Monday, February 28, 2011

First Week, part 1.

'Lo all.

This'll be a ratings winner, first day of uni.

I got up late, almost ran over by some guy on a unicycle as I went to the shower, which tripped me in my still-mostly-asleep-state out.

Grabbed my crap and headed out, I'm really not far from these places so I suppose I have no real excuse for being late. There were breakdancers spinning around on their elbows outside.

First lecture was philosophy, run by a Scottish dude. I can tell I'm going to get sick of the "this is how everything works" half hour of every lecture this week. But we started existentialism, Sartre and stuff. Could be interesting, I suppose. Girls next to me were not impressed though.

Took two hours glorious break to refuel on noodles and coffee, chatted to my roomies and Angus's mate, then nicked off again to the same lecture theatre for Media Film Literature: Texts and Contexts. I think I'll just call that one contexts. It wasn't too bad, lecturer seemed to know what she was doing, referenced footy a lot. I can tell this will probably end up pissing off the hipsters who detest sport. But apart from that, suddenly it's year eleven media on steroids.

Grabbed some fish and chips on the walk home and I've basically been watching Mad Men and doing the readings. Seems deceptively easy so far. Haven't had a tutorial yet though. See how we go.

Tomorrow's the contexts tute, then a politics lecture. We'll see how that goes, I suppose.



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