Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fever Dreaming.

'Lo all.


I think I'm a bit distracted. Must be the whole moving thing. Or something. I dunno.

It's been very hot, and then very humid, then it was raining all of today. Typical summer?

Anyway, I sought shelter from the heat by watching movies and finding any excuse to drive around with air conditioning.

Mary and Max - ****1/2
Much like The Road, it's just depressing thing on top of depressing thing. There's a wry sense of humour to it all, like in Harvey Krumpet, but it's still ridiculously sad. Just when you think things can't get any worse for these people, it does. Which is kind of amusing.

Four Lions - ****
This sort of film needs to be made more. It's not sympathetic to terrorism, but it does make fun of it. And it is stupidly funny. The ending, and the bits in the credits, are hilarious. Still suffers from being a little predictable, but oh well.

What else have we got... Like I said, I've been a bit distracted this week.

Went out last night instead of going to Melbourne for the night for city frolics, I hear much fun and rollerblading occured anyway. Starting out at Pat's for beer pong against his brother and Jackson with Jake. We won one and lost one. Isaac arrived to show off his impressive new Mazda, then Aiden rocked up with more beer. Headed down to the pub afterwards, Joe and Jackson promptly got booted out, and we played more pool with Cheesy. These games dragged out, especially when Isaac Sawade and Maddy challenged Aiden and Pat to a rematch. Security guard was not impressed.

Went past Jack's, which seemed to be closing anyway, and had a pot in Kas. New owners, new gimmicks during the week. Didn't see anyone so we kept moving.

Ringadings wasn't exactly full, but we met up with British, Cheesy, Jason and Sam, and sampled Gerrard's Special, which was a very cheap mix of like 5 shots with lemonade. Patrick made a new friend with his Irish accent, which could end up being very amusing when she finds out he's not actually that Irish.

Kept drinking and playing pool til lights, then stumbled out to maccas. Jason decided this was as good a time as any to get an obscene amount of mcdoubles, which we all chipped in for. Probably an odd sight, 6 teenagers carrying two bulging bags of cheeseburgers and three sixpacks of UDLs we found in Jason's car, walking in the rain to Pat's shed. Last drinks there, woke up Joe and Jackson with mcdoubles, then British and I headed home. I remember seeing the clock saying 6.00 as I crashed. This is not good.

Woke up properly around 4. Hurm.

This week I've got a million things to do. I think I'll be buying a new laptop, so in theory, unless something worth writing about occurs between now and next week, the next post will be from my place in Melbourne.



Anyway, the end.

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