Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Move.

'Lo all.

It's been a while.

So, picking up where we left off, last Saturday was British's "last" day in Sale, so Aiden, Pat, Jason and I caught his fantastic show at the Star which included table dancing and a rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody that had the entire bar watching, and ended with him getting kicked out by security. Epic.

Haven't done much else. Quit my jobs, took Fraser on a drug run as he's replacing Aiden, and stupidly agreed to do my last run on the pushie. Oh god. Couldn't have picked a more humid, muggy day, that had a headwind for most of it as well. Said goodbye to Ken and the rest of the institutions in town as well.

Last night, (SHE SAAAID... New Strokes, get on it) hit the town for what I hope will be the last time until Salefest. The droogs all rocked up, which was good, and Meg joined us sober just for the show. Headed to Pat's to beer up with Isaac and Ryan, then caught a buttload of girls at the Star.

Visited Jacks' just so Pat and Isaac could say they'd been inside, then met the rest at Kas for jagerbombs. Followed Sam and Isaac out, and had many beers at the Star while playing pool and ruling the jukebox, which got compliments from passersby. Then the usual karaoke ones got put in, and we were entertained by Pat, Aiden, Jake and British roaring I'm a Believer and YMCA, complete with actions.

After last drinks got called, went to good old Ringadings. Lots of the other crowd out, and Gerrard working the bar. So, naturally, we got smashed. There was a maccas run in here somewhere as well, where we saw Malouf pull up with three girls.

Much moshing and laughing at Pat's new friend occured, then when I realised everyone was melting away I met British hanging on a fence outside and started the last walk home, chatting about his exploits at his old boarding school, the injustice of getting booted out of Ringer's, and enjoying popcorn chicken ripoffs. Crashed hard at like 4.

The prospect of getting up early (for me) and driving all the way to Melbourne was definitely not looking good. I think I was a little drunk when I got up and unplugged my computer. Still, everything in the van, Beardman in a good mood, Black Keys and BRMC on the stereo. I wasn't dead.

Make it to Swinburne, sign in, sneakily park in the Safeways loading dock and throw my stuff into my room. There's one other person there. I haven't met him yet. I just know he has stuff in the bathroom and kitchen.

Set up my internet (plug in cord, give credit card details), then after a shower and a walk around, got a text from Jake. Met him down at Fed Square, we wandered around looking for food and ended up in Chinatown in a satay place. Holy crap. Good satay sticks. He showed me his favourite bar in the city (Spleen, which I intend to visit properly in the near future), then we wandered back, found ourselves at Emily's with her mother for half an hour watching a film about magazines. After this, I saw Hayley's friend (their situation with the BDO reminded me of Aiden and the Strokes, which is terrible), and found Isobelle's place, said hi, and now here I am.

I'm not dead, I haven't been stabbed, raped, kidnapped or glassed, I haven't met my roomies yet. Things are going well thus far.

Tomorrow, St Kilda festival with Bec, see if Gareth Liddiard's still drunk, then actually start thinking about what needs to be done next week with employment and Centrelink and such.



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