Sunday, February 27, 2011

"O Week".

'Lo everyone.

Jesus, it's been more than a week. Things have been pretty busy.

Um... Friday? Can't remember much. Got a coffee in the city with Isobelle. Saturday was meh, Sunday... must have done something.

Monday I got all sorts of visitors, Isaac and Hayden went for a drive and got lost, and Isobelle dropped in Mad Men. Then the next day, Jake and Bernice had a quick look around, in the middle of our crappy pub crawl. More of a reconnaisance crawl than anything else. Checked out the Hawthorn, which is Kasbah on steroids, and Cheers, which is a minute's walk away, and reminded me strongly of Ringers. Lots of girls out, thanks to O week.

Next day, went to the city with Bec, and had a look in a few hipster bars. Kind of impressed with one that was empty, the bartender was chilled and there was a skeleton playing guitar in the corner.

Thursday was orientation day. As I expected, it was pretty dull, none of the hijinx of Melbourne or Monash's. Got introduced to the lecturers, q&a sesh about the course, shown around the library. They let us loose at lunchtime, banks and mobile phone companies and travel agents all gave us showbags, and I signed up for an Age subscription. The girl on the desk and I had a laugh because we didn't consider the Herald Sun real news, dohohoho. What's happening to me.

Another lecture warning us about plagiarism followed, then I joined the crowd heading to the Hawthorn. The promised free drinks lasted about an hour. Caught up with Joe, made friends with an older guy who was just starting at uni, and we taught an Indian dude how to play pool. Followed these guys to the student union bar, where the beer was free and the girls seemed to all disappear. Still. Very sozzled.

Friday was just watching Mad Men. Couldn't be arsed getting up and drinking more. Pretty sad, really. Visited Isobelle last night after the Unilodge barbeque, which was pretty disappointing (DOOF DOOF MUSIC AT 12 IN THE AFTERNOON!), and today I was in the city again with Bec and her future roomie Pete, checking out cool coffeeshops in warehouses and then catching a band on Smith St. We met some more hipsters there, which was amusing. One girl was a volunteer at Falls, which meant she could watch the bands from the front when she wasn't working. Very jealous.

So we hung out with that for a while, got some pizza and maccas and avoided hobos, then I nicked off. Need some sleep.

Anyway, that's about it. Not exactly the most fun o week, but meh. Still drunk a lot. Tomorrow, philosophy and media text study. How exciting.



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