Monday, February 28, 2011

First Week, part 1.

'Lo all.

This'll be a ratings winner, first day of uni.

I got up late, almost ran over by some guy on a unicycle as I went to the shower, which tripped me in my still-mostly-asleep-state out.

Grabbed my crap and headed out, I'm really not far from these places so I suppose I have no real excuse for being late. There were breakdancers spinning around on their elbows outside.

First lecture was philosophy, run by a Scottish dude. I can tell I'm going to get sick of the "this is how everything works" half hour of every lecture this week. But we started existentialism, Sartre and stuff. Could be interesting, I suppose. Girls next to me were not impressed though.

Took two hours glorious break to refuel on noodles and coffee, chatted to my roomies and Angus's mate, then nicked off again to the same lecture theatre for Media Film Literature: Texts and Contexts. I think I'll just call that one contexts. It wasn't too bad, lecturer seemed to know what she was doing, referenced footy a lot. I can tell this will probably end up pissing off the hipsters who detest sport. But apart from that, suddenly it's year eleven media on steroids.

Grabbed some fish and chips on the walk home and I've basically been watching Mad Men and doing the readings. Seems deceptively easy so far. Haven't had a tutorial yet though. See how we go.

Tomorrow's the contexts tute, then a politics lecture. We'll see how that goes, I suppose.



Sunday, February 27, 2011

"O Week".

'Lo everyone.

Jesus, it's been more than a week. Things have been pretty busy.

Um... Friday? Can't remember much. Got a coffee in the city with Isobelle. Saturday was meh, Sunday... must have done something.

Monday I got all sorts of visitors, Isaac and Hayden went for a drive and got lost, and Isobelle dropped in Mad Men. Then the next day, Jake and Bernice had a quick look around, in the middle of our crappy pub crawl. More of a reconnaisance crawl than anything else. Checked out the Hawthorn, which is Kasbah on steroids, and Cheers, which is a minute's walk away, and reminded me strongly of Ringers. Lots of girls out, thanks to O week.

Next day, went to the city with Bec, and had a look in a few hipster bars. Kind of impressed with one that was empty, the bartender was chilled and there was a skeleton playing guitar in the corner.

Thursday was orientation day. As I expected, it was pretty dull, none of the hijinx of Melbourne or Monash's. Got introduced to the lecturers, q&a sesh about the course, shown around the library. They let us loose at lunchtime, banks and mobile phone companies and travel agents all gave us showbags, and I signed up for an Age subscription. The girl on the desk and I had a laugh because we didn't consider the Herald Sun real news, dohohoho. What's happening to me.

Another lecture warning us about plagiarism followed, then I joined the crowd heading to the Hawthorn. The promised free drinks lasted about an hour. Caught up with Joe, made friends with an older guy who was just starting at uni, and we taught an Indian dude how to play pool. Followed these guys to the student union bar, where the beer was free and the girls seemed to all disappear. Still. Very sozzled.

Friday was just watching Mad Men. Couldn't be arsed getting up and drinking more. Pretty sad, really. Visited Isobelle last night after the Unilodge barbeque, which was pretty disappointing (DOOF DOOF MUSIC AT 12 IN THE AFTERNOON!), and today I was in the city again with Bec and her future roomie Pete, checking out cool coffeeshops in warehouses and then catching a band on Smith St. We met some more hipsters there, which was amusing. One girl was a volunteer at Falls, which meant she could watch the bands from the front when she wasn't working. Very jealous.

So we hung out with that for a while, got some pizza and maccas and avoided hobos, then I nicked off. Need some sleep.

Anyway, that's about it. Not exactly the most fun o week, but meh. Still drunk a lot. Tomorrow, philosophy and media text study. How exciting.



Thursday, February 17, 2011

How To Handle A Rope.

'Lo all.

Well, it's been damn near a week since I moved in, and I do wish I could write about more exciting things.

The important things that needed to be done on Monday wasn't anything to do with Valentine's Day. I actually forgot all about it, but then, if I may quote from a Kaufman film, it's "a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap". Simon rocked up for a coffee in the morning, and we commented on the skirt and sushi in the area. I headed down to have a hunt for Centrelinks, but did not find any that weren't packed. Clearly Valentine's Day prompted a need for cash.

So that night, headed out with Jake and grabbed a beer and perused the gig guide for stuff do to at the Rooftop Bar, then met Emily and visited Galactic Circus. After inspecting Crown for pizza joints (there were none, oddly enough), headed to Elizabeth st, then I missed the last train home by 30 seconds so I grabbed a tram instead. Very lucky, as this was the very last tram.

The next day, I did find a Centrelink, and the lady seemed shocked that I was from Sale. She loved Sale, apparently. The fishing was good and the Captain's Inn at Wurruk was terrible. She gleefully told me I was entitled to all these fancy things, and said she just loved giving country kids money. So, you lazy bastards, get to Centrelink and don't whinge about your finances, just look nervous about getting money and they'll give you more.

Today and yesterday was mainly about porting all my music from the desktop to the shiny new macbook pro which arrived on Tuesday afternoon. And it is shiny, as I'm yet to desecrate it with stickers and such. The only problem, apart from the incompatibility with just about everything else I own, is that it doesn't have solitaire.

Still, it made the agonising hour and a half of washing and drying that needed to be done on Wednesday that much better, mooching the uni's wireless network. Still not game enough to attempt anything illegal on it, though today it decided to update itself with more than a gig worth of updates. I hope Swinburne won't notice.

Also met my new roomie on Monday night. His name is Angus, second year engineering, he likes the XX, Ratatat and Crystal Castles, and used to go to school with Jason. So yeah, he's cool. Dunno when the other two roomies arrive, but apparently we're due for an American and another first year.

El Beardo dropped in this evening as well, on his way to a Swinburne propaganda rally designed to make parents feel good about abandoning their children, or something, that was the gist of it according to him. He explained how to fix up my cable interbutt, and gave me a fan, so now I'll actually be able to sleep at night through this goddamn heat. It was good to see him, dunno when I'll be back in good old Sale again though.

Tomorrow, I think I'll hit the city, catch up with Isobelle, see what's going on. I have to enjoy these precious few days before classes start up, cos according to this draft timetable I get no weekdays off, and Tuesdays and Thursdays I don't finish til 6bloody30. Oh well, at least I have no ridiculously early starts...

So yeah. Still alive.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

St Kilda Festival.

'Lo everyone.

So this morning my plan was to wake up early and get some stuff done before shipping out to the city. I slept through my alarm for an hour. Brings back memories.

Picked up my printer and some other stuff as well. Felt a little conspicuous carrying the box back. Then found a tram to St Kilda after a coffee (thanks for the sugar, anonymous roomie), and avoiding an old man with bright red hair and huge sunglasses who followed me after asking which tram to take.

There were a lot of street performers down there. Since it'd be a while til anyone else turned up, had a look around. Heaps of stages with cool music, and a lot of market stalls. The Hare Krishna people had a village set up, with free watermelon, a huge line for food, and a stage with a dude playing sitar. Main stage had an alright rock band, who gave away free cds.

Looped back around and found a good patch of grass to watch Gareth Liddiard. Same setlist as BDO, except he wasn't as drunk. He's still got some amusing banter, which included pointing out a cloud that would "take a dump" on us. Jezebel was once again a highlight.

Checked out another band on a smaller stage, which seemed to be doing tryhard folk. Washboard and rattling chains included, and the lead singer had a massive beard. Respectable, I suppose, if only for having a designated chain-rattler. Also saw a fat Canadian man lie on a bed of nails and have a sixteen year old girl stand on him, which earned my change.

Met Bec after this, wandered around trying not to buy cool tshirts (I am a sucker for an amusing pop culture reference on a tshirt, I really am), met some of her friends out the front of the Espy, then headed over to a little stage out the front of Luna Park to see some hipsters bash out some Art vs Science/Foals/almost Death From Above style rock. Lot of synths. Drummer looked like a member of Short Stack with a moustache, but all the girls knew him, and I was reassured he's cool.

Walked around a bit more after this, caught half of Jebediah's set, which was kind of samey. Sun came out as well, I'm burnt as hell. Wind did not help with the sound mix either, and we were way too far away from the mosh. Oh well.

Got some chips on a stick (OMG TRY IT SO AWESOME) and Bec had to try sherbert honey lemonade. Overpriced but good. Wandered back for Hungry Kids of Hungary, who made the mosh jump around but didn't sound that good. Maybe I'm just not made for indie pop rock.

Since we were far away from the mosh, decided to head back to the city before Tim Finn came on, which I kinda regret, but I suppose he tours enough, and Muscles, who sucked, according to some guys on the train later.

Back in the city, wandered round, checked out Bec's new work, got coffee, then met more of her friends in the park. Circus people. Very cool. Chilled there for a couple of hours, made a few new friends, then caught a train back in.

I'm tired as hell, fairly sunburnt, and tomorrow there's important things that need doing. Joy. Wonder if I'll meet my new roomie.



Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Move.

'Lo all.

It's been a while.

So, picking up where we left off, last Saturday was British's "last" day in Sale, so Aiden, Pat, Jason and I caught his fantastic show at the Star which included table dancing and a rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody that had the entire bar watching, and ended with him getting kicked out by security. Epic.

Haven't done much else. Quit my jobs, took Fraser on a drug run as he's replacing Aiden, and stupidly agreed to do my last run on the pushie. Oh god. Couldn't have picked a more humid, muggy day, that had a headwind for most of it as well. Said goodbye to Ken and the rest of the institutions in town as well.

Last night, (SHE SAAAID... New Strokes, get on it) hit the town for what I hope will be the last time until Salefest. The droogs all rocked up, which was good, and Meg joined us sober just for the show. Headed to Pat's to beer up with Isaac and Ryan, then caught a buttload of girls at the Star.

Visited Jacks' just so Pat and Isaac could say they'd been inside, then met the rest at Kas for jagerbombs. Followed Sam and Isaac out, and had many beers at the Star while playing pool and ruling the jukebox, which got compliments from passersby. Then the usual karaoke ones got put in, and we were entertained by Pat, Aiden, Jake and British roaring I'm a Believer and YMCA, complete with actions.

After last drinks got called, went to good old Ringadings. Lots of the other crowd out, and Gerrard working the bar. So, naturally, we got smashed. There was a maccas run in here somewhere as well, where we saw Malouf pull up with three girls.

Much moshing and laughing at Pat's new friend occured, then when I realised everyone was melting away I met British hanging on a fence outside and started the last walk home, chatting about his exploits at his old boarding school, the injustice of getting booted out of Ringer's, and enjoying popcorn chicken ripoffs. Crashed hard at like 4.

The prospect of getting up early (for me) and driving all the way to Melbourne was definitely not looking good. I think I was a little drunk when I got up and unplugged my computer. Still, everything in the van, Beardman in a good mood, Black Keys and BRMC on the stereo. I wasn't dead.

Make it to Swinburne, sign in, sneakily park in the Safeways loading dock and throw my stuff into my room. There's one other person there. I haven't met him yet. I just know he has stuff in the bathroom and kitchen.

Set up my internet (plug in cord, give credit card details), then after a shower and a walk around, got a text from Jake. Met him down at Fed Square, we wandered around looking for food and ended up in Chinatown in a satay place. Holy crap. Good satay sticks. He showed me his favourite bar in the city (Spleen, which I intend to visit properly in the near future), then we wandered back, found ourselves at Emily's with her mother for half an hour watching a film about magazines. After this, I saw Hayley's friend (their situation with the BDO reminded me of Aiden and the Strokes, which is terrible), and found Isobelle's place, said hi, and now here I am.

I'm not dead, I haven't been stabbed, raped, kidnapped or glassed, I haven't met my roomies yet. Things are going well thus far.

Tomorrow, St Kilda festival with Bec, see if Gareth Liddiard's still drunk, then actually start thinking about what needs to be done next week with employment and Centrelink and such.



Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fever Dreaming.

'Lo all.


I think I'm a bit distracted. Must be the whole moving thing. Or something. I dunno.

It's been very hot, and then very humid, then it was raining all of today. Typical summer?

Anyway, I sought shelter from the heat by watching movies and finding any excuse to drive around with air conditioning.

Mary and Max - ****1/2
Much like The Road, it's just depressing thing on top of depressing thing. There's a wry sense of humour to it all, like in Harvey Krumpet, but it's still ridiculously sad. Just when you think things can't get any worse for these people, it does. Which is kind of amusing.

Four Lions - ****
This sort of film needs to be made more. It's not sympathetic to terrorism, but it does make fun of it. And it is stupidly funny. The ending, and the bits in the credits, are hilarious. Still suffers from being a little predictable, but oh well.

What else have we got... Like I said, I've been a bit distracted this week.

Went out last night instead of going to Melbourne for the night for city frolics, I hear much fun and rollerblading occured anyway. Starting out at Pat's for beer pong against his brother and Jackson with Jake. We won one and lost one. Isaac arrived to show off his impressive new Mazda, then Aiden rocked up with more beer. Headed down to the pub afterwards, Joe and Jackson promptly got booted out, and we played more pool with Cheesy. These games dragged out, especially when Isaac Sawade and Maddy challenged Aiden and Pat to a rematch. Security guard was not impressed.

Went past Jack's, which seemed to be closing anyway, and had a pot in Kas. New owners, new gimmicks during the week. Didn't see anyone so we kept moving.

Ringadings wasn't exactly full, but we met up with British, Cheesy, Jason and Sam, and sampled Gerrard's Special, which was a very cheap mix of like 5 shots with lemonade. Patrick made a new friend with his Irish accent, which could end up being very amusing when she finds out he's not actually that Irish.

Kept drinking and playing pool til lights, then stumbled out to maccas. Jason decided this was as good a time as any to get an obscene amount of mcdoubles, which we all chipped in for. Probably an odd sight, 6 teenagers carrying two bulging bags of cheeseburgers and three sixpacks of UDLs we found in Jason's car, walking in the rain to Pat's shed. Last drinks there, woke up Joe and Jackson with mcdoubles, then British and I headed home. I remember seeing the clock saying 6.00 as I crashed. This is not good.

Woke up properly around 4. Hurm.

This week I've got a million things to do. I think I'll be buying a new laptop, so in theory, unless something worth writing about occurs between now and next week, the next post will be from my place in Melbourne.



Anyway, the end.