Sunday, February 13, 2011

St Kilda Festival.

'Lo everyone.

So this morning my plan was to wake up early and get some stuff done before shipping out to the city. I slept through my alarm for an hour. Brings back memories.

Picked up my printer and some other stuff as well. Felt a little conspicuous carrying the box back. Then found a tram to St Kilda after a coffee (thanks for the sugar, anonymous roomie), and avoiding an old man with bright red hair and huge sunglasses who followed me after asking which tram to take.

There were a lot of street performers down there. Since it'd be a while til anyone else turned up, had a look around. Heaps of stages with cool music, and a lot of market stalls. The Hare Krishna people had a village set up, with free watermelon, a huge line for food, and a stage with a dude playing sitar. Main stage had an alright rock band, who gave away free cds.

Looped back around and found a good patch of grass to watch Gareth Liddiard. Same setlist as BDO, except he wasn't as drunk. He's still got some amusing banter, which included pointing out a cloud that would "take a dump" on us. Jezebel was once again a highlight.

Checked out another band on a smaller stage, which seemed to be doing tryhard folk. Washboard and rattling chains included, and the lead singer had a massive beard. Respectable, I suppose, if only for having a designated chain-rattler. Also saw a fat Canadian man lie on a bed of nails and have a sixteen year old girl stand on him, which earned my change.

Met Bec after this, wandered around trying not to buy cool tshirts (I am a sucker for an amusing pop culture reference on a tshirt, I really am), met some of her friends out the front of the Espy, then headed over to a little stage out the front of Luna Park to see some hipsters bash out some Art vs Science/Foals/almost Death From Above style rock. Lot of synths. Drummer looked like a member of Short Stack with a moustache, but all the girls knew him, and I was reassured he's cool.

Walked around a bit more after this, caught half of Jebediah's set, which was kind of samey. Sun came out as well, I'm burnt as hell. Wind did not help with the sound mix either, and we were way too far away from the mosh. Oh well.

Got some chips on a stick (OMG TRY IT SO AWESOME) and Bec had to try sherbert honey lemonade. Overpriced but good. Wandered back for Hungry Kids of Hungary, who made the mosh jump around but didn't sound that good. Maybe I'm just not made for indie pop rock.

Since we were far away from the mosh, decided to head back to the city before Tim Finn came on, which I kinda regret, but I suppose he tours enough, and Muscles, who sucked, according to some guys on the train later.

Back in the city, wandered round, checked out Bec's new work, got coffee, then met more of her friends in the park. Circus people. Very cool. Chilled there for a couple of hours, made a few new friends, then caught a train back in.

I'm tired as hell, fairly sunburnt, and tomorrow there's important things that need doing. Joy. Wonder if I'll meet my new roomie.



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