - ***1/2
Took a couple of shots to get through this, but it really isn't bad. Pretty standard Danny Boyle playing around with the camera, especially when he gets to the end, but it ends up being just a shinier version of Event Horizon at the end.

Gattaca - ****
Lots of piss. Like, for a heavy science fiction film about morality and crap, there's a lot of piss. Piss in bags, piss in catheters, pissing in cups, pissing in wheelchairs... piss everywhere. Other than that, very interesting film, I guess I'm a little late to the party.

Clerks - ****1/2
Hilarious. I gotta hit the rest of Kevin Smith's earlier films now. Very stupid film, and you can tell it was made on less than a shoestring, but still awesome.

Not Quite Hollywood - ****
Yeah, I thought this was a documentary about the Australian film industry with Quentin Tarantino, it's actually a porno. Not even kidding. It's interesting, but it really is mainly a porno. Not what I was expecting at all. I had no idea Australia had these sort of films getting released back in the day, no way in hell they'd come out now. Pretty funny though, especially the insane stuntman who did an 80ft dive while on fire.

Equilibrium - **1/2
Kinda disappointed by this one, it seemed to take its cues a little too much from the Matrix and 1984. And the awesome fighting scenes didn't really kick in til the very ending. Still, kept twisting around, and the awesome fighting scenes were awesome. Especially when a dude's face got cut off.

So tomorrow is more classes, should be fun. I'm all caught up now though, I guess.

Oh, and happy birthday Isobelle.



Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anyone's Ghost.

'Lo all.

Not quite dead, just pissed off with the fragile wireless. Indeed, throughout this post you should be picturing me screaming and throwing computer at the wall. Once I get unrestricted cable internet again things will be better (cheers Beardman for the network card and stuff).

So, not too much to report on, to be honest. Tuesday was the contexts tute, where we argued about Lady Gaga and ads for clothing labels that seemed to be advocating gay rape. Then the politics lecture with Beth and her friend, going over libertarianism, suddenly Teabaggers and Ron Paul seem more dangerous and stupid.

Wednesday was another sleepless run to philosophy. I think I'm in over my head. Still, I suppose Socrates, despite being a bit of a bastard, was kind of interesting. Checked out the Astor with Bec and her friends that night, $9 double feature, so, so cool.

When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors - ***1/2
We missed the start, disappointingly, but the rest was pretty good. Killer soundtrack, funnily enough. Johnny Depp narrating as well. Did like all the concert footage, not so much Jim Morrison posing at the camera on a rock or swimming or driving around, but oh well. Worth checking out if you like The Doors, obviously.

Got Exit Through the Gift Shop as well, which was hilarious. Screwed with Bec and Sean's heads though.

What are we up to... today I had the politics tute, we got let out early because we understood all the Aussie values stuff that we'd done at high school, then the sociology lecture. This is getting interesting, looking at theories (basically Karl Marx). Headed out for a coffee with Isobelle, and tomorrow I gotta catch up with Emily (ten million thankyous to your sister as well) and Ryan in the city. Not anti-social just yet.

But before all this fun stuff, tomorrow's also sociology tute, and I can't do the readings as they're all sold out of books, and then it's time to do the washing. Joy. This weekend will also be rocking out at the Espy with Bunny Munroe, Young Revelry, and Vasco Era once again, which should be awesome.

(still wishing I could see Pulled Apart by Horses and Guthrie, but oh well)



Monday, March 7, 2011

First Week pt 3: Electric Boogaloo.

'Lo all.

Yeah, I know, I got pretty slack in those last few days, sue me. I was "working hard", etc, etc.

So last Thursday I had my politics tute in the big new cheese grater building. It's very easy to get lost, as all the signs are new and wrong. I'm also quite happy I have no lectures in "the fishbowl", which is a lecture theatre with glass walls. Apparently it's distracting, can't imagine why.

Then an introduction to sociology with the cool lecturer, watched some youtube and laughed at (ancient) photoshopped pictures of mice. Go figure.

Next day was Friday, so I was up bright and early (relative to the rest of the week) for the sociology tute. Got to analyze some photos of ordinary people, including some Stepford Wives looking mothers. Met a Colombian dude who seemed pretty cool, and the tutor was pretty good too. I am glad we're over the whole "getting to know each other!!!" thing.

The rest of Friday was spent washing sheets, visiting Centrelink, and catching up with Ryan in the city. The bastard's got himself a job that could end up being very profitable for him, so well done that man. We wandered round a couple of record joints, then I caught Bec in Degraves st. Said goodbye to Ryan as he ran to get a ticket home, and wandered round some more before Bec nicked off to a BBQ. Unfortunately, as I drifted back to Flinders st, I found myself in a JB Hifi. Dangerous shop, very dangerous, as not only do they have most of the stuff the independent places do, it's also very cheap. Walked out with Rated R and a Nick Cave dvd. I was... celebrating the end of the first week.

So Saturday, I dropped into Isobelle's work (forgot to get a photo of the bloody poster! Goddamn!) then hung out with Patrick. We went shopping on Bridge rd as he needed new jeans, and the guy overcharged me for one shirt by $360, which he sheepishly handed me as cash. Weird. Headed back to my place, where Pat was impressed except for the smell (it's gotten worse since, Angus is spraypainting), and we played some pool, which was surprisingly free.

Then I visited Pat's and had a few beers with his housemates, who seem cool, and walked back through Deakin to catch a late tram. Definitely a lot of fun after half a dozen beers, and I would do it again *cough*.

Suddenly it was Sunday, and I went down to Jordanville to visit Annie's new place, and get some supplies off Beardman who'd taken all her stuff down in the Beardmobile. I can call him Beardman once again as well. Caught up with Annie, sounds like Deakin's definitely a lot more fun that Swinburne, then went back into the city after swapping like four trains at Burnley to get home first. Rubbish.

Back in the CBD, there was a Greek festival on Lonsdale st with rides and stuff, picked up some Yaks and visited Aiden's apartment. He and Patrick were slowly getting through Joe's slab of Hahns on the roof, which was very cool. Aiden's clearly had the best adventures out of all of us so far (Naked Isaac seems to have nothing on what goes on at Melbourne's O camp...) We got fairly drunk then decided to head down for chinese. In hindsight, probably not the best idea, but we kept an eye on Pat before he knocked any signs down on the walk back. Got a train home and tried for an early night.

This morning I accidentally slept in for an hour, then when I got out of the shower Jarrod and his mate burnt their breakfast enough to set off the smoke alarms, which sent the Unilodge people running and annoyed damn near everyone else. Barry noticed they were giving away free chocolate milk down the road, which was cool.

Second philosophy lecture was slightly more interesting, we're off Sartre and into Socrates, who to be honest sounds a bit pompous and wanky, but oh well. Back home for phat meegz and more Daria (cheers Isobelle), then off to the contexts lecture. Got to watch the Simpsons and make fun of Twilight, and made friends with a dude called Sheridan. Pretty good.

Got home again, kinda bored, so I signed up at Video Ezy, seven weeklies for ten bucks, most excellent. Got some catching up to do movie wise, I think.

12 Monkeys - ***1/2
A little predictable, you can see how it all ends towards the very beginning if you pay attention. Was not impressed with Brad Pitt's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest impression. It was definitely a Terry Gilliam film as well, there were parts in the "future" which seemed a little Pythonesque, and it was also easy to see the progression from this to Fear and Loathing. Still, not a bad dystopian film.

Event Horizon - ****
This one was a lot of fun, genuine body horror, kinda rare to see these days. Also liked the overt Chaos references. Little cheesy towards the start, but still. Not a bad film at all.

Next up is Sunshine, which should be similar (that's why I rented it out).

Anyway, tomorrow is contexts tute and politics lecture, then I think I might check out the Kesha (ke$ha?) tribute night at the Hawthorn... not.



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Week pt 2.

'Lo all.

No post last night because I was both lazy and away.

So yesterday, first tute, then another lecture. The tutor in the contexts tutorial seems cool, she's a Buffy fan and got into a discussion with one of the girls in the class. Had some crappy survey to do where you write what media you consume then discuss it with the kids near you. Met a girl called Michelle who's done all this sort of thing before, she seems cool.

Bought a philosophy textbook off a dude out the front of the coffee stand for cheap, then moseyed over to the politics lecture with Beth. The lecturer dude seems cool, and has a sense of humour, which is good. Seemed like he knew what he was doing.

Today, after a lack of sleep, hit the philosophy tute running. It reminded me of lit last year, there's the same people contributing with the same good ideas. Again, the tutor's alright, so that's good.

Visited Isobelle's new work this afternoon afterwards, there's a poster on the wall that's asking for Nick Cave's doodle (... drawing. I know). I lol'd.

So this evening, I've spent listening to Aphex Twin and annotating politics chapters. Such fun.

Tomorrow, politics tute and the first sociology lecture. Apparently the sociology lecturer's hilarious, so that should be good, then may as well go get drunk with the student union for cheap.


Anyway, the end.