Thursday, February 17, 2011

How To Handle A Rope.

'Lo all.

Well, it's been damn near a week since I moved in, and I do wish I could write about more exciting things.

The important things that needed to be done on Monday wasn't anything to do with Valentine's Day. I actually forgot all about it, but then, if I may quote from a Kaufman film, it's "a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap". Simon rocked up for a coffee in the morning, and we commented on the skirt and sushi in the area. I headed down to have a hunt for Centrelinks, but did not find any that weren't packed. Clearly Valentine's Day prompted a need for cash.

So that night, headed out with Jake and grabbed a beer and perused the gig guide for stuff do to at the Rooftop Bar, then met Emily and visited Galactic Circus. After inspecting Crown for pizza joints (there were none, oddly enough), headed to Elizabeth st, then I missed the last train home by 30 seconds so I grabbed a tram instead. Very lucky, as this was the very last tram.

The next day, I did find a Centrelink, and the lady seemed shocked that I was from Sale. She loved Sale, apparently. The fishing was good and the Captain's Inn at Wurruk was terrible. She gleefully told me I was entitled to all these fancy things, and said she just loved giving country kids money. So, you lazy bastards, get to Centrelink and don't whinge about your finances, just look nervous about getting money and they'll give you more.

Today and yesterday was mainly about porting all my music from the desktop to the shiny new macbook pro which arrived on Tuesday afternoon. And it is shiny, as I'm yet to desecrate it with stickers and such. The only problem, apart from the incompatibility with just about everything else I own, is that it doesn't have solitaire.

Still, it made the agonising hour and a half of washing and drying that needed to be done on Wednesday that much better, mooching the uni's wireless network. Still not game enough to attempt anything illegal on it, though today it decided to update itself with more than a gig worth of updates. I hope Swinburne won't notice.

Also met my new roomie on Monday night. His name is Angus, second year engineering, he likes the XX, Ratatat and Crystal Castles, and used to go to school with Jason. So yeah, he's cool. Dunno when the other two roomies arrive, but apparently we're due for an American and another first year.

El Beardo dropped in this evening as well, on his way to a Swinburne propaganda rally designed to make parents feel good about abandoning their children, or something, that was the gist of it according to him. He explained how to fix up my cable interbutt, and gave me a fan, so now I'll actually be able to sleep at night through this goddamn heat. It was good to see him, dunno when I'll be back in good old Sale again though.

Tomorrow, I think I'll hit the city, catch up with Isobelle, see what's going on. I have to enjoy these precious few days before classes start up, cos according to this draft timetable I get no weekdays off, and Tuesdays and Thursdays I don't finish til 6bloody30. Oh well, at least I have no ridiculously early starts...

So yeah. Still alive.


Anyway, the end.

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Tone-in-Oz said...

for the late lectures, I used to get a cup of sweet ew and a small pack of twisties, and s l o w l y m u n c h t h r u t h e m t o s t a y a w k e sort of